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29th Dawn

[Riku's in the hallway, right under a light. Sweat covers his brow. He stares at a door contemplatively and apprehensively, a hand over his heart. He looks down at his chest and closes his eyes a moment. When he opens them again, he places his flashlight on the floor and balls a fist.

He doesn't seem to either know or care that Cambot's there.]

...It can't stop me.

[Suddenly Riku throws the door open and steps into the darkness quickly, slamming the door behind him. His breathing quickly grows so loud it can be heard on the other side of the door. Whimpers, followed by short cries come before a scream. There's some scrambling on the other side of the door before Riku throws himself out, slamming the door back closed. He sits under the light, holding himself. Perspiration shines on his arms as he whimpers slightly. ...This doesn't seem to be the first time he's done this. His hands go to grip his head.]

...I'mnotafraidofthedarkI'mnotafraidofthedarkI'mNOTAFRAID OF THE DAAARK!

[Riku turns and looks like he's going to reach for the handle again, but his shaking hand falls short and he goes back to holding himself tightly.] I can... I can I can I can...
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[What is he doing, anyway? It could be dangerous in there!]

Hey! Are you okay?
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Yeah, but...

[It occurs to Sora now that something IS really off if both of them are this scared, considering everything they've done before. It's probably that twin-screw controller to blame again...]

But don't blame yourself! I think everyone is!
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Yeah, but that's what I mean! I think it's...different now! We used to be able to handle that no problem...
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But I'm just saying that I don't think it's your fault! So you shouldn't be so hard on yourself.
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Just hanging around with us is fine! You don't have to actually throw yourself into it.

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I'm not sure it works that way.
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If most of the ship is afraid, I don't think it's us.
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Even if it might not work?
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[Guess who's hunting for a flashlight, looking like she's going to find him.]
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[Very sweet of you, Riku, but then who will help you not be a mess?]

The hallway lights are all on, and I have a flashlight just in case.

[A flashlight she's currently gripping like a life preserver. The least she can do is try to help him back to his room or to sit with some of their friends. Though she's not moving as quickly as she normally would (every shadow must be checked to be sure it's not hiding something scary), eventually she finds him.]
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[Considering she's still want to come, they've possibly avoided an argument. At least he's not wasting his energy.]

[That reaction was not totally unexpected, though the quick movement was a bit surprising. It's only a moment before she's recovered and sitting by him.]

It's okay.

[Setting down her flashlight, she reaches over to give him a hug. Yes, it means letting go of a potential source of light and safety, but it looks like he needs this.]
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[It's a good thing Namine hadn't been holding too tightly at first, then. At least she knows not to take it personally. When he puts his arm around her, she shifts to allow for it.]

We all are, now--I think it's that machine. Why don't you go get some rest for now.

[Because it looks like that took a lot out of him.]
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[If he insisted on being silly enough to try going through the door again, that would probably make Namine insist on going with him. While not exactly stubborn, she could be determined when she needed to be. Stopping him might not be an option if he were determined to go, but she could make sure he wasn't alone.

She sighed in relief when he seems to be listening to sense, though it turned to affectionate exasperation when he spoke. Standing, she took his hand in hers.]

Think of it as resting so you can try later?

[Because she knew he would, if nobody pulled the lever in time.]

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*patpats him*

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Oh, Riku.

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