01 December 2012 @ 07:27 pm
Full speed ahead!  
[Mike and the Bots are on the bridge again, and they’re busy panicking. Tom and Crow especially are freaking out, flinging their little robot arms everywhere.]

Crow: Aaaaahhhhuhhuhuhh we’re gonna diiieeee!

Tom: We’regonnadiewe’regonnadiewe’regonnadie!

Crow: I never got to go snowboarding!

Tom: And I never got to open my chain of kissing booths!

Mike: Hey guys, everyone, just calm down! We’re not gonna die!

Tom: W-we’re not?

Crow: Then what’re we gonna do, Mike?

[Mike is sweating, and looks around desperately.]

Mike: We’re going to, um....uh... [And then he cracks.] PANIIIIC!


[Luckily, Gypsy shows up just in time!]

Gypsy: We’re not gonna die! I don’t think, anyway. I just checked the cockpit again for some routine maintenance, and it turns out, someone’s installed an interdimensional warp engine recently.

Mike: S-so we can use the engine thingie to escape? Or put up shields or something?

Gypsy: I dunno. But we can try it! Cambot, turn up the shields, and I’ll turn on the interdimensional warp engine!

[Cambot goes and does so. Gypsy also runs (or slides?) out of sight of the camera, towards the cockpit. She flips a couple of switches, and there’s the sound of something loud and important-sounding heating up.]

All: Wwwwwooooooooooooaaaaaaa!!

[And then, all of a sudden, the entire Satellite bursts into interdimensional travel mode. For a moment, everything seems to move in trippy slow-motion, and sounds become warped. The Satellite bursts forward, and through a sudden wormhole! Time and space get rearranged, and the Satellite exits into an entirely different dimension!]

[Where -or when- is the Satellite now? You’ll find out soon!]
06 November 2012 @ 10:43 pm
[Cambot's bopping around on the theater deck, looking around at some scattered props as if he were looking for something. There's rustling in the background, and the occasional jangle or thud of some items being tossed aside.]

Hey, Cambot! Check this out!

[The camera swings around to Liz, wearing a somewhat familiar costume, convention badge hanging around her neck, and crouched over a box overflowing with koosh balls and assorted foam shapes. Liz holds up a little dusty object that appears to be a red button, unmounted to anything, but clearly meant to be part of a machine. She clicks the button a few times, and each time it emits a short buzzing sound.]

This'll be perfect, wouldn't ya say? [Cambot bobs up and down enthusiastically. Liz grins.] This is gonna be so great!
11 October 2012 @ 01:20 pm
Chapter 1 - A New Face  
[ The camera is floating along, recording seemingly nothing. the hallway is empty. But then, it gently swings around the corner. Aha. There's a new face. Or, rather, a new back -- long dark hair tied at the bottom, legs in marigold, with little red ankle-high boots. Click, click, click, are her heels as she walks slolwy down the hall, until she comes to the end. She looks left, looks right, gloved fingers reaching up toward her lips in a thoguhtful pose. Then, she turns over her shoulder. Ah, now there's her face. Her gaze lifts to the floating little camera.]

It's a bit unnerving, with you following me like that you know. [yes, she's talking to the camera] I don't suppose you can tell me which way to go? [and the camera swings back and forth, as if shaking it's head 'no'. The girl frowns, and turns back to her dilema. Left.. or Right?]
10 October 2012 @ 09:17 am
Hexfield Visitor  
[There's something coming in on the Hexfield viewscreen!]

[There's music too! And a strange looking man with long white hair in a red costume of some sort, standing in front of a bookshelf staring at a pumpkin. The place looks decorated for Halloween.]

And now, a Public Service Announcement from.... SNOWFLAME!!!

[Now that the intro is out of the way, Snowflame tosses the pumpkin to the side and looks at the screen.]

Snowflame has been told that it is almost Halloween. And as everyone knows, Halloween is the best holiday ever. Not counting Snowflame Day.

So today Snowflame will be answering your questions on how to get ready for Halloween!

And since the man in goggles set up the camera so Snowflame would leave him alone, you can ask your questions directly to Snowflame!
10 October 2012 @ 01:12 am
24th Dawn (Probably backdated to first day of this week)  
[Riku's trying to hide his face with an ice pack. Cambot isn't helping.]

Hey. Could someone help me find some aloe on the nature deck? ...It might be a few days before the swelling goes down.

[Cambot manages a good shot, albeit amongst its typical static. Wow, he's got some first and second degree burns across his eyes. Clearly he can see, but still, that's gotta hurt.]
01 October 2012 @ 01:34 pm
[Cambot's just happily wandering along, humming a snippet of song to identify who it probably belongs to. In fact...oh, there he is! The robot zips merrily to Harvey's side, dropping down to nudge him in the ribs. What're you doing sleeping in the middle of the hall?

Panning up past the wand clutched in his hand and the bright Gryffindor scarf, it stops at his face. Normally people don't sleep with their faces frozen in shock...right? Cam beeps hesitantly, hovering forward to poke him in the cheek. Nothing. The robot whines and settles down to the ground, trying to burrow into Harvey's robes.]

...oh, my god.

[Cambot jerks upward. There's a pearly-white, faintly transparent Harvey floating a few inches off the ground, looking between his body and the empty corridor beyond in horror. Noticing Cam's broadcasting, he slowly raises an arm to point off down the hall.] How in the hell did a goddamn basilisk even -

[Whatever he was saying is lost in a sudden haze of static as Cambot flings itself right through him, wailing.]
27 September 2012 @ 07:49 am
[Kotetsu stands in the middle of the field on the recreation deck, holding a broom in one hand and tossing a red ball up and down in the other.]

So, I found a rule book with all this stuff. Anyone wanna play? Or at least try out these brooms?
25 September 2012 @ 02:32 am
Someone thinks something important needs discussing...  
[Cambot shows us Roxas just stepping out of his room and fidgeting a little with the strange clothes that have appeared for the week. Particularly, he's messing with the scarf, which is black and yellow. He's also grumbling under his breath.]

What else is going on this week?

[Then he looks around and notices Cambot. Normally, he would be a bit annoyed to know he was being filmed without his knowledge or consent, but this time he brightens at the sight of the little robot.]

Perfect timing.


Okay, so... you guys from home. You know where I mean and you know who you are. There's been a little chatter lately about how we ought to sit down and compare notes about what's been happening back home. We should. My question is when and where should we do it. Suggestions?

[There's a pause and he seems to be debating something. When he speaks up again, his tone suggests he suspects a relation, but he's not sure.]

And this is on a different topic, but has anyone else found their room looking like someone went through their stuff?
18 September 2012 @ 12:50 am
Third Number  
[Harvey's in a very good mood today. Because, while the pink pony appears to now be even more everywhere, he has his goddamned suits back. He's even singing quietly to himself as he refills Frank's food dish, apparently unaware that Cambot's even entered the room. The robot, for its part, is surprisingly quiet and steady; it draws closer and closer, swaying along to the tune, until eventually it butts Harvey in the back.]

Whoa, easy there, Cam. [He turns to push it away a little, only to have it float back forward to nuzzle him. Leaning over, he holds it steady and waves a hand in front of the lens.] The hell's wrong with you?

(( OOC: He's the MUSIC MEISTERRRRRRR - no but seriously he sorta is))
16 September 2012 @ 01:57 am
21st Dawn  
[Cambot has been searching around the SOL over the last day and a half for Riku, broadcasting on and off, possibly unintentionally. It seems lonely, not too uncommonly videoing the floor. Slowly it wanders into the cafeteria deck idly. It's late evening, and fairly dark. Cambot starts to turn when there's a little "pop" from inside the fridge. The bot enters, a little curious, until the door flies open, leaving light and cold to tumble out... Along with something else.]

[The short-haired figure groans and sits up, half-covered in what looks like someone's leftover Chinese food. Riku looks around, trying to figure out where he was.] Cambot? [Abruptly he checked his clothing, pulling the shoulder of his vest to get a look at the cloth on the back.] So it wasn't a dream... [And then he notes the food all over him and looks back over his shoulder. He reappeared in a familiar area.]

Again? ...Are you kidding me?!

[Cambot bounces up and down in joy!]
14 September 2012 @ 05:54 pm
First Stone  
[Cambot's feed picks up a familiar figure in a rather unfamiliar outfit. Aeleus nods to Cambot and speaks directly to him.]

I seem to have found myself back here again. It is...good to see all of you again, though I don't appreciate the suddenness of my translocation. Now that several events have occurred, I would prefer to be known as Aeleus.

[Aeleus sighs and rubs at his temple.]

Did Ienzo leave during my absence? I apologize for not announcing my return immediately, but I meant to go to him and make amends for my abrupt departure, only to find him missing.
12 September 2012 @ 05:45 pm
Sixth Report  
[Oh dear god who let Twilight into the cafeteria deck. Anyone going in there might find bowls - not cups mind you, or glasses, bowls - stacked on the counters, most of them with drops of dark liquid at the bottom. What in the...]

[As for Twilight herself, well... She's discovered what her power for this week is, after pulling an all-nighter reading and then downing six cereal bowls' worth of coffee.]


Oh my goodness this is great isn't this so great [pop] I just think it's great I mean it's not all my magic but it's some of it [pop] and I haven't been able to do this in FOREVER [pop] and I can wink out here and be over here in a flash and oh dear I want to [pop] know EVERYTHING about what you all can do right now did you [pop] get something back that you already knew or is it completely random because [pop] I can do a lot more than this with my magic at home but here [pop] I'll take what I can get oh I can go REORGANIZE THE LIBRARY because it's not [pop] organized enough we can do so much more to make it efficient [pop] and I'm just the pony for the job because everypony knows I'm the most organized pony in Ponyville [pop] or even Canterlot or maybe even Equestria and everything is exactly where it should be [pop] in its own place and not in something else's place because that would be disorganized of course so it [pop] has its own place oh I can organize all your rooms I'm sure some of them are DREADFUL and Rarity can help me because she has such an eye for [pop] style so you won't even know your rooms at all anymore [pop] and maybe we could even paint them so what colors do you all want for your rooms [pop] OH I CAN'T BELIEVE I FORGOT I was going to [pop] paint the library quick everypony I need your help moving the shelves since I can't levitate things now [pop] but maybe I'll be able to in the future [pop] if we're finally getting our abilities back but you have to make sure to [pop] keep the books in order because if I have to reorganize them AGAIN [pop] it will be chaos but just as long as everypony keeps every item exactly where it is [pop] everything will be fine and we won't have to worry now doesn't that sound great?!

[Every couple of seconds she winks out of one spot only to repear in another part of the satellite, always within view of a Cambot, because she's literally not stopping her movement and she keeps nearly crashing into walls until the very end when she comes to a screeching halt and looks directly into the camera with a big, disturbing grin. Apparently the coffee does things to her brain. Harry Dresden has had one last revenge on the Satellite of Love.]


[Pop. She's gone in a puff of magenta smoke, only to reappear somewhere else again. Where is that? Wherever you happen to be. Be warned, if she lands near you (or on top of you), you will be getting 7,235 questions about what your current situaiton is. She will start to slow down pretty quickly as she crashes from the caffeine buzz, though.]
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10 September 2012 @ 07:18 pm
Someone is back.  
[The feed opens with a view of that spot that everyone should remember from when they first arrived. Except that whoever's just arrived for this Cambot to be filming isn't there. So Cambot goes searching, finding the person in question not too far away.

It's... Roxas. He's not dressed as anyone might be expecting him to be dressed, however. Instead he's wearing a black hooded coat. He also seems a bit puzzled, like he's just woken up and is not where he was when he fell asleep. Grumbling slightly under his breath, he reaches up to rub his eyes and stops, seeming to only just notice a switch in attire. He's dressed in a black coat that would look familiar to some of his friends.


[He tugs at the front of the coat before looking around at his surroundings again.]

Is this where I think it is?

[Because really, if it is where he thinks it is, it might be a sufficient explanation for the wardrobe. With a sigh, he looks up and to one side, likes he's expecting someone or something to be there. Since this results in him looking directly into the camera, it would seem he found what he expected to find.]

Hey, Cambot.

[For its part, Cambot seems happy to see him. It would probably hug him if it could. Since it can't, it settles for performing it's usually functions.

How long was I gone?
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10 September 2012 @ 06:07 pm
[See Hope. See Hope going through the motions of casting magic. Nothing seems to be happening though.

He looks at his hand, flexes his fingers, then looks at the brand on his arm. After considering something for a moment, draws a glowing, starburst shaped crystal from it, hold it in front of him and shouts:]


A sigil appears on the ground and something of a minor lightshow starts up as a large castle-man falls in from seemingly nowhere. He stands up and, um, did I say large? Scratch that, Alexander only reaches to about Hope's waist.

Hope is very visibly confused at this turn of events.]
10 September 2012 @ 09:23 am
[Who is this masked man, wearing a crappy spandex outfit, glowing blue, and lifting two huge dumbbells, one in each hand, as if they were hand weights? That beard might look kinda familiar... Anyway, he doesn't notice Cambot at the moment.]

That's two minutes and counting! Good sign, good sign...

[He continues lifting and counting the seconds, still oblivious that he's being filmed.]

Two thirty... two thirty one... two thirty three...

((OOC: ...no, I don't know where the crapsuit came from. Due to Clark Kenting, feel free to recognize him, if you wish. Or don't. Whichever way works best. :3))
09 September 2012 @ 06:47 pm
Military Log - 017  
[The picture on the side table is of a happy family, including a smiling Maes. Obviously this is his room. However, Cambot is broadcasting another face sprawled out on Maes's bed. No one on board is likely to recognize the face.

Is it someone new? If so, what happened to Maes? Suddenly the man yawns and sits up, rubbing his face, and reaching for a pair of glasses on the table. He blinks a few times before noticing something is off. He touches his face and then looks to Cambot.

All right, what's going on now?

[The man frowns some more. His voice doesn't sound right either.]

[[ooc: Maes can shapeshift people now. He had a dream about Roy last night which is why he is now like this...only Maes doesn't realize he has this ability yet]]
09 September 2012 @ 02:36 pm
Seventeenth Key  
[Cambot is doing his usual patrols of the halls when he spots a figure lying on the ground of the third deck. Hey, Cambot would know that spiky hair anywhere...it's Sora! Cambot seems pretty excited that his usual subject has come back, and flies up to gently give him a prod. Sora groans and slowly gets to his knees, shaking out his head.]

Wh... [He notices the little camera lens staring at him. That's got to be an unflattering view.] ...Cambot?

[And then he shoots back up quickly, surprised.]

Wha...seriously? I'm back here again?!

[Sora looks around the Satellite, scratching at the back of his head. It looks like he's thinking over a lot of things.]

This...isn't a dream again, is it? I thought I was going back to Traverse Town... Riku? Are you here? What about everyone else?
09 September 2012 @ 12:21 pm
First Sunrise  
[Cambot picks up on the nature deck. At first, it seems that Cambot is just focusing on a bunch of bushes, but soon enough they rustle, and a familiar white puppy emerges. Chibi bounces towards Cambot, barking excitedly, then turns back to the bush, which seems to abruptly burst into bloom.]

[Chibi turns back to Cambot, looking satisfied.]
04 September 2012 @ 08:40 pm
[Cambot is...showing the ceiling again, though this looks like the ceiling of the rec deck. Yeah, now it's just trolling Doof.]

Oh, that's- that's just great. You're not even trying anymore, are you.

[The feed pans from side to side. That's a headshake from Cambot.]

Do you really want me to modify you. Do you really. Because I can think of lots of fun Inators to make. The RealityTVinator, for instance! You'd follow people around and document their day-to-day living! That way, you might actually work!

[Fiiiiiiiiine. Cambot lazily turns around to focus on Doof, who is indeed on the rec deck, and the rather large machine next to him. He didn't even bother covering it with a white cloth this time. Huh.]

Now, I've seen everything going on this week, and it all looked really familiar. Too familiar. You see, when I was a little boy growing up in Gimmelshtump, I wasn't very popular - in fact, I was so unpopular, you could say I was antipopular. Popularity just vanished when it got too close to me. It meant the cool kids didn't go near me, so they couldn't beat me up. No, I got picked on by nerds. Nerds! With their multi-sided dice and their trading cards and their video games! I mean, the kids who got beaten up by everyone else were the ones who beat me up. How sad is that?

Anyway, blah blah blah lifelong hatred of all things nerdy - except for science, of course - blah blah blah this week reminds me an awful lot like video games, blah blah blah beating the nerds at their own game. So I built the FinalBossinator! All I have to do is aim the laser at myself, push this big red button here, and-

[There's a flash of red light, and when it clears...well, that's a highly effective Inator. Doof now stands about fifteen feet tall and now sports dragon legs, lion arms that end in clawed hands, bat wings, a lizard tail, and...his own head and voice.]

What? Why does it look like a zoo sneezed on me? ...oh well. Time to go beat the nerds and RULE THE SATELLITE OF LOVE!

[Welcome to your final boss! Feel free to form parties and start combat in the comments below; just keep in mind that Doof may have a few tricks up his (now nonexistent) sleeve...]
16 August 2012 @ 08:58 am
Endless stickers  
[Tom runs onscreen, looking terrified. He is currently covered from head to toe in...stickers. Sparkly stickers, puffy stickers, hologram stickers, you name it.]

Tom: H...guys, you gotta hide me! Crow discovered an entire closet full of girly Lisa Frank stickers out in the hall, and now he's gone totally nuts and is treating me like a sticker book! If I don't escape, I'll be covered in sticker glue for the rest of my natural life!

Crow: [From offscreen] Servoooo!

Tom: AAAH! Here he comes! [Tom immediately flees from view.]

[Crow comes onscreen, carrying several packs of puffy stickers. He looks way too excited.]

Crow: Servo! Oh, Seeeervoooo! I found some dolphin stickers! I wanna see how these look on your lower back!

[But Tom has long fled. Crow looks around for him.]

Crow: Servoooo? Where'd you go? [Then he notices Cambot.] Oh well. HEY, I know! Whoooo out there wants some puffy stickers?