15 April 2013 @ 08:56 am
Poor Fool Tom  
[The Twin-Screw Controller can't stay unused for too long...one of the Tom Servos from the Tom Servo deck has apparently wandered up to the top deck again. This one appears to be dressed in a top hat, and has a monocle.]

I say, old chaps! The air conditioning apparatus appears to be putting out far too much cold air for one's comfort!

It's about high time we remedied this situation! I'll just turn the ol' apparatus switch here...

[And with that, the Tom Servo flips the switch again.]
16 March 2013 @ 05:40 pm
The source of the craziness!  
[Guess who’s onscreen now! It’s Crow, looking mighty pleased with himself.]

Hey, everybody! Sure is good to be back in our own universe, isn’t it? Gosh, evil me was such a jerk! Not like the real me!

But there was one thing I remembered that evil me did back in the universe of evil...and I went to check it out in this universe, and whaddaya know, it was in the exact same place!

[Crow holds up something...it’s the Twin-Screw Universal Controller!]

Turns out, this thing was in the back of my closet the entire time! Crazy, huh? I bet if we messed with these little switch things, something neat might happen.

--[All of a sudden, the screen goes staticy. After a moment of fuzz and white noise, a new figure appears on the screen...it’s Joel again! He looks like he’s in the cockpit of some very handmade-looking ship.]

Hey everyone, it’s Joel again! Good to see you back and all. After that blast disabled all my systems and you guys vanished, I had to fly back down to Earth and get started on some major repairs. Now I did a little fenangling with Gizmonic while you were gone, so you shouldn’t have an issue with him trying to blow you or me out of orbit anymore. But these repairs took a real long time and I just don’t have the power to get up there that super quicklike.

But I just wanted to let you know: don’t touch that Twin-Screw Universal Controller! The controller’s malfunctioning, and that’s why it’s been bringing all of you people in and causing all that weird stuff to happen in the first place. I’m gonna try my best to get up there and fix it so you can all go on your way. But until then, just hang tight! Or hang loose. Whichever’s easier for you to do.

[The feed cuts out, and static returns to the screen. After another moment of fuzz and noise, Crow comes back on screen.]--

--Oh cool, Joel’s comin’ back! So anyway! You guys think I should pull the right switch first or the left one?
03 February 2013 @ 05:02 pm
Full speed ahead...again!  
Okay, everyone! I've fired up the dimensional transporter again, because those dino lasers are gonna tear through the hull like tissue paper and we'll all die a fiery and suffocating death!

[There's the sound of an engine heating up...]

So haaaaaaanng ooooooooonnn!

[And once again, the Satellite travels through the interdimensional portal! Everything seems to move in blurry slooooooow moooooootion, with sounds all going warped. There's a brilliant flash of light when they flee the bad future, and end up at a new destination.]

[But where have they ended up now?...]
02 December 2012 @ 03:12 pm
Mike: Wooah! It looks like we’ve gone completely to another dimension!

Crow: At least that killer missile isn’t following us anymore

Tom: Wonder if those crazy mad scientists are still around!

Mike: The question is...where are we?

Gypsy: Rocket #9, get us some readings on the Earth below, pronto!

[Rocket #9 obliges. Everyone on the Satellite will be able to see images of earth...except things look very, very wrong. Most of the human skyscrapers and cities have been abandoned, and in their place are a bunch of more primitive-looking homes with very large doors. All of the humans are either roaming about in the fields, or holed up in cages. And walking around the homes and businesses are instead...dinosaurs! Or at least they look close to them. Mostly, they look like dinosaur-people.]

Mike: Holy smokes! This looks like Earth...except thousands of years in a dark and terrible future!

Crow: Or else a dark and terrible past!

Tom: Or maybe a dark and terrible alternate present!

[All of a sudden, the Hexfield screen fitzes, and something comes onscreen...it looks like a Utahraptor, wearing a pilot’s jacket and some shades.]

Captain Salt Lake: This is Captain Salt Lake of the Forrester Air Force Enforcer Corps! Just what are all you man-beasts doing up on that ship in space?!

[Want to find out about this rather dreary-looking future? Maybe you can get some answers by asking this strange guy...]
01 December 2012 @ 07:27 pm
Full speed ahead!  
[Mike and the Bots are on the bridge again, and they’re busy panicking. Tom and Crow especially are freaking out, flinging their little robot arms everywhere.]

Crow: Aaaaahhhhuhhuhuhh we’re gonna diiieeee!

Tom: We’regonnadiewe’regonnadiewe’regonnadie!

Crow: I never got to go snowboarding!

Tom: And I never got to open my chain of kissing booths!

Mike: Hey guys, everyone, just calm down! We’re not gonna die!

Tom: W-we’re not?

Crow: Then what’re we gonna do, Mike?

[Mike is sweating, and looks around desperately.]

Mike: We’re going to, um....uh... [And then he cracks.] PANIIIIC!


[Luckily, Gypsy shows up just in time!]

Gypsy: We’re not gonna die! I don’t think, anyway. I just checked the cockpit again for some routine maintenance, and it turns out, someone’s installed an interdimensional warp engine recently.

Mike: S-so we can use the engine thingie to escape? Or put up shields or something?

Gypsy: I dunno. But we can try it! Cambot, turn up the shields, and I’ll turn on the interdimensional warp engine!

[Cambot goes and does so. Gypsy also runs (or slides?) out of sight of the camera, towards the cockpit. She flips a couple of switches, and there’s the sound of something loud and important-sounding heating up.]

All: Wwwwwooooooooooooaaaaaaa!!

[And then, all of a sudden, the entire Satellite bursts into interdimensional travel mode. For a moment, everything seems to move in trippy slow-motion, and sounds become warped. The Satellite bursts forward, and through a sudden wormhole! Time and space get rearranged, and the Satellite exits into an entirely different dimension!]

[Where -or when- is the Satellite now? You’ll find out soon!]
30 November 2012 @ 07:15 pm
[Mike and the Bots are all gathered up on the top deck, all dressed up in their pirate gear. But it looks like there's some big to-do going on...something is coming in on the Hexfield viewscreen! What's more, it doesn't look like the usual strange visitors. The screen first shows an odd, somewhat rickety spaceship, shaped a little bit like a large bolt.]

Mike: Well hey, it looks like someone is trying to hail us! But the transmission's coming in a bit fuzzy. Cambot, put it up on the viewscreen!

[Cambot does so. There's a lot of static, but behind it is none other than Joel Robinson!]

Joel: Hey everyone! It's Joel again. Looks like I finally raised enough funds to get myself a ship up here.

Crow: Woooooow COOOL, it's Joel!

Tom: Joel Joel Joel! He's coming back here again!

Mike: Oh wow, it does look like it!

Joel: Yeah, um, I’ll do my best, but mostly I’m just gonna try and get up there to fix the Twin-Screw Universal Controller. So just hang tight, okay everyone?

[The Bots begin to dance around, singing and making a whole lot of noise. Even Cambot seems to be bopping along.]

Mike: Uhh, yeah, I guess we will!

Joel: Yeah, so-- [The static takes over, and the feed from Joel cuts out. Mike looks pretty pleased.]

[Joel’s small little spaceship is steadily approaching the SOL. The question is...will it get here okay?]
24 November 2012 @ 02:36 pm
Time machine troubles  
[Gypsy comes onscreen, looking a little annoyed. She’s currently wearing an eyepatch over her single eye...seems like it’d be kind of hard to see with that.]

Um, hey guys, I dunno if it’s because of all the pirate stuff this week, or if someone used it last that set it to the wrong time, but the time machine is completely broken right now. The top of it got blown up. It’s gonna take me a really long time to fix this thing, so um, be patient, okay?

So did any of you blow up the time machine? On accident or something?
16 August 2012 @ 08:58 am
Endless stickers  
[Tom runs onscreen, looking terrified. He is currently covered from head to toe in...stickers. Sparkly stickers, puffy stickers, hologram stickers, you name it.]

Tom: H...guys, you gotta hide me! Crow discovered an entire closet full of girly Lisa Frank stickers out in the hall, and now he's gone totally nuts and is treating me like a sticker book! If I don't escape, I'll be covered in sticker glue for the rest of my natural life!

Crow: [From offscreen] Servoooo!

Tom: AAAH! Here he comes! [Tom immediately flees from view.]

[Crow comes onscreen, carrying several packs of puffy stickers. He looks way too excited.]

Crow: Servo! Oh, Seeeervoooo! I found some dolphin stickers! I wanna see how these look on your lower back!

[But Tom has long fled. Crow looks around for him.]

Crow: Servoooo? Where'd you go? [Then he notices Cambot.] Oh well. HEY, I know! Whoooo out there wants some puffy stickers?
27 May 2012 @ 05:36 pm
Spaceberg Ahead!  
Everyone! I was doing routine checks of the ship's functions when I just found out we're all gonna die!

Cambot! Give me Rocket #9!

[Cambot obliges...and indeed, it looks like they are fast approaching a huge chunk of ice just kind of floating in space. Cambot brings it back inside.]

That space iceberg is gonna punch a big hole in the ship if we're not careful!
19 May 2012 @ 08:21 pm
Mystery messages  
[Tom and Crow appear on the Cambot together...seems like they're pretty excited about something.]

Crow: Hey! Hey! You see that guy in Dr. F's transmission? It looked just like Joel!

Tom: Kinda sounded just like him, too!

Crow: Waaaaait...does that mean Joel's a Mad now, too?

Tom: Well, maybe it is! Always knew there was something weird about that guy!

Crow: I thought it was his eyelids, personally.

Tom: No, those were just abnormally large.

Crow: That'd still count as weird, don't you think?

Tom: Yes, but the question is, is that mad scientist weird?

Crow: I dunno...guess we'd have to ask a mad scientist!

Tom: Rrrrrright!
...So what were we talking about, again?
08 May 2012 @ 05:44 pm
Scary ghost static attack!  
[Cambot focuses in on a part of the weapons deck. An enormous purple snake Pokemon slithers by...and dang, even for an Arbok, it seems endlessly long. It also seems to have only one working eye. And, it also seems to currently be panicking.]

OH! OH! Oh no! Miiiiiike! Everyone! I saw a ghost! And it had these creepy white eyes! And big claws! And hull integrity is probably compromised somewhere, too. But it was reeeeeeally spooky!

[There’s some strange static on the screen, and then--]

Oh no, it’s here again! I better--

[Cambot’s feed goes completely static-y and fitzes out.]

OOC: If some characters want to go investigate, three of them can go to battle Missingno in a separate log!
01 April 2012 @ 09:25 am
Don't make Gypsymom scold you  
[Gypsy comes on camera...she looks a little concerned, or at least as concerned as a one-eyed robot can look.]

Umm. Hello, guys? It looks like someone messed with some stuff on the time machine and now it’s working again.

Just be real careful around it, okay? The time machine can be real tricky. There’s no telling what’ll happen with that thing!

Okay, just wanted to let you kids know. Stay safe!
27 January 2012 @ 11:39 pm
One more spectre  
[Cambot sends out a broadcast...that’s funny, there doesn’t appear to be anyone broadcasting. He pans over...only to reveal an all-black and gray dark Cambot staring back into the camera. For a moment, it doesn’t seem to do anything. Then, the following text scroll comes across the screen:]

¡ʞǝǝʎʞǝǝʎʞǝǝʎʞǝǝʎʞǝǝ⅄ ¿noʎ llıʍ ɹo˙˙˙noʎ ǝǝs llıʍ ǝM ¡ʇı ǝsnɐɔ llıʍ noʎ 'ʇı oʇuı ƃuıɥsɐp ʎq ¡sƃuıɥʇ ɹǝƃuɐɹʇs ɹɐɟ ɥʇıʍ pǝllıɟ sı ǝɹnʇnɟ ɹno⅄ ¿ʍou ɹoɟ ǝɟɐs ǝɹɐ noʎ ʞuıɥʇ no⅄ ¡sʇuɐʇıqɐɥuı ǝʌo˥ ɟo ǝʇıllǝʇɐS ɥsılooℲ

[There’s a moment of static on Cambot’s screen. When the static clears, the dark spectre is gone...and with that, all of the spectres are now off the ship.]
13 January 2012 @ 05:50 pm
A song  
[Crow and Tom come onscreen once again...although this time it doesn't seem like they're here for science. \

Crow: Hello, everyone! Haha well, with all these friends of Timmy being a pain in the patootie, we thought we'd sing a little ditty for the occasion!

Tom: A fight song, if you will! Ra-ra-ra, Satellite of Love spirit!

Crow: We think it'd go...a little something...like this!

[With Cambot running accompanying music , the two bots sing:]

Crow: Dark specters are all I see!
Tom: Loud, smelly jerkheads!
Crow: Keep them away from me!
Tom: We wish they would be dead…s!

Crow: When they push you down!
Tom: Or pull your haaaair!
Crow: Just go to town!
Tom: And doooon't plaaay faaaair!

Both: Soooooooo…

Speeeectres! We're gonna punch your face!
And send you innnn-to space!
So just get out of this place, you creeeeps!

Speeeectres! Don't let them get ya mad!
Just kick them in the 'nads!
Pretend they are Sinbad, it woooorks!

Crow: You know what works for me?
Tom: How about a shotgun!
Crow: It's simple and it's free!
Tom: Thumb screws are also fun!

Crow: There's razor blades in caaake!
Tom: Dynamite's always nice!
Crow: Watching 90s Justin Timberlaaaake!
Tom: Or listening to Vanilla Iiiiiice!

Both: Speeectres! There is no fancy trick!
Just give a punch or kick!
Fire or bullets: your pick! It's fuuuun!

Speeectres! Just launch them out the door!
Use a golf club and more!
And then just yell out "FORE!" Nine hooooles!
09 January 2012 @ 05:19 pm
A Survey  
[Tom and Crow are on screen...although Crow is staying close to Cambot, and far away from both of their dark doubles. Right now, both are choosing to pester Tom.]

Tom: No! Shhh! Scat, you!

Crow: Hey guys! That Phineas kid brought up a good point...we need to conduct a scientific research-type thing about Timmy and all his friends! So, I'd like to conduct the following survey. Ah-hem...

[Crow then holds up a single sheet of paper. Is anything even written on it?]

Crow: Have any of you made a deal with the devil this week?
Have any of you accidentally opened any interdimensional portals this week?
Have any of you accidentally wished for a friend while inviting darkness and destruction into your hearts this week?
Have any of you done all of the above at once this week?

And that's it! We on the SOL appreciate your answers!

[In the background, both 'Timmy' and Tom's double are now bothering Tom Servo, with the dark Tom whispering things at him and the dark Crow occasionally giving him a shove.]

Tom: Crooooooow! Get your stupid smelly dark spectre out of my face!

Crow: Kinda busy here, Tommy boy! Just poke 'em in the eyes!
07 January 2012 @ 01:47 pm
Crow is currently hanging around Deck Two, a sandwich in one hand and a tattoo magazine in the other. Cambot watches him as an all-black and gray Crow slowly sneaks up behind him, and seems to whisper something.]

Haha, that's a cute one...

[At first, Crow is too engrossed in the magazine. Then, he notices the spectre, and glances over at it.]

Oh, hello! I'll be with you in a minute, just--

[And then he does a double take, and realizes what this thing actually is.]


[And with that, Crow drops the sandwich and runs off to his room as fast as his skinny little robot legs can carry him. Cambot follows him up until the he runs into his room and slams the door behind him. Crow's dark spectre follows him slowly, until ducking down just out of the camera's view...]
04 January 2012 @ 09:04 am
Forgot the Waters Of Forgetfulness  
[Tom comes onscreen, looking highly amused aaand maybe a bit sheepish.]

Hahaha...oh, hey, everyone! Pretty wild party last night, huh? You guys are hilarious!

Turns out, I realized this morning that I accidentally used some leftover Waters Of Forgetfulness I found to make the punch! So that, uh, probably has something to do with the heeh, memory loss. Oops! Tasty punch though, am I right?

Haha, well, live and learn!
28 November 2011 @ 09:40 pm
Kissing Booth  
[Tom is currently in a little Renaissance getup with a red hat, and what looks like a blacksmith's skirt...perhaps. He is sitting in a hastily-constructed booth decorated with flags and various colorful scarves. A sign posted on the front reads 'KISSING BOOTH - $10'.]

Come ye one, come ye all, to Sir Tom Sirveaux's Ye Olde Kissing Booth! Only ten skins per peck! Think yeself to not be a cold fish, scallywag? Well, come proveth it, plebian! Tom Sirveaux shall offer all ye kisses soft and strong! Eeeeespecially you lovely wenches! HUZZAH!
10 November 2011 @ 05:08 pm
Fire Drill!  
[Very suddenly at about 3:00 PM on Friday, an alarm starts blaring throughout the whole Satellite. Red warning lights at the doors begin flashing along with the very loud alarms.]

[Gypsy shows up on Cambot’s screen, wearing a fireman’s hat. She looks Serious Business...as Serious Business as a robot can look, anyway.]

Okay, everybody! This is a fire drill! Line up right here on the cockpit right away! Then we have to proceed in an orderly fashion! Let’s go, go, go!

[OOC: Your characters can show up here and tag in whatever order they wish as they follow Gypsy in an orderly fashion around...the cockpit. This may peter out quickly as characters fast discover that they aren’t actually going anywhere. If you want, you can even tag in a continuous chain behind Gypsy with just one tag per character, passing on your conversation down the line.]
03 November 2011 @ 08:20 pm
Whales in Spaaaaaace  
[Crow and Tom are both looking out the window in the cockpit area, where one of the giant space whales is currently slowly sailing by.]

Tom: So majestic! Sooooo graceful! And they're big, too.

Crow: I wonder where they came from?

Tom: Who cares? It's not often you get to see a real pod of space whales, no siree.

[Now the 'bots turn more towards Cambot.]

Crow: Can we go play outside, mommy? Huh huh huh huh huh? Can we can we can we?