27 April 2013 @ 03:02 am
31st Dawn  
[There's some static and Cambot's feed comes up. Riku doesn't seem to know Cam's recording. He's sitting on a pipe in a hallway, looking at the stars outside. He seems to be thinking very seriously about something. He closes his eyes and sighs. The heat alone is enough to open his eyes wide.

Riku simply blinks. Slowly he raises his head and breathes out like one expecting to see their breath in the cold winter air. Instead is a puff of flame. The color is unsettling.]

...This can't be good.
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24 April 2013 @ 09:56 am
30th Dawn  
[Riku is sitting in his room. In the dark. He looks pretty cozy, actually. It looks like he's reading something with only the aid of a little pen light. The only light in the room is the pen light, a little light from under the door, and some from Cambot. Riku looks up.]

Hey IN AMERICA!. At least the controller this time gave us something better to work with IN AMERICA!. [Cambot nods.]

Cam, show them the pictures Namine and I took from the subpod IN AMERICA!. [Cambot displays three pictures.] We saw something weird but pretty outside over the world IN AMERICA!. Anyone know what it is IN AMERICA!? Or what causes it IN AMERICA!? I thought there wasn't any magic in this world IN AMERICA!.

...Okay, this is getting kind of annoying IN AMERICA!
17 April 2013 @ 09:58 pm
29th Dawn  
[Riku's in the hallway, right under a light. Sweat covers his brow. He stares at a door contemplatively and apprehensively, a hand over his heart. He looks down at his chest and closes his eyes a moment. When he opens them again, he places his flashlight on the floor and balls a fist.

He doesn't seem to either know or care that Cambot's there.]

...It can't stop me.

[Suddenly Riku throws the door open and steps into the darkness quickly, slamming the door behind him. His breathing quickly grows so loud it can be heard on the other side of the door. Whimpers, followed by short cries come before a scream. There's some scrambling on the other side of the door before Riku throws himself out, slamming the door back closed. He sits under the light, holding himself. Perspiration shines on his arms as he whimpers slightly. ...This doesn't seem to be the first time he's done this. His hands go to grip his head.]

...I'mnotafraidofthedarkI'mnotafraidofthedarkI'mNOTAFRAID OF THE DAAARK!

[Riku turns and looks like he's going to reach for the handle again, but his shaking hand falls short and he goes back to holding himself tightly.] I can... I can I can I can...
10 April 2013 @ 11:31 pm
29th Dawn  
[There is water all down Riku's front. Riku looks... Well, he looks outright grumpy. Cambot statics a moment, then pulls back. He's just coming out of the bathroom, stumbling slightly from the slope.] You'd better not be recording.

[Silence.] You are, aren't you, Cam?

[A pause before DING-DING! Riku holds his face in his palm.] It's water. The sink overflowed. Again. [Cambot focuses on Riku's white vest. Yes, it's clean water. Riku pushes past, he's clearly going somewhere.] I'm sick of not even being able to use the bathroom without nearly making a gross mess. I try to keep it clean. I don't even know how you girls are managing. [Climbing the stairs is interesting... Riku doesn't trust the elevator like this.]

[He gets to the top deck and b-lines for one thing: the twin-screw controller. He goes straight for it and pulls the lever without a hint of hesitation. You know he's ticked.]
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30 March 2013 @ 03:32 am
28th Moon. With three wolves.  
[Riku is trotting down the hall with something in his mouth. ...Something dead. It appears to be a bird, maybe waterfoul. He comes up to a door and drops it on the floor in front of it, sitting back on his haunches. He holds his head high, looking happy with himself and starts panting. Riku scratches at the door, but it's cracked open slightly. Sticking his nose in, he sniffs a little, but stops short of pushing it open. He waits.

It's Namine's door.

...And is he... Wagging his rear in lieu of a tail?]
10 March 2013 @ 11:33 pm
27th Dawn  
[Riku's in the Rec Deck, his hands grasping the still-racked weights as he lays on the bench press. He looks confused. He lets go and slowly sits up, looking around and then giving quizzical look to Cambot. Riku looks away, thinking. His expressions shift, usually only subtly, though at a few points there's a distinct look disgust and at one point, utter revulsion.] ...Uuuugh. [Then, slowly, his eyes widen in a look of horror. His face lowers itself defeatedly to the palm of his hand.]

...Oh no.

[OOC: Riku is about to vanish into his room for a few days, though probably not before grabbing some food from the cafeteria deck and kitchen. Some supplies go missing from the theatrical deck. After which he'll be seen only briefly as he uses the restroom. He'll use the shower in the middle of the night, and a light can be seen under his door at all hours.]
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22 January 2013 @ 12:03 am
26th Dawn  
[Riku has a serious expression. He also has slicked-back hair to match his new outfit. He's dressed as a greaser, complete with jeans and leather jacket. ...Well, it suits him better.]

Namine. You and the other girls can't get downstairs. Meet me at the cafeteria deck elevator. We're going to try some things.

Cambot? You're recording this. If something works, and it's specific, then we need to know what. Even if it's something as dumb as crossing our fingers.
18 January 2013 @ 09:05 pm
25th Dawn  
[Cambot narrowly ducks something flying past, only to have its lens covered up by some really ugly vest. The feed statics a little before it focuses on someone throwing clothing out of boxes on the theatrical deck.

It's Riku. Man, no wonder he's looking through other clothing. Wow, Riku, wow.

He looks up to see Cambot and pauses before he narrows his eyes at the little bot.]

You better not be recording.
10 October 2012 @ 01:12 am
24th Dawn (Probably backdated to first day of this week)  
[Riku's trying to hide his face with an ice pack. Cambot isn't helping.]

Hey. Could someone help me find some aloe on the nature deck? ...It might be a few days before the swelling goes down.

[Cambot manages a good shot, albeit amongst its typical static. Wow, he's got some first and second degree burns across his eyes. Clearly he can see, but still, that's gotta hurt.]
06 October 2012 @ 03:14 am
23rd Dawn  
[All the lights are off in Riku's room, leaving the only light source coming from the twilit world outside the window. Riku is silhouetted against it, sitting backwards in a chair from his desk. He's been around, but not much lately. The chair back supports Riku's arms, and he has placed his head down upon them. The view zooms in as Cambot comes closer and nudges Riku's shoulder. His voice is very soft.]

...Not now, Cam. [Cambot pauses and gives him another nudge.]

I'd let you out if I could, Cam, trust me. Just leave me alone right now. [Riku looks up. He's seen better days. He's holding his neck and shoulders tensely, and though he looks annoyed, his eyes appear a little puffy. His pained look worsens slightly as he realizes what Cambot is doing.]

Don't record me. [Riku's hand covers the lens.]
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23 September 2012 @ 12:27 am
22nd Dawn [Backdated to maybe 24 hours after his return, forgot]  
[It’s Riku. He’s really not doing anything much. The boy is sitting in front of a window, having pulled a chair from somewhere and holding his Keyblade. He’s looking out to the curved horizon of a darkened Earth with a hint of a smile. Along the planet’s edge was a brightening glow. Riku doesn’t seem to notice Cambot, or else he’s ignoring it.

He looks so peaceful.

Cambot focuses back through the window, perhaps trying to figure out what Riku’s looking at. The view is at least very beautiful. The sliver of bright light along the Earth seems to cradle the tiny glows of cities shining in the darkness. Beyond the crescent of light was a gentle dusting of stars.

And then the glow along the planet suddenly blinds Cambot with golden light. Unable to focus past the glare, it turns instead to Riku. His eyes are squeezed nearly shut, but as his eyes start to focus, it’s clear that the grimace from squinting is hiding a pure and satisfied smile. He sighs a little, gripping his Keyblade a little tighter.

Cambot turns back to Earth. It simply continues to watch with Riku as the sunrise sweep over the world, forgetting to turn off the recording for quite a while. Oh, Cambot...]
16 September 2012 @ 01:57 am
21st Dawn  
[Cambot has been searching around the SOL over the last day and a half for Riku, broadcasting on and off, possibly unintentionally. It seems lonely, not too uncommonly videoing the floor. Slowly it wanders into the cafeteria deck idly. It's late evening, and fairly dark. Cambot starts to turn when there's a little "pop" from inside the fridge. The bot enters, a little curious, until the door flies open, leaving light and cold to tumble out... Along with something else.]

[The short-haired figure groans and sits up, half-covered in what looks like someone's leftover Chinese food. Riku looks around, trying to figure out where he was.] Cambot? [Abruptly he checked his clothing, pulling the shoulder of his vest to get a look at the cloth on the back.] So it wasn't a dream... [And then he notes the food all over him and looks back over his shoulder. He reappeared in a familiar area.]

Again? ...Are you kidding me?!

[Cambot bounces up and down in joy!]
13 September 2012 @ 09:40 am
20th Dawn  
[Cambot's feed is a little static-y. When isn't Riku's, though? It's been following Riku quite a bit closer since he started falling asleep like this, resulting in a few more posts of Riku having to shoo it out of his room or the bathroom. It's lunch time, meaning Riku's heading to the cafeteria deck, walking the halls and going to the stairs and elevator. However, he gets to the elevator before Cambot, with its sometimes-questionable navigational ability, reaches the doors. They close, possibly with Riku not even knowing Cambot had decided to follow him again.]

[Cambot turns to glide down the stairs. At least Riku had stopped taking them since he fell down.]

[It beats the elevator down and watches for Riku to come out. The doors open... And nothing. Cambot flies in. No one's there...]
07 September 2012 @ 10:53 am
19th Dawn  
[Cambot shows Riku stumbling around the hall just outside the stairwell, holding his head. It looks almost like he just woke up from a hangover, except the armor on his right side is banged up... Hey, he's holding the right side of his head, too. Did he fall asleep going downstairs? With his helmet off? Riku's working about as well as his Cambot nowadays. It doesn't seem to hinder his determination, though. He's clearly looking for something as he moves down the hall. ...Or someone. He's muttering.]

NOW I remember a dream. This can't-- [He sees Cambot.]

Cam! Have you seen Sora? [It pans left and right. That's a "no." Riku leans against the wall, removing his hand. His cheekbone is badly bruised and it looks like he split the side of his lip.]

Everyone. I remembered a dream from last night. Sora was taken by the Organization. And now I can't find him on the SOL. Even better, I just had a dream where I found him asleep and he couldn't wake up.

Sora? You'd better reply to this if you're here. If anyone else's seen him, tell me.
19 August 2012 @ 11:29 pm
18th Dawn  
[Hey, what's this? There's some guy with his head against the food synthesizer this morning. Someone we haven't seen for a while, and in the morning of all times. His pants are the brightest purple ever, and to make things worse, one of the back pockets has a little rainbow heart on it. His sleeveless shirt is made up of orange and purple tiger stripes, and there's an old school, brightly colored slap bracelet on his left wrist. His hair is an utter mop right now, barely-combed.]

...I just want some bacon and eggs. That's ALL I want from you. [There's a bunch of candy and cake in the trashcan nearby...]

[He pushes the button again. Instead out comes a stack of pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream. He bangs his head against the food synthesizer once and grumbles.]

...At least it's breakfast food. [He settles for it and shuffles half-awake over to a table to eat. It's about then he realizes he's being watched.] Hey, Cam. Hey guys. I'm still here. I was sick for a while. Instead of spreading a disease around a small satellite, I figured you'd all appreciate it if I went ahead and quarantined myself. [An unethusiastic thumbs up.] You're welcome.

Actually. Namine? [He parts his bangs so its possible to see his eyes.] ...Thanks for the soup. [He smiles.] It helped.

By the way, has this week affected anyone else's sleep? [HE suddenly looks VERY sleepy.] I keep dreaming about animals that look like a rainbow sneezed on them. [Going...] And places I've never been before. [His head's drooping, and he seems to realize this because he props himself up with an arm. Going...] And like now I can't stay...

[Gone. Riku falls face-first into his pancakes, out cold. He'll be quite the sight when he finally lifts his head again. At least the pancakes are nice and soft and warm.]
05 May 2012 @ 11:53 pm
17th Dawn  
[Cambot is moving down the way before it picks up a loud screech. It turns and heads into the cafeteria to reveal the shrill noise was from a chair being pushed along the tile. A certain someone has proceeded to use the chair to climb partially onto the counter top to reach the cupboards.

Riku grabs a glass and puts it near the edge of the counter before sliding down onto the chair. It seems he doesn't even notice Cambot there. He hops down from it and then proceeds to scoot the chair again. Now it's clear why he left the glass so close to the edge. It's easy for him to grab it again, and he climbs the chair to open up the freezer. It's not like he's an ice type. Riku has to get his own ice.

Glass now properly-chilled, he gets out the bottle of soda, which is within easy reach in the fridge. The chair becomes his counter as he pours his drink. He lightly kicks the door closed, places his glass on the floor, and slides the chair back to where it belongs.

Being nearly two feet shorter has many disadvantages.]
01 May 2012 @ 12:57 am
16th Dawn (Slightly backdated)  
[Cambot focuses on Riku, or rather, the back of his head. He looks pretty frazzled, actually, and he's sorting through a pile of stuff. ...Red stuff, specifically. It looks like he's pulling out a few crayons and a small stack of drawings and setting them to the side. He hears Cambot, and turns.]

...Oh. It's you.

[He pauses, looking rather ashamed, before giving a little shrug.]

Hey guys. I wasn't myself this week... I got everyone's stuff back from the Tom Servo deck. I'll be coming around to try to return everything. ...If you don't get it back, I might've forgotten who I took it from. I'll be in the cafeteria if I'm not returning stuff, if you need to get hold of me. Even if it means I'm here a while...
07 April 2012 @ 01:31 am
15th Dawn  
[Cambot focuses on foliage, notably a fern as piano music begins to play. Sitting upon it is a small bird. It's just a little house sparrow, cocking its head with a single, sharp little motion before flitting away. Cambot is obviously in the nature deck, and it focuses past the fern to show Riku sitting in the grass, watching the birds along the water bathe. His arm is propped on his knee. There's an odd, small scar on the side of it, like a pit, that wasn't there a couple days ago. It doesn't seem to bother him in the slightest. For that matter, he doesn't move stiffly like he had just a couple days ago. Clearly his side isn't hurting him at all. When he hears Cambot (or rather, notices the peaceful music) he looks over and stops fiddling with something in his hand a moment. He smiles just as the music becomes more dramatic.]

So I tried out the time machine. I wanted to scout some things out before making plans. [He holds something up between his fingers. It's a white tooth, the edge sparkling with fine serrations. The broken tooth looks about the same size as that scar...] Thanks again, Amaterasu. For saving my hide back there. [There's a little smirk and a hesitation before he continues.]

I want to go back, but not by myself this time. Anyone up for a dinosaur safari?
21 March 2012 @ 10:00 am
14th Dawn  
[A bunch of static comes over the screen and it's apparent Riku's Cambot ran into the wall based on image location.]

You okay, there, Cam?

[Cambot looks over to Riku, who's changing clothes. Behind him is a wall of what looks like hand-drawn pictures. Most of his normal clothing seemed to have run away this week. As he pulls the bandages around his torso tight, one can see that though slightly leaner, his build is very reminiscent of someone else's. At least he doesn't really seem to be pained too much while adjusting them anymore. He grabs his shirt from the back of his chair and a bright blue vest. He looks very much like a teenager of the period. As he puts on the puffy vest, he pauses, looking right at Cambot.]

Wait, are you recording again? [When Cambot pans up and down a little, Riku runs his hand over his face.] Tell me I had my pants on... [At least he did.]