01 October 2012 @ 11:37 pm
6th Bushel  
[Big Macintosh, wearing a yellow and black scarf around his neck, is down in the nature deck, which seems to be far more overgrown than normal. There's already a dent in the wall next to a big tree that's thrashing its limbs at the big red pony, who's thankfully out of its reach, and somewhere far in the background are tendrils of thick, black weeds that look like they're moving all on their own.

But his garden still seems to be completely intact, except with his apple trees now in full bloom and with a lot more unusual vegetables permeating it. He steps carefully past a huge patch of huge healthy-looking pumpkins, a shallow paddy of water with a sign labeled "gillyweed," another patch labeled "wolfsbane," and finally he stops short in front of a patch of ugly brown roots, with a very large, boldfaced sign;


He tilts his head, cautiously leaning in close to the roots without touching them. He sniffs at them, then snorts and draws back, wrinkling his nose.]
01 October 2012 @ 01:34 pm
[Cambot's just happily wandering along, humming a snippet of song to identify who it probably belongs to. In fact...oh, there he is! The robot zips merrily to Harvey's side, dropping down to nudge him in the ribs. What're you doing sleeping in the middle of the hall?

Panning up past the wand clutched in his hand and the bright Gryffindor scarf, it stops at his face. Normally people don't sleep with their faces frozen in shock...right? Cam beeps hesitantly, hovering forward to poke him in the cheek. Nothing. The robot whines and settles down to the ground, trying to burrow into Harvey's robes.]

...oh, my god.

[Cambot jerks upward. There's a pearly-white, faintly transparent Harvey floating a few inches off the ground, looking between his body and the empty corridor beyond in horror. Noticing Cam's broadcasting, he slowly raises an arm to point off down the hall.] How in the hell did a goddamn basilisk even -

[Whatever he was saying is lost in a sudden haze of static as Cambot flings itself right through him, wailing.]
16 September 2012 @ 01:57 am
21st Dawn  
[Cambot has been searching around the SOL over the last day and a half for Riku, broadcasting on and off, possibly unintentionally. It seems lonely, not too uncommonly videoing the floor. Slowly it wanders into the cafeteria deck idly. It's late evening, and fairly dark. Cambot starts to turn when there's a little "pop" from inside the fridge. The bot enters, a little curious, until the door flies open, leaving light and cold to tumble out... Along with something else.]

[The short-haired figure groans and sits up, half-covered in what looks like someone's leftover Chinese food. Riku looks around, trying to figure out where he was.] Cambot? [Abruptly he checked his clothing, pulling the shoulder of his vest to get a look at the cloth on the back.] So it wasn't a dream... [And then he notes the food all over him and looks back over his shoulder. He reappeared in a familiar area.]

Again? ...Are you kidding me?!

[Cambot bounces up and down in joy!]
07 September 2012 @ 10:53 am
19th Dawn  
[Cambot shows Riku stumbling around the hall just outside the stairwell, holding his head. It looks almost like he just woke up from a hangover, except the armor on his right side is banged up... Hey, he's holding the right side of his head, too. Did he fall asleep going downstairs? With his helmet off? Riku's working about as well as his Cambot nowadays. It doesn't seem to hinder his determination, though. He's clearly looking for something as he moves down the hall. ...Or someone. He's muttering.]

NOW I remember a dream. This can't-- [He sees Cambot.]

Cam! Have you seen Sora? [It pans left and right. That's a "no." Riku leans against the wall, removing his hand. His cheekbone is badly bruised and it looks like he split the side of his lip.]

Everyone. I remembered a dream from last night. Sora was taken by the Organization. And now I can't find him on the SOL. Even better, I just had a dream where I found him asleep and he couldn't wake up.

Sora? You'd better reply to this if you're here. If anyone else's seen him, tell me.
25 August 2012 @ 11:35 pm
[Isa's wearing... well, I'm not really sure what he's wearing. Given the class he got stuck with, he should be thankful it's not animal pelts, but I wouldn't call this much better. He's in his room right now, examining a sword that's about as big as he is]

So, what's the point of giving me a sword I can't even lift? Do they really expect me to use this thing? 
09 August 2012 @ 04:15 pm
[Mike's also got some camp counselor gear on. However, he doesn't seem all that concerned about it right now. Mostly, he just looks a bit confused.]

Hey, has anyone seen my class ring around? Or maybe that 'Snow Days King' pin I had? Can't seem to find these things anywhere lately...
27 July 2012 @ 10:29 am
34 Love Chains  
[Well, its Minako again. And she's wearing a black cloak over her head and body. And though she's trying to be cheerful and upbeat and seemingly oblivious to everything that's happened, one only needs to look at her eyes, during the moment when Cambot first turns on. to tell that, deep down, her smile is a lie - all the makeup can only conceal a puffy red face so well.

She looks, for one second, weary and indeterminably sad.

Then her eyes blink, and she speaks, her Cambot's normal subtitles working for her.]

"Guys? I know, um, a lot of stuff's happened this week. But...I thought about it, and we...really can't let what's happened get to us!"

[Even though, despite her best efforts to hide it, SOMETHING from this week has gotten to her.]

"So, yeah, I didn't get the movie done. But I figured I should still do something, so...!"

[And then suddenly, the trademark goofy smile of Minako's returns full blast, and she rips her cloak off to reveaOH GOD WHAT )
19 July 2012 @ 04:06 pm
Fourth Hack  
[Cambot turns on to Robin on the theatrical deck, looking serious even for him. When he's sure the Cambot is recording, he starts... making elaborate gestures? His hands are flying everywhere and his fingers are twisting into weird shapes and making gestures around his face and shoulder area- Oh wait he's signing. Apparently Cambot's supposed to be translating this because when Rob realizes that there's no subtitles going on, he gives Cambot a deadpan look (even through the shades) and points downward, moving his hand back and forth while spelling "s-u-b-t-i-t-l-e-s" out in signs with his other hand. Cambot gets the hint and flashes a word on the screen.]


[Rob nods and goes back to signing, speaking as well but obviously there's no sound coming out. It's for an aid to lip-reading (and kind of his own sanity).]

We have to do something about that dinosaur before it attacks anyone else or destroys the ship. I have some ideas about how to stop it. Anyone who wants to talk come to this deck A-S-A-P. It's small enough to get off the Nature Deck so we need to make plans before it decides to try it out.

[And he'll be waiting when whoever wants to gets there.]
03 July 2012 @ 05:45 pm
[ Look who's finally waking up! It's a cheetah, covered in torn clothes and hanging out on the very same bed that Robin left him for a week. Man, can he sleep. Waking up from a delicious, apple pie-induced coma is a slow process, though; he gives a big yawn to show off all of those lovely carnivore teeth of his and stretches like only a cat can before finally opening his eyes and blinking at his surroundings. It's all coming back to him now...

...Wait a minute. Something isn't right here.

Pie. There was pie. And... And he didn't get to finish it. He quickly looks around for the remnants of it, but of course, it is nowhere to be found. The cheetah's face falls in disappointment. ]

Aww, man, and that was a good pie, too.

[ He sighs and goes to get out of bed when he notices something else... Paws. Paws where hands should be. With spots on them, like...

He pounces over to the mirror and yep, Wally's right. He is a cheetah. He fell asleep one minute, and the next he's a cheetah. This whole place is starting to feel more and more like Klarion's personal toy. Wait, that's actually... That might actually be it! There will have to be a meeting about that later. But for now, he's coming to another realization entirely: ]

I can run again!

[ Be right back, dashing off to run circles around the Nature Deck! ]
09 June 2012 @ 10:10 pm
Mission 11/Twelfth Link  
[The feed opens up on the Theatre Deck, where Cambot spies Xion and Namine. It looks like they’ve been messing around with the costumes--Nami’s found a standard cowgirl costume, with the vest and skirt over her usual white dress. Xion’s outfit might remind some SoL residents of a familiar character.

At the moment, though, they’re trying on hats. Xion has one a more traditional cowboy hat, while Namine’s holding up a red one the same shade as the red stitching in Xion’s costume.]

I think this is supposed to go with that one.

Really? Let’s switch, then. [Trades.]

[Anybody care to join the costume party?]
08 June 2012 @ 12:36 am
[90s Kid is on the rec deck, and what the HELL is he wearing? It looks like it was originally a cowboy costume...an all black tight leather ensemble with huge shoulderpads and spikes everywhere...he probably thought it looked hardcore but it looks more like something out of a heavy metal band or a dirty magazine.

Anyway, he's down on the rec deck clinging for dear life to a mechanical bull that's just barely started up. After a little while on it he starts to relax, pushing himself upright and holding on.]

Alright, I did it! WHOOOO! [he throws an arm up in the air as it spins him around] DUUUUDE, this is so aweso--WOOOAH!

[His triumph is short lived as suddenly the bull bucks forward, sending him flying straight over Cambot, and off camera there is a crash and the sound of a cat screaming.]
30 May 2012 @ 06:36 pm
2 Derps  
[...Yes, what is in the icon is exactly what is going on. A six-inch Derpy somewhere on the ship, balancing a giant actually normal sized muffin on her head.

There's really no better way to describe this scene Cambot is showing.]

Ok, everyone! I'm ready for saving the ship from the iceberg!!
08 May 2012 @ 10:18 pm
Seventh Trick  
[Well, someone's certainly trying to be sneaky. And while her size and catlike reflexes are working in her favor, as a certain someone once said, "don't you think that color is a little bright for a ninja?" The Cambot that keeps following her probably isn't helping, either. Will Wilykit let either of these matters stop her? Heck no! Is this wise? Probably not...

Whatever she's stalking, it seems to be right around the corner. There's a brief, high-pitched cry that makes Kit's ears go back, and then she rushes around the corner and pounces. There's another high-pitched cry, but this time, it's from Wilykit. Cambot hurries to film what's going on, anegih34to8yegfskvijgorihgei........................]


[Cambot flickers back on, and Wilykit is slumped upside-down against a wall with no assailant in sight. She manages a weak, sheepish smile.]

Okay, that didn't go so well...
24 April 2012 @ 12:04 am
Military Log - 013  
[Launch Bay. Cambot is hovering near Maes as the man stares off. He is standing near one of the pods and it looks like he had been about to launch but why will have to wait. Maes closes his mouth and turns to Cambot]

Uh...guys. Please tell me this isn't a further delusion from the ghost vision thing going on. I mean, if it was I'd already be dead, but...here.

[He grabs cambot and turns him towards what WOULD be the open bay doors and the vastness of space...but instead it's a forest. Maes then turns Cambot back to himself]

It wasn't like that before, right? I mean, Pinkie I've seen you go FLOATING out there. We're supposed to be in SPACE, not, well, in some forest.

[The illogical nature of it all might start to be getting to Maes.]
10 April 2012 @ 12:20 pm
Hexfield Visitor  
[There's something coming in on the Hexfield viewscreen!

A little white worm that seems to be sticking out of someone's ear wiggles happily, as though waving at the camera. It's a little unsettling that this particular worm seems to have a smiling face...but it's even more unsettling when that smile suddenly seems a bit...troll-ish. And then suddenly, there's music!]

((LOL I chose that song because it's been stuck in my head for about a week. But believe me, it gets worse >8D))
07 April 2012 @ 01:31 am
15th Dawn  
[Cambot focuses on foliage, notably a fern as piano music begins to play. Sitting upon it is a small bird. It's just a little house sparrow, cocking its head with a single, sharp little motion before flitting away. Cambot is obviously in the nature deck, and it focuses past the fern to show Riku sitting in the grass, watching the birds along the water bathe. His arm is propped on his knee. There's an odd, small scar on the side of it, like a pit, that wasn't there a couple days ago. It doesn't seem to bother him in the slightest. For that matter, he doesn't move stiffly like he had just a couple days ago. Clearly his side isn't hurting him at all. When he hears Cambot (or rather, notices the peaceful music) he looks over and stops fiddling with something in his hand a moment. He smiles just as the music becomes more dramatic.]

So I tried out the time machine. I wanted to scout some things out before making plans. [He holds something up between his fingers. It's a white tooth, the edge sparkling with fine serrations. The broken tooth looks about the same size as that scar...] Thanks again, Amaterasu. For saving my hide back there. [There's a little smirk and a hesitation before he continues.]

I want to go back, but not by myself this time. Anyone up for a dinosaur safari?
04 April 2012 @ 11:32 pm
[Kotetsu's sitting at a table in the cafeteria deck, staring off into space thoughtfully.]

Time machine, huh? Man, wouldn't that be great? I could go back and see Mr. Legend in his glory days! Or I could go peek in on Bunny as a kid and gather blackmail material! Or... I could go and see her. Y'know, just one more time since I...

[He stops, sighs, and shakes his head.] Nah, that doesn't feel like it'd be right somehow.

[He looks up at Cambot and gives a melancholy grin.] Probably best if I don't control where that thing goes, I think.
28 March 2012 @ 11:31 pm
D-Link 12  
[Cambot floats towards the bathroom at the end of the hall. Text scrolls across the screen in neon green.]

Terra had the lowest score for Laser Tag.

He is about to get his "reward"

[Cambot floats down towards the shower stalls. Terra is just stepping in, his clothes folded neatly on the bench and the water already running. It's steamy and after all this 80s dancing, Terra could probably really use a shower. The stalls are designed so that the majority of the body cannot be seen, but one is able to make out the top of Terra's head and, of course, the shower spraying water.

That's not what he's about to get.

As soon as he steps under the spray the water turns green and goopy. Instead of a spray it's like a deluge of green liquidy substance...slime comes to mind. Green slime like from some children's tv show or from a certain ghost


[Terra flails and falls backwards out of the shower, ripping the curtain down with him, slime oozing everywhere. It's all in his hair and on his face. He wipes it out of his eyes and stares up at Cambot. Cambot does a pan down, showing Terra's bare chest and the fact that he is conveniently covered by the shower curtain (Sorry ladies).]


[He looks at his hand]

What the heck IS this stuff? Ugh.
26 March 2012 @ 08:26 pm
[There’s a silver haired boy who seems very… apprehensive about this whole ordeal. The boy also oddly sounds like Phineas. Huh, weird.]

Light? Snow? Fang? Are you here? This doesn’t look like Raines’s ship, or any airship for that matter, it’s far too large.

What is this place?
26 March 2012 @ 06:17 pm
9th Song  
[A wild SARIA appears! And the Pokemon reference is somehow fitting because her ubershort hair apparently is just long enough to manage a Misty-like side ponytail. This puzzles the bitty.]

Did um...did anybody happen to do this to my hair while I was asleep? I just woke up and it was like this.

It feels weird. [Her hair is itching one ear now what is this even]