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29th Dawn

[There is water all down Riku's front. Riku looks... Well, he looks outright grumpy. Cambot statics a moment, then pulls back. He's just coming out of the bathroom, stumbling slightly from the slope.] You'd better not be recording.

[Silence.] You are, aren't you, Cam?

[A pause before DING-DING! Riku holds his face in his palm.] It's water. The sink overflowed. Again. [Cambot focuses on Riku's white vest. Yes, it's clean water. Riku pushes past, he's clearly going somewhere.] I'm sick of not even being able to use the bathroom without nearly making a gross mess. I try to keep it clean. I don't even know how you girls are managing. [Climbing the stairs is interesting... Riku doesn't trust the elevator like this.]

[He gets to the top deck and b-lines for one thing: the twin-screw controller. He goes straight for it and pulls the lever without a hint of hesitation. You know he's ticked.]

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