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27th Dawn

[Riku's in the Rec Deck, his hands grasping the still-racked weights as he lays on the bench press. He looks confused. He lets go and slowly sits up, looking around and then giving quizzical look to Cambot. Riku looks away, thinking. His expressions shift, usually only subtly, though at a few points there's a distinct look disgust and at one point, utter revulsion.] ...Uuuugh. [Then, slowly, his eyes widen in a look of horror. His face lowers itself defeatedly to the palm of his hand.]

...Oh no.

[OOC: Riku is about to vanish into his room for a few days, though probably not before grabbing some food from the cafeteria deck and kitchen. Some supplies go missing from the theatrical deck. After which he'll be seen only briefly as he uses the restroom. He'll use the shower in the middle of the night, and a light can be seen under his door at all hours.]
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[Roxas is reasonably certain he knows what might cause the looks of disgust and revulsion, though he's only guessing and he's not going to say anything. Not yet at least. It's the look of horror that gets his attention more, however. He's not a hundred percent sure where that could be coming from.]

This is probably a stupid question, but are you okay?
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Gotta fix what?

[Roxas might know already what Riku's talking about. After he'd gotten his butt kicked and Xion and Namine found him, they'd been very, very cautious in approaching him despite their concern. At the time, he hadn't really thought of it (a concussion could do that to you), but now he realizes they must have had a nasty run in with someone who was mirrored.

Was it Riku
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Ping me if this isn't cool. xD

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[After a couple hours, one of his dresser drawers sloooooooooowly slides open.]

This is it, right...?

[Pinkie sticks her head out, looks around, then perks up and pulls out a small covered tin of - what else? - cupcakes.]
Oh! Hey, Riku! I brought you your Welcome Back Cupcake! You like chocolate, right?
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You're welcome!

[Pinkie frowns briefly: what kind of a smile is that? This needs work. Trotting closer, she rears up to peer at his work.]

Oooooh! Those're pretty!
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[Pinkie watched him work with fascination, then gasped joyfully when he offered the flower to her.]

Ohmygosh! I love it! Thank you, Riku! [She jumps up and tosses her forelegs around him in a quick hug, then takes the flower carefully between her teeth and - for lack of another hiding place - carefully puts it in her cupcake tin.] Are those other ones for Namine? Don't worry, I won't tell her!
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[Pinkie hugs people regardless of whether or not they're huggers, as long as they don't really dislike it. And even then they'd probably have to remind her of that a few times.]

Ohhhhhhh. [She doesn't know what he did, but he's obviously upset.] Everybody knows that wasn't really you, y'know. Just like when Discord made everypony grey and mean!
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[Pinkie tilts her head a little at that; you're lucky she isn't Rarity, Riku.]

Well, I bet these flowers'll make her SUPER happy! And so will having you all back to normal again!
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[Xion knows exactly what that look of horror is about. Looks like the real Riku is definitely back.]


We knew it wasn't really you.
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[Oh, Xion knows about memories of someone-who-is-you-but-not. Different reason, but she knows the general feeling. And those had been mostly good memories. How Riku must be feeling now...

Riku's not talking much, though, and this isn't a conversation others should hear anyway, so it's time to try the direct approach. Not long after his response, she's shooed Cambot away and is knocking at his door. He might not answer or let her in, but she can try.]
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[No, he doesn't look good at all. Xion knew Riku could be hard on himself, but this was something different. At least he'd answered her. Though, now that she's here, she's not quite sure what to say. After a pause, she sighs.]

She knows that wasn't you, and something you'd never do.
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[Messes don't bother Xion.]

That's the worst part, right?

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[It sounds like something worth forgetting.]

I think that's his enjoyment you're stuck with remembering.

[Has Riku never dealt with experiencing someone else's memories as though they were his? Xion doesn't quite know how the whole 'possessed by Ansem' thing worked.]
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[Very different from more recent events, or Xion gaining Sora's memories, then.]

No, and it wouldn't for any good person.

[See what she's hinting at, Riku?]
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[Having Sora's memories, Xion had an idea of most of what Riku might be thinking about as he considered things he done. No, he wasn't always good, but could anybody say that they really were?]

I don't think "just a person" would have become a keyblade master.
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[Riku, you're derailing her attempt to make you feel better, here.]

Was. Is he now?
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Did he get his Mark of Mastery by saving his best friend?
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Okay, but maybe that would be better done by finding her and saying you're sorry?
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[Oh, so he's making something to go along with the apology.]

I see.

[Xion sighs.]

Okay. If that's what you want.
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[Well, it looks like Riku's set on this course of action and Xion knows his brand of stubborn.]

You have to do what you think is right, but...

[Another sigh, then a weak attempt at a joke.]

Just make sure you get enough rest so you don't fall asleep when you try to give them to her?

[Why, no, she didn't take "awkward dork" lessons from Axel at all, why do you ask?]
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[High-quality stubborn.]

[Oh, Riku. If Xion knew what a Gibbs slap was you'd be next in line for one.]

She wouldn't want that.

[Those were the days.]
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[But of course!]

[They all do sometimes--keykids are a strong-minded crew.]

It'll be okay.

[A case of dork is how Xion would put it, but to each their own.]