22 March 2013 @ 01:37 am
[Liz. Cambot. Office chair. She's not even paying attention to Cambot, waving her copy of Warhammer Fantasy around while in an animated argument with someone on the other like of what looks like Linkara's old phone. You know, the one he called the cops with from space long ago.]

What do you mean you can't accept this? Do you know how RARE these are? You could keep your business in the black for a year with the resale of this book! I have the pages scanned and copied twenty times over, it's not like I need it anymore! I'm making you the offer of a lifetime!


[She holds the phone away from her.] He hung up on me. Ungrateful bastard.

[She hangs up, pouts, and looks up at Cambot] Oh! Hi everybody, Iron Liz here. I was just thinking the other day...[Cambot seems to be expecting this part, and cues a sweet little theme to accompany Liz's speech.] We've been through a lot together, the bunch of us. We've been haunted, mind-screwed, fire drilled, ponified, and subjected to some of the worst of the worst books out there. But we've all made it this far because you guys are just awesome. Sure, we don't always get along, hell sometimes it's just hard to look each other in the eye...[There's a knowing look at that; she means last week, of course. But she quickly smiles again] But I've really been so glad to have known you guys, and riff and play games with you. For all its faults, my time on the Satellite of Love has been so much fun, and you guys are like a big family to me, even if a slightly dysfunctional one.

I don't think we're gonna be up here for much longer. Once Joel gets back, he'll have that twin-screw thing fixed, and we'll all be going home. But there's something I think we should all do before that happens, like a last sendoff to the Satellite of Love, only before that idea really gets depressing.

I want us to do one more big experiment.

All of us.

What do you say?
19 December 2012 @ 09:18 pm
[Liz. Office chair. Swiveling around in the chair staring at the ceiling looking bored as all hell.]

I swear, it feels like this week is never going to end.

[She looks up vaguely at Cambot.]

So...what do you guys think happened to Joel? It didn't look like he made it over that dimensional jump or whatever they called it, and even if he did he'd probably be worse off than we are about this whole Battlefield Dinosaurs thing.

And speaking of which...I kinda hope we don't stay here too much longer. I wouldn't put it past them to send someone up here, and I'd rather not spend another week avoiding traps. At least last time I had the benefit of being a cat.
06 November 2012 @ 10:43 pm
[Cambot's bopping around on the theater deck, looking around at some scattered props as if he were looking for something. There's rustling in the background, and the occasional jangle or thud of some items being tossed aside.]

Hey, Cambot! Check this out!

[The camera swings around to Liz, wearing a somewhat familiar costume, convention badge hanging around her neck, and crouched over a box overflowing with koosh balls and assorted foam shapes. Liz holds up a little dusty object that appears to be a red button, unmounted to anything, but clearly meant to be part of a machine. She clicks the button a few times, and each time it emits a short buzzing sound.]

This'll be perfect, wouldn't ya say? [Cambot bobs up and down enthusiastically. Liz grins.] This is gonna be so great!
02 October 2012 @ 01:26 am
[Cambot hovers around the hallway, coming around the corner a little nervously, drawing back in surprise when he finds Liz sitting in the hall looking...rather dazed. Cambot comes closer and...wait, is she sitting on 90s Kid?!

Yup. Yup, she is. 90s Kid is lying on the floor with an expression of bafflement, completely petrified much like Namine was, and Liz is slumped over on his stomach. She looks at Cambot, completely serious as she runs a hand through her hair.]

Listen up you guys, we've got some serious business. There's a basilisk running amok on the Satellite. I dunno how it got up here or where it's been hiding, but it's deadly. It's a huge snake, and its gaze can kill you.

As Mister Finevoice has demonstrated already. [She side-glances forlornly.]

Listen, just. Whatever you do, if you're in the halls, keep your eyes firmly focused on your own feet. Check around corners with a mirror, do whatever you can not to make direct eye contact. If you're careful and only see it indirectly, well...[she looks down at 90s Kid] It's better than the alternative.

Just. Be careful you guys. Please.
27 August 2012 @ 04:39 pm
[Liz is in her room, looking over herself in the mirror as she adjusts the suit of armor she's been fitted with. Cambot adds to the mood. Once everything's in place, Liz looks up at Cambot, testing the weight of her new sword.]

You know what? This is awesome.

Cambot's clearly raring to go, what do you say we go check out the rest of the ship? I hope there's slimes or something, I could use some practice again.
11 July 2012 @ 04:06 pm
[Liz-kitty found a good perch in a small tree on the nature deck, away from the traps. She knows everyone's still dealing with that whole thing, but there's something she needs to ask...she looks worried and maybe the slightest bit sad, unusually.]

Guys? Has anybody seen Linkara?
21 June 2012 @ 02:30 am
[It's Cambot on the media deck castle and WOAH what the hell happened here? The floor is covered in a long trail of what appears to be curly blonde hair. It's gotten to be quite a mess of tangles and even some things getting snared in it.]

I'm over here, Cambot.

[And Cambot pans over; apparently that massive train belongs to Liz, looking quite irritated as she's fussing with trying to keep her hair out of her face.]

Guys, I [pfft] seem to be having a bit of a problem here...

[Cambot won't argue that. Her hair, it's everywhere!]

Yeah yeah, very funny. Look, could I get some help down in the media deck so I can get this stuff under control?

Oh, and don't stay too long on the theater deck; I think that's what caused this; I was there all day with Zidane.
30 May 2012 @ 05:22 pm
[Iron Liz. Fancy dress. Serious business.]

Listen up, guys.

You all heard what Gypsy said; there's a big iceburg out there and we're heading right for it. I dunno how much time we have, but I've got a plan.

I've heard something about trying to tip the satellite over, but that sounds too risky. But Gypsy says there are a dozen or so subpods down in the launch deck, and they're armed. It's not much, but I think if we can focus the fire from all of them on the burg, we can knock it out of our orbit.

So I need eleven other people up there with me. Who here can drive?
25 May 2012 @ 11:08 pm
[Iron Liz, office chair, fancy dress--wait what?]

Hey guys, I'm gonna have to postpone Warhammer night 'cause I can't find my gamemaster's notebook. I know exactly where I put it, too...I think we have some troublemakers again. Not pointing fingers or anything, I'm just saying this is becoming a pattern. Next thing you know the Mads are gonna set us up with a mandatory seminar about respecting personal property.

And speaking of? I'm not liking the pattern I'm seeing on the Sattelite this week. Keep an eye out the window.
15 May 2012 @ 02:08 pm



Cambot just caught Liz crashing through the door of her room, breaking the door down and staggering in the air a moment before catching Cambot's eye.]

Where the hell is he?
07 May 2012 @ 02:50 pm
[A big metal bird that most of you probably recognize now as Liz is flying through one of the housing decks, some time after Harvey and Roxas's conversation earlier, though there's nobody else in the hall now. She seems to be looking for something, and Cambot is following at a fairly long distance from her.

She stands on the floor around a corner, head tilted like she's listening. Faintly there is a strange screeching sound in the distance. Liz takes to the air again, flying after it. Cambot follows, and as it turns the corner with her there is a faint figure at the end of the hall, something blocky and out of focus. It's gone quickly, and as the duo tries to give chase suddenly Cambot reels, the feed going to static.

By the time it flickers back on, Liz is on the floor, looking like she's about to be sick.]
26 April 2012 @ 03:10 am
[Well, Liz seems to be less stoic now. But still annoyed.]

Hey guys. Just a quick note; I think we're gonna have to cancel Warhammer tonight, since I can't exactly pick up my dice. Or my book. Or anything.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna see if I can find a way to get my ghostly ass down to Deep 13 and wait for my corporeal form to come back so I can punch Mr. Shyamalan in the face.
01 April 2012 @ 09:15 pm
XIV (assuming it's posted later in the day after a few pranks have already been pulled)  
[Liz just managed to catch this Cambot's attention in the hallway. She looks...a strange combination of amused and wary. That's always a good sign, right?]

Hey guys, just warning you now...if you didn't know, today's April Fools' Day, it's supposed to be about pulling tricks on your friends and stuff. And...knowing Pinkie Pie at least, I think there's already a bit of--

[90s Kid's voice suddenly comes from off camera] Think fast, Dudette!

Oh fu--

[She doesn't react in time to avoid a hasily-tied cloth bag hitting her square in the face. There's a puff of dust and Liz is covered in powder. She blinks once before realizing what she just got hit with...when she sneezes. And sneezes again. And again. She kind of can't stop sneezing for a while as 90s Kid laughs off-camera.]

Why you little--[she sneezes again and scrabbles off-camera after him] Come back here!
19 February 2012 @ 12:42 am
[There is a lot of static and wonky reception when Cambot first comes on.]

Th--I thin--at---id it.

[The camera finally focuses, catching the edge of a nearby bookshelf; Cambot is sitting in Liz's lap.]

Thank you so much, Gypsy. Are you okay Cambot?

[Cambot starts to hover. He's a little wobbly at first, but he steadies out quickly and turns to look at Liz, visibly relieved and now, well, human again.]

There we go. Hey, I'm really sorry about that. [Slowly, Cambot bobs up and down in an acknowledging nod. Liz smiles and turns to look directly at the camera.]

I owe you guys an apology too. I just...I dunno, Discord just really got under my skin. I really didn't mean anything I said while he was here and...I'm sorry I said them.
12 February 2012 @ 12:29 am
[Say hello to Liz's tail, everyone. Cambot is following behind her as she's walking down the hallway, seemingly in a huff. Something seems off about her...not just the bad mood radiating off of her, but it's almost like her pony self was drawn with a duller color pallet. Cambot picks up some speed, now hovering right by her side. After a second she notices him, turning and snorting agitatedly.]

Get out of my face.

[Cambot falls back, as if by surprise. Normally this would be the point where he leaves, but he continues to follow from behind again. She's in such a bad mood, he's worried! Would some music make her feel better?]

I said beat it!

[And WHAM, that's a hind hoof right in the lens, and static.]
17 January 2012 @ 04:03 pm
[ANOTHER shade fight? This time Cambot's watching from a safe distance as Iron Liz and her shadow swordfight on the weapons deck. It looks like the fight isn't going as well though; Liz is still sporting the injuries she sustained dealing with Minako's shade, but it looks like this one roughed her up quite a bit too. And damn if that's not a scary-looking sword it's using, either.

As it stands, Liz is pinned against the wall, barely holding off the shade's sword with her own. The shade is looming over her, way too close to her face, whispering. Whatever it's saying is clearly affecting Liz as her face darkens, until finally she can't take it anymore, snarling through her teeth.]

Shut. Up.

[With that she harshly boots the shade in the knee, to which there is a sickening crack as it falls forward. This gives Liz the chance to drive both swords down on her shade, who poofs into dust, the Frostmourne replica falling to the floor.

Slowly Liz eases back against the wall, dropping her weapons and catching her breath, and Cambot dares to get closer. She looks worse for the wear and seems to even be visibly shaking, and she doesn't even acknowledge Cambot, running her hands through her hair.]
12 January 2012 @ 09:07 pm
[Anyone who's seen Liz around this week will notice she's in the highest spirits she's been in for a while. She smirks at Cambot as she begins.]

Black Metal Shirt reporting in: Mission accomplished.

Nothing like a good night of bad literature and innuendo to get your mind off of creepy doppelgangers for a night, am I right? Of course, I couldn't have done it without my partners in crime. Giant Brown Pants, ...MakubeX, you guys were great. [A salute to them!]

[She then scoots forward in her chair slightly, motioning for Cambot to come closer.] Hey Frank, pass this message on to Clay next time you see him, kay?

"Finally had the balls to sign me up, did ya? Even you have to admit I did good out there. Honestly, Eye of Argon is a piece of cake. If you really wanna break me, you'll have to try a lot harder than that. [She bursts into evil laughter, Cambot supplying a thunder and lightning effect.]

[Then she abruptly cuts off the laugh and holds up an impressively intact copy of the Warhammer Fantasy RPG.] Oh, and thank you for the book! I'll be sure to slip it into my next game night."
04 January 2012 @ 01:42 am
[It's the day after the party on the Servo deck. There is a pile if broken Tom Servo heads strewn on the floor, and suddenly there is movement in the clutter. A gloved hand reaches out past the mess, and with a groan, Iron Liz pushes herself up, scattering a few heads as she does so, and rubs her eyes. As she drags herself out of the rubble it's apparent that she is dressed in a sailor fuku, and she clearly has no idea how she got down here as she looks around. She also notices a small dragon head in her lap, which she makes a face it and tosses aside; it's clearly the least of her problems right now.

There's a sound of snoring nearby, and there's Minako about a foot away in jeans and what is obviously Liz's tshirt, sprawled out unconscious among the broken parts. Just as baffled as ever, groggy and getting a headache, Liz scoots closer and pokes Minako in the side to try to wake her up.]
09 December 2011 @ 10:55 pm
[Iron Liz, office chair, bookshelf...yup, still hasn't taken off the armor.

Cambot cues the music as she speaks enthusiastically.]

Hail and well met, Satellite denizens! Iron Liz here with some great news!

I'm pretty sure everyone who's been here a while remembers that disastrous Dungeons and Dragons campaign with Tom Servo quite 'fondly'. Well, I feel pretty bad that everybody who was interested had a bad first taste of D&D, so today I'm finally here to make it up to you with this!

[She holds up a thick binder completely packed with paper, half of it starting to fall out. There are cluttered notes scribbled pretty much everywhere.]

"Dungeons and Dragons: Liz and Mina Edition!"

That's right, Minako and I went through a copy of fourth edition that we found in the media library and completely revised it from the ground up. We put all the classes from previous editions back in, and even created a few of our own! [She flips through the notes on character creation. You might notice the words "Sailor Senshi" written at the top of one of the pages, among other things.] The mechanics have been tightened, and best of all, this time I will be taking the throne as your dungeonmaster.

We've been working on this for months, and now that it's finally ready, we may as well take advantage of the setting to playtest it! So if you guys want to give D&D a second chance, or if you newcomers want to try it for the first time, come down to the cafeteria tonight and join us!
18 November 2011 @ 11:05 pm
[Liz looks pretty cozy, nestled into a corner with a few big cushy pillows and some blankets, dressed up in a robe and vorpalbunny slippers again. She also looks a bit tired, but who's gonna notice that as she holds up a big box with a smile?]

Hey guys, look what I found!

There's a whole bunch of starter decks and booster packs down in the theater deck. Hell, some of them aren't even opened yet!

I haven't played in a while now. Anybody interested in learning how to play?