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31st Dawn

[There's some static and Cambot's feed comes up. Riku doesn't seem to know Cam's recording. He's sitting on a pipe in a hallway, looking at the stars outside. He seems to be thinking very seriously about something. He closes his eyes and sighs. The heat alone is enough to open his eyes wide.

Riku simply blinks. Slowly he raises his head and breathes out like one expecting to see their breath in the cold winter air. Instead is a puff of flame. The color is unsettling.]

...This can't be good.
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[Well that's interesting. Roxas has noticed the unusual color of Riku's flame and he knows the significance but he chooses not to comment on it.]

This is going to be an interesting couple of days. I'd start a bet for who sets their pillow on fire first, but with my luck it would be me.
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No, that would be a bad idea.

[And there's thoughtful pause here.]

Are any of the animals also breathing fire?

[Because somehow, the thought of that panda breathing fire is both hilarious and terrifying...]
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[Roxas chuckles a little, a small flicker of flame coming out.] If you can stand the heat.
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[Sora raises an eyebrow.] Where'd THAT come from?

[Except on the word 'that,' he gets a little bit of flame out of his mouth too, and he jumps back in surprise.]

...I guess the same place that did.
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Oh ha ha, very funny! [Come on Sora, you know you've made terrible puns, too.]
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[Okay, Sora can play along, even though sometimes his puns fail.] Definitely the wrong kind. And you better watch what you eat now, you could burn your tongue!

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Sure thing

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laaaaaaate. >_>

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[Well, this is surprising. Xion's not going to remark on the color, but tries to see if she can do the same thing. Oh, look, she can.]

Looks like we'll have to be really careful for a few days.
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[Ooooo, Sora's taught her the best thing to make with marshmallows.*

Are you going to make s'mores?
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[Roasted marshmallows aren't bad, but s'mores are even better.]

You bet. I'll get the graham crackers and chocolate?

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Done for reals?

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[Namine looks slightly concerned. Is he talking about the flames themselves or the color?]

I think it'll only be for a little while.
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[Namine recognizes where he is, and does go to pick up the picture, looking around outside to see if he's still there. There may or may not be a towel in her hand.]
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[Oh good, he waited for her. Namine returns the smile, though she's not good at punning back. At least she laughs, a faint hint of pink on her cheeks.]

Actually, I'm not. Though I think the nature deck might get a little too hot if we're not careful.

Okay, wrap here for reals?

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