05 February 2013 @ 12:15 pm
1st Void  

[Cambot flicks on to reveal a boy in a strangely organic looking black and red bodysuit. The boy unsettlingly looks very similar to Sora sans the black hair and gold eyes. But when he finally speaks, it's clear by his tone he's anything but Sora]

So, anyone on this crate smart enough to tell me where the hell am I and where's the exit? And don't give me that "There's no way out" crap. There has to be a way out.
10 December 2012 @ 01:30 am
1 Feather  
[Oh hey, a new face! A pale, spotted figure is sitting in the cafeteria looking up at the camera rather bewildered. He's obviously new and out of place - and are those cat ears, and two pairs of wings?!]

I...like to think I can handle a little weird. I've seen it all. I'll take being warped away to an unfamiliar place while I'm just sipping my tea. I'll even take strange floating balls staring at me. [At least he thinks they're staring - are those even eyes?]

...but why is there a dinosaur outside?
25 November 2012 @ 10:11 pm
[Kotetsu's found black clothes and a mask, looking more like a Dread Pirate than Captain Hook. He's also found a cutlass, which he's waving around experimentally.]

Is that how he...? No, it was more like... [He swishes again.]

Gah, these things are weird. [He sets it aside and wanders over to the cannons. He glances up, notices Cambot and grins.]

Anyone give these a shot yet? Heh...
12 November 2012 @ 03:41 pm
Fourteenth Breeze  
[By now Ven's learned not to be concerned when his regular clothes vanish - this is the SOL, after all. And at least the ones it's given him in replacement aren't that bad, apparently some sort of dark uniform with a white tie that's actually pretty comfortable and not horrifically embarrassing. Though he doesn't quite get why the SOL is literally forcing him to carry around a rabbit-shaped backpack when he really doesn't care about it. But every time he tries to leave it behind, it just shows up again, so he's given up on it for the time being and clipped his little badge to it. He's in the exhibition area, a rather familiar plush in his hands but looking at it with a more serious expression than the fake puppy probably warrants. Clearly he's got something else on his mind, and once he realizes Cambot's there he doesn't waste time in bringing it up.]

Hey, guys - Frank's puppy, his new one. It can travel through walls and stuff, right? Do you think it might be able to get up here and... I don't know, maybe make things even worse? They can change things around up here on their own already, but they don't come up here themselves so far. Do you think they'd send him instead?

...And was I just seeing things or did it steal a film reel from them?
28 October 2012 @ 10:14 pm
Someone is not sure what to think of this...  
[Cambot is on the nature deck and is focused on one of those hunting season signs. However, unlike all of the other ones, it is for a species not yet seen on the satellite. Roxas has noticed it.]

Panda Season?

[He looks at Cambot. Besides looking puzzled, his eye looks better. Obviously, it isn't bothering him at the moment and he's a bit more interested in this oddity. Cambot hasn't a clue, however, and does a little bob with a slight tilt that may be meant to be a shrug.]


[Roxas turns to go about his business, which is this case was just looking around. He hasn't really spent a lot of time on the nature deck yet, though he isn't sure why he's doing so now. In any case, in his poking around, he finds something. A cranky something that he seems to have startled. Huh, that's... well, that's a panda. That's a panda in an uber cute anime style. Pandas are bears. Herbivores, yes, but they still have the teeth and claws of a carnivore. This one is upset.]

...Oh hell...

[Roxas exits stage left with a rather annoyed panda hot on his heels. From off camera come sounds that would seem to indicate that Roxas is not having fun with the panda. Then the sound dies down. The panda enters from stage left with a scrap of cloth in its mouth that might very well be the seat of Roxas's pants, looking rather satisfied. A couple minutes later, Roxas leans into frame, looking miffed. He sounds pathetically embarrassed when he speaks up.]

Cambot, stop filming.

[The feed obligingly cuts off.]
11 October 2012 @ 01:20 pm
Chapter 1 - A New Face  
[ The camera is floating along, recording seemingly nothing. the hallway is empty. But then, it gently swings around the corner. Aha. There's a new face. Or, rather, a new back -- long dark hair tied at the bottom, legs in marigold, with little red ankle-high boots. Click, click, click, are her heels as she walks slolwy down the hall, until she comes to the end. She looks left, looks right, gloved fingers reaching up toward her lips in a thoguhtful pose. Then, she turns over her shoulder. Ah, now there's her face. Her gaze lifts to the floating little camera.]

It's a bit unnerving, with you following me like that you know. [yes, she's talking to the camera] I don't suppose you can tell me which way to go? [and the camera swings back and forth, as if shaking it's head 'no'. The girl frowns, and turns back to her dilema. Left.. or Right?]
10 September 2012 @ 06:07 pm
[See Hope. See Hope going through the motions of casting magic. Nothing seems to be happening though.

He looks at his hand, flexes his fingers, then looks at the brand on his arm. After considering something for a moment, draws a glowing, starburst shaped crystal from it, hold it in front of him and shouts:]


A sigil appears on the ground and something of a minor lightshow starts up as a large castle-man falls in from seemingly nowhere. He stands up and, um, did I say large? Scratch that, Alexander only reaches to about Hope's waist.

Hope is very visibly confused at this turn of events.]
30 August 2012 @ 03:00 pm
5th Bushel  
[Big Macintosh is in his room, suddenly clad in a fancy suit of armor. He looks uncertainly over himself in a mirror, fidgeting uncomfortably.]
25 August 2012 @ 07:54 pm
Eleventh Theft  
[It's Zidane again, standing in front of an open closet. However, unlike the last time Cambot caught him in front of his closet, there is no avalanche of THINGS spilling out to bury him.]

[Also, he looks... geniunely kind of pissed.]

All right, I've been in my room and about seven other rooms that no one's using right now, and apparently all our clothes are gone. Normally I wouldn't complain because it looks like this stuff comes from my world, but whoever made that armor is taking lessons from Rusty and I found this in my closet.

[He holds up a robe, long and hooded and mostly white but with red triangles decorating all the edges.]

I am not wearing my girlfriend's clothes!

[...Yeah, that's actually his girlfriend's robe. Have a not-thief now dealing with the annoyance of not being a thief at the moment as well as suffering a massive bout of homesickness.]
19 August 2012 @ 12:34 am
Sixth Hack  
[When Cambot turns on it's... well, on a very strange scene. It's the cafeteria all right, done up in the violently girly scheme of the week, but a few of the tables have been pushed together in the center of the room and used as a dumping ground for a very, very large pile of completely random assorted small objects. There's dice, there's hats, there's pens and pencils, at least one paintbrush, several keychains, multiple wallets, a couple of hats, a pair of goggles, sewing supplies, fabric scraps, restorative potions, at least two masks, some business cards, one very beat up and destroyed-looking pony-shaped doll, watches, some small American flags and flag pins, two wristbands, a few rings, some bracelets, wrapped field rations, a couple of small plushies, quills, a pair of sunglasses, bits of wire, a small screwdriver, an elaborate tiara with a purple gem centered on the front, a smaller black tiara, and at least seven socks, three bras, and six pairs of panties. For some reason there are no boxer shorts. For some reason..]

[And hanging off to the side is a young teenage boy with a resigned look on his face - hanging upside down by his ankles being tied to a pipe in the ceiling, that is. He's also been splashed all over with various colors of paint with glitter mixed throughout, though whoever did this to him was considerate enough to actually paint his face a rainbow riot and not splash that so he didn't choke. And if the paint and glitter weren't enough, there is a ridiculous assortment of every single kind of Lisa Frank sticker basically embedded in the paint all over him, except on his exposed skin. He's wearing pants and long sleeves under all the paint just for that purpose. He's been allowed to keep the mask on to preserve his "secret identity," but Robin's not too thrilled with the fact that he's got robotic company now, even though he knew he'd be found sooner or later.]

...You just had to show up now, didn't you.
01 August 2012 @ 02:02 pm
First Joke  
[Cambot shows a newcomer frowning suspiciously at him. It's pretty obvious he's new since he's in a mostly blue outfit at the moment that is definitely not camp gear. That and he's just new.

Without changing his expression, he taps on Cambot a few times.

How are you flying, anyway? You seem too metal-y to Earthbend.

[He tries hitting him a bit harder, only to recoil and grab his fist.]


[He looks away after shooting a glare for good measure, seeming to be taking in the deck for a few seconds.]

All right, I need to figure out where I am and what happened first.

[And he starts walking in what he's deemed to be a good direction. Cambot follows. A few seconds later his target pauses and glances over his shoulder. He starts walking faster. Cambot still follows. Suddenly he turns to fully face the robot.]

Did you need something?!
27 July 2012 @ 10:30 pm
Mads Call #10  
[Frank is still looking pretty crazy when he makes another call. He’s got another small box with switches on it...what invention does he have this time?]

Frank: So, you think you are smart enough to take down that dino? Think you’ve been eating your Smarty-Os this morning? Well, I’ve got news for you, Satellite of Loser! I’ve been eating two boxes of Smarty-Os every morning! Let’s see how you like my next little invention, shaaaall we?!

[Frank prepares to throw the switch again...when he’s interrupted by a knock on the door.]

Dr. F: [From outside of Deep 13] Fraaaank! Oh, Fraaa-aaaank! I’ve found something of yours out here!

[And then, there’s the sound of a puppy barking! All of Frank’s insanity and rage seems to suddenly melt away, and he starts to look like his normal doe-eyed self.]

Frank: ...Mr. ...Snuggles?

Dr. F: Yes, Snuggles, whatever! Just open the door so I can get in!

[A huge grin spreads across Frank’s face, and he tosses aside the device he built and runs to the door. It creaks open...and yes, there’s his puppy, barking up at him! He makes a squee noise and reaches down to scoop him up.]

Frank: OHHH MR. SNUGGLES! Yes yes, lookit yoooooou, widdle puppy of fwuff and wubb yeees you so cute! Oh you so cute! Who’s a cutie-bootie yes you are! Yeees you are!

[Phew! It looks like Frank has gone back to normal. Dr. F walks inside, dragging his suitcases and equipment while Frank coos over the puppy.]

Dr. F: Yes yes, whatever, Frank. Why don’t you go spend ten minutes with Mr. Snuggles, and then I’ll kill you.

Frank: Thanks, Steve!

[Frank toddles off with the puppy. Dr. F glares after him, then sidles up to the camera and whispers in a conspiratorial manner:]

Dr. F: FINALLY, I got Frank to open the door! Okaaay, so it’s not really his dog; it’s just a clone of it I made using my hyper-reality cloning probe. But I mean really, what’re the chances of that coming back to bite me?
19 July 2012 @ 04:06 pm
Fourth Hack  
[Cambot turns on to Robin on the theatrical deck, looking serious even for him. When he's sure the Cambot is recording, he starts... making elaborate gestures? His hands are flying everywhere and his fingers are twisting into weird shapes and making gestures around his face and shoulder area- Oh wait he's signing. Apparently Cambot's supposed to be translating this because when Rob realizes that there's no subtitles going on, he gives Cambot a deadpan look (even through the shades) and points downward, moving his hand back and forth while spelling "s-u-b-t-i-t-l-e-s" out in signs with his other hand. Cambot gets the hint and flashes a word on the screen.]


[Rob nods and goes back to signing, speaking as well but obviously there's no sound coming out. It's for an aid to lip-reading (and kind of his own sanity).]

We have to do something about that dinosaur before it attacks anyone else or destroys the ship. I have some ideas about how to stop it. Anyone who wants to talk come to this deck A-S-A-P. It's small enough to get off the Nature Deck so we need to make plans before it decides to try it out.

[And he'll be waiting when whoever wants to gets there.]
21 June 2012 @ 06:28 pm
Eighth Theft  
[Zidane has retreated down to the launch deck - one of the only places not affected by whatever curse this was - after spending too much time on the theatrical deck. He's currently perched in the pipework on the ceiling, probably not a surprise to anyone who knows him, but a very long trail of golden blond hair is falling almost all the way down to the floor from his perch. All in all it's over twice as long as he is tall.]

[And he just so happens to have a couple of knives.]

[...Which aren't working.]

Damnit! How did Dagger do this?

[He's used to having longer hair, but this is ridiculous. He's left the tie in to keep it all together, but his knife refuses to cut through a single strand, instead just sawing back and forth or slipping down the hair river all together. He's getting frustrated, to say the least.]

Anyone got a pair of magical scissors or something? Anything?
19 June 2012 @ 10:28 am
7 Stitches: The Art of the Dress  
[Cambot opens on a pretty peaceful scene - Rarity has taken over a second (empty) bedroom and is putting the finishing touches on converting it into a workroom. Looks like her bedroom wasn't big enough to contain the organized chaos of a fashion studio. She's humming happily as she works, not noticing Cambot recording or the opened door...or the fact that she's no longer alone in the room. The steadily increasing number of bunnies, squirrels, and songbirds in the room goes completely unnoticed as she organizes different sewing accoutrements into boxes. She gives a satisfied nod-]

There. That should do it.

[And turns around, only to catch sight of the gaggle of animals in her studio. Cue her nearly jumping out of her skin with a cry of surprise.]

What...how...goodness, I feel like Fluttershy. What would she do with all of you, I wonder? Hmm...Well, it is worth a try.

[She sings a few very familiar notes and is rather surprised when the gathered animals hum and tweet them back at her.]

Well! Perhaps you'd like to help me organize, then?

[Cambot watches her direct the animals in further organizational tasks - the animals are surprisingly efficient - before it cuts off the feed.]
03 June 2012 @ 12:35 am
Seventh Theft  
[Hey everyone, you know all that stuff that went missing?]

[It all just fell on Zidane. Out of his closet. And is currently burying him.]

[His Cambot was behind him as he went into his room, but a crash! brought it hurrying along right quick, only to find the monkeyboy literally covered in a pile of stuff from the open closet door like one of those cartoons. There's obviously lots of stuff from the theatre deck and even a couple of pieces of sports equipment from the recreation deck, but other things that can be see are a wooden Keyblade, a notebook, and.]

[Floating down to land on top of the pile.]

[A picture of a beautiful woman and a little girl who looks almost exactly like her.]

[...What do, SoL denizens. What do.]
30 May 2012 @ 05:22 pm
[Iron Liz. Fancy dress. Serious business.]

Listen up, guys.

You all heard what Gypsy said; there's a big iceburg out there and we're heading right for it. I dunno how much time we have, but I've got a plan.

I've heard something about trying to tip the satellite over, but that sounds too risky. But Gypsy says there are a dozen or so subpods down in the launch deck, and they're armed. It's not much, but I think if we can focus the fire from all of them on the burg, we can knock it out of our orbit.

So I need eleven other people up there with me. Who here can drive?
27 May 2012 @ 05:36 pm
Spaceberg Ahead!  
Everyone! I was doing routine checks of the ship's functions when I just found out we're all gonna die!

Cambot! Give me Rocket #9!

[Cambot obliges...and indeed, it looks like they are fast approaching a huge chunk of ice just kind of floating in space. Cambot brings it back inside.]

That space iceberg is gonna punch a big hole in the ship if we're not careful!
26 May 2012 @ 04:55 pm
[Before an image even appears on the screen, you can hear a young woman's irate voice.]

Honestly, how do these things even...oh, damn it all.

[The video flickers and shakes a bit as if someone has grabbed a hold of Cambot and is around two seconds away from throttling it. The young woman is stunningly beautiful and very pale with spiky dark hair and a set of big golden eyes. She also currently looks less than pleased about her current situation - seriously, anyone who comes across her will be throttled?]

If there is anyone out there who knows where I am, I would be much obliged if you helped a girl out.

[There's a sweet note in her voice that is belied by the thunderous look in her eyes.]

Very obliged.
15 May 2012 @ 02:08 pm



Cambot just caught Liz crashing through the door of her room, breaking the door down and staggering in the air a moment before catching Cambot's eye.]

Where the hell is he?