02 April 2013 @ 02:05 am
Eighth Number  
[Oh...oh dear. That's a rather unpleasant retching sound coming from that bathroom. Cambot hovers uncertainly, before slowly drawing closer, making some solicitous beeping sounds.]

Cam? [Harvey staggers to the door, leaning against the frame. He looks awful: flushed and feverish, with his hat and jacket missing and his bowtie undone. Nonetheless, he still manages to summon a half-decent glare for the robot, who quails backwards.] You ever film me doin' somethin' like that again, I'm gonna -

[He breaks off in a hacking cough, doubling over with his face in his sleeve. Something clatters to the ground, and he and Cam both look down at the shiny silver harmonica for a long moment.]

...I think I need to go lie down.
29 March 2013 @ 12:07 am
Seventh Howl  
[Well. This is weird. Weird enough for Cambot to sit and record the whole thing.

Anyone looking for food can find Harvey lying on the floor of the kitchen, happily ripping at a large hunk of meat he's dug out of somewhere or other. It appears to be raw, or at least dreadfully undercooked, and he's getting juices all over his nice suit, but he doesn't seem to notice that very much. His hat's missing entirely, probably abandoned somewhere between here and his room.

He twitches and jerks his head up suddenly, and Cambot swings around to note the small black rabbit climbing over the man's legs. Harvey turns and looks at Frank for a few seconds, leaning back to sniff at the smaller creature. After a few seconds, he huffs, gives the rabbit's head a cursory lick, and turns back to his meal. Huh...maybe he's just not in the mood for live prey today?]
17 January 2013 @ 08:49 pm
Sixth Number  
[Until this morning, Harvey'd been taking to this week's changes like a fish to water. Sure, the black-and-white wasn't all that great, but his clothes hadn't changed any and he loved the malt shop thing goin' on downstairs.

But, of course, nothing good can last. When Cambot finds him, he's standing on a chair, rabbit perched on one shoulder, trying to use some old rags dam up the slow ooze of maple syrup coming from the vent in his room. There's already a thin layer of it coating the floor around the area and it doesn't appear to be stopping.]

Ugh, this is disgusting...you kids might not wanna order any breakfast today. I had some pancakes earlier and came back to this. [While he's distracted, a few pancakes knock down part of his makeshift wall as they slide down the syrup river, landing with a wet splat on his floor.] Gosh darn it -

[Blink. That wasn't what he'd meant to say.] What the heck was...the fudge...alright, this is baloney.
07 October 2012 @ 10:00 pm
[Harvey's standing in front of a window on one of the lower decks, looking out at the stars. He glances over his shoulder as Cambot approaches.]

Oh. Hey, Cam. Got the time? [He nods at whatever Cam puts on the screen.] Later than I thought.

So, the week's about to end. Guess we'll see in a few minutes if what happened with 90s Kid is the new normal. However that even worked... [He trails off, glancing offscreen.] Hey, Iron, I dunno if - aw, who'm I kiddin', you're still awake. Listen, if this doesn't work out -

[And then he vanishes. Cambot floats over to where he was, peering around with a curious beep.]

Ow... [It turns to focus on Harvey, this time quite corporeal, pulling the sheet down from over his face and sitting up with a groan.] Nevermind. Guess they beat us to that cure for death.
01 October 2012 @ 01:34 pm
[Cambot's just happily wandering along, humming a snippet of song to identify who it probably belongs to. In fact...oh, there he is! The robot zips merrily to Harvey's side, dropping down to nudge him in the ribs. What're you doing sleeping in the middle of the hall?

Panning up past the wand clutched in his hand and the bright Gryffindor scarf, it stops at his face. Normally people don't sleep with their faces frozen in shock...right? Cam beeps hesitantly, hovering forward to poke him in the cheek. Nothing. The robot whines and settles down to the ground, trying to burrow into Harvey's robes.]

...oh, my god.

[Cambot jerks upward. There's a pearly-white, faintly transparent Harvey floating a few inches off the ground, looking between his body and the empty corridor beyond in horror. Noticing Cam's broadcasting, he slowly raises an arm to point off down the hall.] How in the hell did a goddamn basilisk even -

[Whatever he was saying is lost in a sudden haze of static as Cambot flings itself right through him, wailing.]
18 September 2012 @ 12:50 am
Third Number  
[Harvey's in a very good mood today. Because, while the pink pony appears to now be even more everywhere, he has his goddamned suits back. He's even singing quietly to himself as he refills Frank's food dish, apparently unaware that Cambot's even entered the room. The robot, for its part, is surprisingly quiet and steady; it draws closer and closer, swaying along to the tune, until eventually it butts Harvey in the back.]

Whoa, easy there, Cam. [He turns to push it away a little, only to have it float back forward to nuzzle him. Leaning over, he holds it steady and waves a hand in front of the lens.] The hell's wrong with you?

(( OOC: He's the MUSIC MEISTERRRRRRR - no but seriously he sorta is))
29 April 2012 @ 03:01 am
[Oh look, it's another one of those big black birds, standing in the middle of the rec deck. At least Harvey got to keep his hat...kinda? Cambot's playing some music initially, but quiets down as Harvey gives it a pointed glance.]

Alright, everyone. Seein' as we're gonna be like this for a little while, I figure we'd better get a few things cleared up here. First off, these things? They're called Pokemon. There's a bunch of different kinds - I'm a Honchkrow, myself - but we're all pretty much the same species or somethin'. Don't ask me how it works. And yeah, some of you are more weird-lookin' than others, but as far as I've seen you're all more-or-less normal, psychic starfish included. So don't worry about it.

Also, as I'm sure some of you noticed... [He raises a wing, which glows with a dark purple-black aura for a moment, before slashing out with it at a nearby punching bag. The energy leaves a neat gouge in the fabric.] ...they ain't exactly your normal animals. Most have some kinda elemental power - that was a Dark-type attack just now. They work mostly how you'd expect: water hurts fire, fire hurts grass, yadda yadda yadda. They can get pretty damn strong, so be careful when you're messin' around. Don't go hittin' anyone with a stray Hyper Beam.

So, any questions? I oughta be able to tell you what you are, if you're curious. They're normally used for battlin' each other, too, so if you wanna test out your moves.... [Is that what a bird calls a smile?] ...I'll be here.

[...aaaaaaaand signing off with more theme song. This is totally the best week ever.]
09 November 2011 @ 12:31 am
1 Number  
[Cambot's just bopping on down a corridor somewhere, when he spots a man looking out the window! He's probably new - his shoulders are squared with tension, and he's patting around his jacket as if looking for concealed weapons that have all mysteriously vanished. The little bot approaches hopefully. New friend?]

[Harvey turns just then, and starts visibly. Short a piece, he settles for jabbing a finger at the offending robot, who cringes back a bit (no friends? D8).]
What're you lookin' at? Just what kinda game're you playin' here?