02 October 2012 @ 01:26 am
[Cambot hovers around the hallway, coming around the corner a little nervously, drawing back in surprise when he finds Liz sitting in the hall looking...rather dazed. Cambot comes closer and...wait, is she sitting on 90s Kid?!

Yup. Yup, she is. 90s Kid is lying on the floor with an expression of bafflement, completely petrified much like Namine was, and Liz is slumped over on his stomach. She looks at Cambot, completely serious as she runs a hand through her hair.]

Listen up you guys, we've got some serious business. There's a basilisk running amok on the Satellite. I dunno how it got up here or where it's been hiding, but it's deadly. It's a huge snake, and its gaze can kill you.

As Mister Finevoice has demonstrated already. [She side-glances forlornly.]

Listen, just. Whatever you do, if you're in the halls, keep your eyes firmly focused on your own feet. Check around corners with a mirror, do whatever you can not to make direct eye contact. If you're careful and only see it indirectly, well...[she looks down at 90s Kid] It's better than the alternative.

Just. Be careful you guys. Please.
19 August 2012 @ 12:34 am
Sixth Hack  
[When Cambot turns on it's... well, on a very strange scene. It's the cafeteria all right, done up in the violently girly scheme of the week, but a few of the tables have been pushed together in the center of the room and used as a dumping ground for a very, very large pile of completely random assorted small objects. There's dice, there's hats, there's pens and pencils, at least one paintbrush, several keychains, multiple wallets, a couple of hats, a pair of goggles, sewing supplies, fabric scraps, restorative potions, at least two masks, some business cards, one very beat up and destroyed-looking pony-shaped doll, watches, some small American flags and flag pins, two wristbands, a few rings, some bracelets, wrapped field rations, a couple of small plushies, quills, a pair of sunglasses, bits of wire, a small screwdriver, an elaborate tiara with a purple gem centered on the front, a smaller black tiara, and at least seven socks, three bras, and six pairs of panties. For some reason there are no boxer shorts. For some reason..]

[And hanging off to the side is a young teenage boy with a resigned look on his face - hanging upside down by his ankles being tied to a pipe in the ceiling, that is. He's also been splashed all over with various colors of paint with glitter mixed throughout, though whoever did this to him was considerate enough to actually paint his face a rainbow riot and not splash that so he didn't choke. And if the paint and glitter weren't enough, there is a ridiculous assortment of every single kind of Lisa Frank sticker basically embedded in the paint all over him, except on his exposed skin. He's wearing pants and long sleeves under all the paint just for that purpose. He's been allowed to keep the mask on to preserve his "secret identity," but Robin's not too thrilled with the fact that he's got robotic company now, even though he knew he'd be found sooner or later.]

...You just had to show up now, didn't you.
16 August 2012 @ 08:58 am
Endless stickers  
[Tom runs onscreen, looking terrified. He is currently covered from head to toe in...stickers. Sparkly stickers, puffy stickers, hologram stickers, you name it.]

Tom: H...guys, you gotta hide me! Crow discovered an entire closet full of girly Lisa Frank stickers out in the hall, and now he's gone totally nuts and is treating me like a sticker book! If I don't escape, I'll be covered in sticker glue for the rest of my natural life!

Crow: [From offscreen] Servoooo!

Tom: AAAH! Here he comes! [Tom immediately flees from view.]

[Crow comes onscreen, carrying several packs of puffy stickers. He looks way too excited.]

Crow: Servo! Oh, Seeeervoooo! I found some dolphin stickers! I wanna see how these look on your lower back!

[But Tom has long fled. Crow looks around for him.]

Crow: Servoooo? Where'd you go? [Then he notices Cambot.] Oh well. HEY, I know! Whoooo out there wants some puffy stickers?
12 August 2012 @ 03:44 pm
Twelfth Breeze  
[Cambot turns at the sound of running footsteps, barely catching a glimpse of Ven as he races past as the camera turns to follow him and starts floating in his wake. He either doesn't notice or doesn't care about the fuzzy ears and tail of a golden retriever dog that have sprouted from his body, because he's obviously looking for someone.]

Aqua! Aqua, where are you?

[Normally, the best place to find Aqua would be the library. Today, this doesn't seen to be the case, as she turns a corner only to almost be run down by Ven. If she's noticed her own set of fuzzy ears and a tail (those of a Russian Blue cat), she's paying them no real attention in favor of somewhat more important facts.

I'm here, Ven.

Warning: Incoming Sads )
06 July 2012 @ 11:45 am
Mads Call #7  
[Frank is looking over some reports when there is a sudden knock at the door to Deep 13. The door creaks open, and in walks a kind of frightening-looking woman dressed in green, with glasses and curly hair pulled up into a bun. It’s none other than...Pearl Forrester, Dr. Forrester’s mother!]

Frank: Oh my goodness! Pearl? Pearl Forrester?!

Pearl: Frank! Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! [She runs in and the two hug like old girlfriends.] How aaare you?!

Frank: Oh I’m doing just fine, Pearl! I didn’t know you’d be out here so soon!

Pearl: Ohh, well I heard that my Clay left for that dreck of a convention and I knew you’d be holding down the fort all by yourself so I thought I’d just come by and say hi! Maybe, yanno, give you a hand around the place.

Frank: Ohh Pearl, now, you don’t have to do that!

Pearl: Oh pshhaw, it’s nothing! I owed you a favor after you let me borrow that lovely party dress anyway!

Frank: Oh I practically couldn’t help it, it was your color!

Pearl: Haha, well, it certainly was! So! [She straightens herself out.] What’ve you got going on up there, you hard worker, you!

Frank: Hohoho, Hardly working, I’d say! Well, have a look for yourself! [He motions to the screen.]

Pearl: [squints up at the screen.] ...Huuh. Looks like you got some kinda wacky zoo up there at this point. Geeeeez, that looks gross and unsanitary. [She turns back to Frank.] Listen. Why don’t I set up cleaning up and organizing around down here, and you can start getting that zoo up there herded back into their proper holding pens or whatever? We can get a break for some coffee in a while.

Frank: Sounds terrific, Pearl!

Pearl: All right! [She claps her hands together.] Let’s get going here...

[Characters beware...looks like Pearl may be interfering a bit this week!]
18 June 2012 @ 08:34 pm
14 Cupcakes: Aaaaaaaapple? >3  
[Pinkie's in the cafeteria deck, rolling happily around on the grass.] GUYS! Hey guys! This is totally the best week ever, am I right? Check out all the grass and these cool apple trees! They're JUST LIKE back home in Ponyville!

[Most of the trees around Pinkie are actually picked clean. The reason for this quickly becomes clear as Cammy pans around to show a table covered in apple pies. ALL the apple pies. Pinkie hops up next to it, beaming with pride.]

And you know what the best thing to do with apples is, right? THAT'S RIGHT! It's TOTALLY pies! Come get 'em while they're hot! Oh, oh, and Maes, this one's just for you!
14 June 2012 @ 06:42 pm
[Alice adjusts the Cambot so the image is no longer as crooked. She seems to be gathering her thoughts for a moment before giving the camera her sweetest smile.]

I'm trying to get in touch with the gentlemen who brought us here. Does anyone know how I can do that? I have few...concerns regarding the lack of fashionable clothing options available here. I mean, if we must be subjected to these, what are they called, "experiments" then I think that we should at least make a statement.

Toss a department store in here. Some people are in need of serious makeovers.
02 June 2012 @ 11:14 pm
Well, the newcomers aboard are quite rude. They refuse to speak to us!

However, we do appreciate the gift of hay that has been places aboard. T'is not as good as back in Equestria, but it is pleasing, nonetheless!
27 May 2012 @ 05:36 pm
Spaceberg Ahead!  
Everyone! I was doing routine checks of the ship's functions when I just found out we're all gonna die!

Cambot! Give me Rocket #9!

[Cambot obliges...and indeed, it looks like they are fast approaching a huge chunk of ice just kind of floating in space. Cambot brings it back inside.]

That space iceberg is gonna punch a big hole in the ship if we're not careful!
20 May 2012 @ 10:59 pm
First Hack  
[The unattached cambot's floating down the hall near the theatre, but there's nothing in sight. It rotates back and forth, searching for whatever noise it heard that brought it down to this area of the ship - there was something, right?]

[After half a minute of absolutely nothing happening, it bobs a little, almost in irritation, then turns around to go back the way it came.]

[It didn't seem to think to look up...]

((ooc: Robin's hiding in (not on) the ceiling. Someone walks by, he might ambush them to see if this some sort of plan to kidnap/brainwash/memory loss/fill in the blank here, but he also might not. Apologies in advance for any bad first impressions he makes but he's got reason to be suspicious XD))
08 May 2012 @ 05:44 pm
Scary ghost static attack!  
[Cambot focuses in on a part of the weapons deck. An enormous purple snake Pokemon slithers by...and dang, even for an Arbok, it seems endlessly long. It also seems to have only one working eye. And, it also seems to currently be panicking.]

OH! OH! Oh no! Miiiiiike! Everyone! I saw a ghost! And it had these creepy white eyes! And big claws! And hull integrity is probably compromised somewhere, too. But it was reeeeeeally spooky!

[There’s some strange static on the screen, and then--]

Oh no, it’s here again! I better--

[Cambot’s feed goes completely static-y and fitzes out.]

OOC: If some characters want to go investigate, three of them can go to battle Missingno in a separate log!
05 May 2012 @ 11:53 pm
17th Dawn  
[Cambot is moving down the way before it picks up a loud screech. It turns and heads into the cafeteria to reveal the shrill noise was from a chair being pushed along the tile. A certain someone has proceeded to use the chair to climb partially onto the counter top to reach the cupboards.

Riku grabs a glass and puts it near the edge of the counter before sliding down onto the chair. It seems he doesn't even notice Cambot there. He hops down from it and then proceeds to scoot the chair again. Now it's clear why he left the glass so close to the edge. It's easy for him to grab it again, and he climbs the chair to open up the freezer. It's not like he's an ice type. Riku has to get his own ice.

Glass now properly-chilled, he gets out the bottle of soda, which is within easy reach in the fridge. The chair becomes his counter as he pours his drink. He lightly kicks the door closed, places his glass on the floor, and slides the chair back to where it belongs.

Being nearly two feet shorter has many disadvantages.]
19 October 2011 @ 10:46 pm
[Entry 03]  
[He has his clothes back and is wearing his track suit jacket but it is over the Blue Barracudas t-shirt. He likes it okay?]

Well, it would appear that our winning streak did not pan out until the end. I must admit that I am surprised by this loss, [looks uncomfortable because he lost to a pink pony and a boy who probably has no training...but he supposes it's just as well and at least it was fun and not a life or death situation

[Looks up again and offers a small smile] I appreciated your enthusiasm and support in the competition, Galadriel. I hope if such a task is to come again that we can work just as well together in the future. We made a good team.

It would also seem that I, too, receive a consultation prize. Strange that this should be it as...I do believe I remember now where I heard Atlantica mentioned before. [Holding up the VHS copy he won of The Little Mermaid.] My...friends have subjected me to this movie before and while I must say that the cultural inaccuracies are blatant, the songs are quite catchy. I would not mind relaxing after the Temple Games, so if anyone would like to join me once the media deck is free perhaps we can enjoy a movie together.
18 October 2011 @ 08:56 pm
Military Log - 002  
[Maes is out of his military uniform, now wearing a simple black shirt and some pants. Although you can probably see the military jacket hanging up in the background. He's leaning back in a chair at his desk, looking thoughtful. Of course, he has the Cambot on so does he have a reason for posting. Finally he sits forward, letting the chair legs hit the floor again. He waves.]

Greetings everyone! Just wanted to check in and see how you all were doing. Now that I'm settled in I've had the chance to think a little more about our situation. I can't say that I know anything about it, but I figure we need to start looking for answers at some point. The best way to start that is by collecting data. Any information you can give me will be helpful. After all, I get the feeling that a lot of you have been here for awhile before I got here.

[Scratches his chin] Actually, that might not be a bad place to start. So how long have you been here? When did all of this start happening? And what were you doing before you got here? [pauses to consider] Hmm, when you're from might be a good question too. Since apparently I'm the only one from 1914.

[Looks up] And don't worry! If you don't want to broadcast this information I've already sent Cambot around with a paper version of the survey you can fill out anonymously! You should find it under your door.

[[ooc: Make sure to note whether or not the person if filling out the paper version or not so I know if Maes needs to respond. Paper Version looks like this:
Length Of Time Here:
What You Were Doing Prior to Arrival:
What Time Period are you From: ]]
10 October 2011 @ 09:38 pm
[When the picture winks on, A tall, attractive blond woman somewhere in her late 20's-early 30's stands into view. It's pretty obvious she's a little confused by her surroundings and who wouldn't be if they were sleeping on a ship just a minute ago. At least she was wearing her civilian clothes, a brown tank-top and equally brown jeans. Still, the blonde woman turns head away for a second before realizing what the Cambot might be doing.]

..Wait, it's on al-...?

[Okay, that's kind of embarrassing. Let's not make it worse. She gives her throat a nice low clear before giving the cambot/camera complete attention.]

This is Commander Jane Shepard and if anyone would like to tell me how I got here from my ship, that would be great.
14 September 2011 @ 09:59 pm
1st Arrow  
[As Cambot comes on, there's a blonde crouching down, looking at into it's view with curiosity, as well as a hint of irritation.] What the heck are you supposed to be, anyways?

Ah, whatever. So, there someone watching on the other side of this? Because it would be great if someone would bother telling me what's going on. Last I checked, Mount Justice wasn't in space.
11 September 2011 @ 09:24 pm
[Entry 01]  
[Cambot has found a new person! He is about as strange as anyone else on the ship except this new person has GILLS. What a weirdo. However, he does not seem to be bothered by the fact and is quite capable of breathing regular air. He, however, does not appear to be very pleased with his surroundings. He studies the Cambot closely before sitting back and beginning to speak. Cambot seems to think this is a great time to play the whole serious-vibe up that this new person seems to be sporting and puts a heading under Kaldur's screen that says "Kaldur'ahm aka Kaldur [Heroic Fish Person]" much like you would find on a news-broadcast.]

At first I was somewhat hopeful that I was being taken on to the League's space station, however I can now see that this is not the case. [Cambot pans out to show that this is, of course, NOT any sort of heroic space station but a less serious one...what with that kitten poster behind Kaldur] I have to say that a part of me is a little saddened that my first venture into space was not there, but to a foreign space station with strangers. However, I do not wish to offend those who have brought me aboard.

[He looks down, considering his next words carefully. Cambot pans back in] I would, however, like to inquire as to the nature of my abduction. As it has been explained to me we are being monitored and made to view movies of questionable merit for others entertainment. [Kaldur appears surprised at what he has just said and shakes his head, although whether it is in amusement or sadness is hard to determine] I apologize, but that sounds like something Kid Flash would find to be 'evil' and I fail to see the point of others being brought across reality to do so.

[Kaldur sighs, he appears to have resigned himself to this] However, if that is what I must do to return home then I will attempt it as best I can.
08 September 2011 @ 02:10 am
[Liz is sitting in a swiveling office chair in front of a big bookshelf, currently lacking in books but there is a dragon figurine or two on a few shelves. An 8-bit tune starts beeping away from Cambot, something that may have at one point been the opening guitar riff of a heavy metal song. This was clearly not what she was expecting as she interrupts herself before she speaks to look rather confused, then a bit exasperated.]

Lemme guess...couldn't get the rights?

[The camera sways back and forth as if Cambot is shaking his head. Liz looks a little disappointed, but shrugs.]

Oh well, everything's better in 8-bit anyway, right? Alright, let's do this. [Ahem.]

Hey everybody, Iron Liz here! First of all I just want to say thank you, Pinkie Pie, for the party; I had a good time.

Anyway, I was talking to Tom Servo, and it turns out he has a Dungeons and Dragons campaign he would love to get set up. I know Isa was curious to learn, so we figured this would be a great chance to start a weekly D&D night!

If you're interested in taking a break into the world of perilous adventure, we're meeting in Tom's room this Thursday night! [Cambot displays the room number.] RSVP and come on by if you can, I'd love to teach anybody who wants to learn!
07 September 2011 @ 11:22 pm
D-Link 02  
[Terra sits in his room with his arms crossed as he intently studies the Cambot before him. It would seem that he is intently studying the screen, however, since you can't really SEE him looking at the Cambot itself. One might notice that Terra has done little to change the room's decor and that the large kitten poster hangs over his bed in all its fluffy, adorable goodness.]

So, how exactly does this work anyway? There doesn't appear to be an on or off switch and as far as I can tell it's not voice activated or anything. If it does respond to verbal commands it's not very good at it.

[With a frustrated sigh he sits back] We don't really have tech like this where I'm from, so I'm curious to find out the mechanics behind it. [Looking up, he's actually addressing the screen now] I suppose taking it apart is out of the question.

[During this entire broadcast Cambot has been hovering further and further away, as if he does not like the route this discussion is taking. At the last words Cambot spins around and zooms out of the room.]


[Somehow the cambot manages to get the door to slam in Terra's face. Cambot will now be broadcasting Terra's door.]
07 September 2011 @ 10:28 pm
The 1rst Burst of Flame  
[The camera comes on, it looks like Lea has what seems to be wires tied around his head and shoulders. He’s trying to untangle himself as he looks into the camera.]

Yo. Uh… Gimme a second, I’m a little tied up.

[Finally getting untangled Lea cleared his throat as he kicked the wires away.]

Hey so um… I kinda woke up here, I don’t know how I got here but… Mind someone start just filling me in what’s goin’ on here and where exactly am I? I ain’t too fond of being dropped somewhere I’m not familiar with, and I mean really unfamiliar with. I can’t make out anything here-Wha-Whoa-Wha-Whoooaa-!

[And falls backwards, tripping on his own feet over the wires. Sits back up, tangled again.]

Man, who leaves these here?!