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25th Dawn

[Cambot narrowly ducks something flying past, only to have its lens covered up by some really ugly vest. The feed statics a little before it focuses on someone throwing clothing out of boxes on the theatrical deck.

It's Riku. Man, no wonder he's looking through other clothing. Wow, Riku, wow.

He looks up to see Cambot and pauses before he narrows his eyes at the little bot.]

You better not be recording.
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[Too bad, Cambot's caught him again. And in the meanwhile, Sora is trying to hold back laughter and failing miserably.]
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I'm sorry! You look very...school-y!
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Okay, okay! But I dunno if there's going to be anything better on the Theatrical Deck...

[And he heads down there.]

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[Guess who is just about dying laughing.]
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[He'd only be afraid of that if everyone had their powers. It should be noted that Roxas's clothes aren't exactly flattering either. However, he's stopped letting such things bother him a while ago.]

At least this crazy ship hasn't seen fit to take clothes away altogether?
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As if it needs the help.

[Not that such a situation would be that unmanageable. There's always folding their bedsheets into togas.

Besides which, he's just messing with you, Riku.
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[Well, lose the suspenders and adjust the color/pattern of the pants, and it wouldn't look bad. Just kind of dressed up and, as Sora said, maybe kind of like a school uniform. Not a bad look for Riku at all. As it is, though...Namine can see why he's looking for something else.

Oh, right, she should also probably say something.]

Cambot likes surprising us sometimes.
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[Point. But all those corrections made, and it wouldn't be bad.

Namine returns the smile.]

Thank you, but it's not that different from what I always wear.
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[Maybe she does, but sometimes a change is nice.]

I wouldn't mind something a little different sometimes?

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Wrap up here?

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[Xion's not laughing, but can't help smiling a little. Looks like they both got the short end of the stick in the clothes area this week.]

He is, sorry.
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[Yup. Still the same outfit.]

Yeah, but I still can't get down to the theatrical deck to find something new...Think you could find something for me while you're there?

[She doesn't like to ask, but she'd like something different.]
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...I actually don't, either. None of my other clothes said anything about that, and I don't remember what the tags on these said.

[It goes without saying that she can't check said tags now. Riku may just have to take one for the team and guess here.]

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It is.
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[He's not particularly comfortable in what he's been offered, but it's better, yes.]

It happens.
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...Yeah. It does.