16 September 2012 @ 01:57 am
21st Dawn  
[Cambot has been searching around the SOL over the last day and a half for Riku, broadcasting on and off, possibly unintentionally. It seems lonely, not too uncommonly videoing the floor. Slowly it wanders into the cafeteria deck idly. It's late evening, and fairly dark. Cambot starts to turn when there's a little "pop" from inside the fridge. The bot enters, a little curious, until the door flies open, leaving light and cold to tumble out... Along with something else.]

[The short-haired figure groans and sits up, half-covered in what looks like someone's leftover Chinese food. Riku looks around, trying to figure out where he was.] Cambot? [Abruptly he checked his clothing, pulling the shoulder of his vest to get a look at the cloth on the back.] So it wasn't a dream... [And then he notes the food all over him and looks back over his shoulder. He reappeared in a familiar area.]

Again? ...Are you kidding me?!

[Cambot bounces up and down in joy!]
09 September 2012 @ 02:36 pm
Seventeenth Key  
[Cambot is doing his usual patrols of the halls when he spots a figure lying on the ground of the third deck. Hey, Cambot would know that spiky hair anywhere...it's Sora! Cambot seems pretty excited that his usual subject has come back, and flies up to gently give him a prod. Sora groans and slowly gets to his knees, shaking out his head.]

Wh... [He notices the little camera lens staring at him. That's got to be an unflattering view.] ...Cambot?

[And then he shoots back up quickly, surprised.]

Wha...seriously? I'm back here again?!

[Sora looks around the Satellite, scratching at the back of his head. It looks like he's thinking over a lot of things.]

This...isn't a dream again, is it? I thought I was going back to Traverse Town... Riku? Are you here? What about everyone else?
04 September 2012 @ 08:40 pm
[Cambot is...showing the ceiling again, though this looks like the ceiling of the rec deck. Yeah, now it's just trolling Doof.]

Oh, that's- that's just great. You're not even trying anymore, are you.

[The feed pans from side to side. That's a headshake from Cambot.]

Do you really want me to modify you. Do you really. Because I can think of lots of fun Inators to make. The RealityTVinator, for instance! You'd follow people around and document their day-to-day living! That way, you might actually work!

[Fiiiiiiiiine. Cambot lazily turns around to focus on Doof, who is indeed on the rec deck, and the rather large machine next to him. He didn't even bother covering it with a white cloth this time. Huh.]

Now, I've seen everything going on this week, and it all looked really familiar. Too familiar. You see, when I was a little boy growing up in Gimmelshtump, I wasn't very popular - in fact, I was so unpopular, you could say I was antipopular. Popularity just vanished when it got too close to me. It meant the cool kids didn't go near me, so they couldn't beat me up. No, I got picked on by nerds. Nerds! With their multi-sided dice and their trading cards and their video games! I mean, the kids who got beaten up by everyone else were the ones who beat me up. How sad is that?

Anyway, blah blah blah lifelong hatred of all things nerdy - except for science, of course - blah blah blah this week reminds me an awful lot like video games, blah blah blah beating the nerds at their own game. So I built the FinalBossinator! All I have to do is aim the laser at myself, push this big red button here, and-

[There's a flash of red light, and when it clears...well, that's a highly effective Inator. Doof now stands about fifteen feet tall and now sports dragon legs, lion arms that end in clawed hands, bat wings, a lizard tail, and...his own head and voice.]

What? Why does it look like a zoo sneezed on me? ...oh well. Time to go beat the nerds and RULE THE SATELLITE OF LOVE!

[Welcome to your final boss! Feel free to form parties and start combat in the comments below; just keep in mind that Doof may have a few tricks up his (now nonexistent) sleeve...]
27 August 2012 @ 08:54 pm
3rd Day of Summer  
[Cambot is ever so helpful, isn't he? Right now he's found his way into a room with... someone. It's a little hard to tell who, since there's a blue robe and a hat and it doesn't actually show much of anything. However, the hat doesn't fit quite right, and eventually the wearer pulls it off. Hey, it's a Phineas!]

Oh, hi Cambot! I don't think this hat was made for someone with a head shaped like mine. [Since, you know, it's a triangle.] Still, it's pretty cool that everybody's dressing up like this. And look at this!

[He picks up a staff, and promptly shoots lightning from it.] Isn't that cool? Just need to be kind of careful where I aim...

19 August 2012 @ 11:29 pm
18th Dawn  
[Hey, what's this? There's some guy with his head against the food synthesizer this morning. Someone we haven't seen for a while, and in the morning of all times. His pants are the brightest purple ever, and to make things worse, one of the back pockets has a little rainbow heart on it. His sleeveless shirt is made up of orange and purple tiger stripes, and there's an old school, brightly colored slap bracelet on his left wrist. His hair is an utter mop right now, barely-combed.]

...I just want some bacon and eggs. That's ALL I want from you. [There's a bunch of candy and cake in the trashcan nearby...]

[He pushes the button again. Instead out comes a stack of pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream. He bangs his head against the food synthesizer once and grumbles.]

...At least it's breakfast food. [He settles for it and shuffles half-awake over to a table to eat. It's about then he realizes he's being watched.] Hey, Cam. Hey guys. I'm still here. I was sick for a while. Instead of spreading a disease around a small satellite, I figured you'd all appreciate it if I went ahead and quarantined myself. [An unethusiastic thumbs up.] You're welcome.

Actually. Namine? [He parts his bangs so its possible to see his eyes.] ...Thanks for the soup. [He smiles.] It helped.

By the way, has this week affected anyone else's sleep? [HE suddenly looks VERY sleepy.] I keep dreaming about animals that look like a rainbow sneezed on them. [Going...] And places I've never been before. [His head's drooping, and he seems to realize this because he props himself up with an arm. Going...] And like now I can't stay...

[Gone. Riku falls face-first into his pancakes, out cold. He'll be quite the sight when he finally lifts his head again. At least the pancakes are nice and soft and warm.]
19 August 2012 @ 12:34 am
Sixth Hack  
[When Cambot turns on it's... well, on a very strange scene. It's the cafeteria all right, done up in the violently girly scheme of the week, but a few of the tables have been pushed together in the center of the room and used as a dumping ground for a very, very large pile of completely random assorted small objects. There's dice, there's hats, there's pens and pencils, at least one paintbrush, several keychains, multiple wallets, a couple of hats, a pair of goggles, sewing supplies, fabric scraps, restorative potions, at least two masks, some business cards, one very beat up and destroyed-looking pony-shaped doll, watches, some small American flags and flag pins, two wristbands, a few rings, some bracelets, wrapped field rations, a couple of small plushies, quills, a pair of sunglasses, bits of wire, a small screwdriver, an elaborate tiara with a purple gem centered on the front, a smaller black tiara, and at least seven socks, three bras, and six pairs of panties. For some reason there are no boxer shorts. For some reason..]

[And hanging off to the side is a young teenage boy with a resigned look on his face - hanging upside down by his ankles being tied to a pipe in the ceiling, that is. He's also been splashed all over with various colors of paint with glitter mixed throughout, though whoever did this to him was considerate enough to actually paint his face a rainbow riot and not splash that so he didn't choke. And if the paint and glitter weren't enough, there is a ridiculous assortment of every single kind of Lisa Frank sticker basically embedded in the paint all over him, except on his exposed skin. He's wearing pants and long sleeves under all the paint just for that purpose. He's been allowed to keep the mask on to preserve his "secret identity," but Robin's not too thrilled with the fact that he's got robotic company now, even though he knew he'd be found sooner or later.]

...You just had to show up now, didn't you.
29 July 2012 @ 10:18 am
Fifteenth Key  
[Cambot's been keeping a faithful eye on Sora since he and Xion got back in the time machine. Sora hasn't moved at all since then...until now. He finally stirs and then sits up, looking groggy and disoriented.]

Uuugh...what's happened...

[Then he also notices the platypus on his bed, and reaches over to pet him.]

Oh...hey there, Perry.
26 July 2012 @ 10:39 pm
Mission 16  
[Not long after this, Cambot comes across Xion in Sora's room. At least, one would think it's Xion, but her hair looks a little too brown--no, wait, it's black as usual, must have been a trick of the light.

It looks like she's checking up on Sora, who looks like he's asleep. Pretty deeply asleep, too; he doesn't seem to be aware of Xion checking his pulse. She looks up when she's done, and she's pretty obviously concerned and tired. When her mouth moves as if she's speaking, Cambot helpfully provides subtitles.]

I can't get him to wake up.
17 July 2012 @ 09:30 pm
Fourteenth Link  
[The feed opens up to show a Namine who’s back to being human. It looks like she’s on the cafeteria deck and has she...yes she has apparently covered one of its walls with what looks like the biggest piece of canvas ever. One of the nearby tables is piled with paper and crayons, colored pencils, pastels, regular pencils--anything that could be used to draw. A clay gargoyle statue sits off to the side, as if guarding it all.]

She starts to speak, though no sound comes out, and Cambot displays closed-captioning style subtitles.]

So, I’ve been putting up some pictures on the theatre deck and in my room, but I thought it would be nice to have something where everyone would see it. There’s this big wall in the cafeteria, which might be good for putting up a lot of little pictures or one big one...

[She fidgets a little, as if feeling awkward about how her suggestion will be received.]

I thought...If everyone wanted, I could paint a big picture showing all the worlds we’re from. With all of us there, and...maybe some of the people we’re missing.

We can’t talk, so describing things might be difficult, but if we can make some sketches to give me an idea, I’m sure I can manage it.

[She moves over to the gargoyle and puts a hand on it.]

Oh, and Princess Luna? I finished it.
11 July 2012 @ 04:06 pm
[Liz-kitty found a good perch in a small tree on the nature deck, away from the traps. She knows everyone's still dealing with that whole thing, but there's something she needs to ask...she looks worried and maybe the slightest bit sad, unusually.]

Guys? Has anybody seen Linkara?
02 July 2012 @ 02:00 am
Fifth Report  
[A young woman with dusky skin stands at the shelves in the media deck, wearing a lavender vest with a white shirt under it and a dark pleated skirt - a young woman who's never been seen on the Satellite before. Still, her colorfully-streaked hair and the fact that she's got her nose buried in a book or alternately studying her hand in minute detail probably gives a couple of very good clues about her identity.]

The human hand is so fascinating! So complex, so involved, such a miracle of biological construction! The thumb is the key to your evolution, of course - I'd read it before, but now I see exactly why that is! We get by in Ponyville, of course, we can hold things and move them, but the finely delicate work you humans are capable of is simply amazing. I never realized just how much of an impact it had until now!

[Yep, it's Twilight. As form changes go? She's all right with this one. And even though ponies don't wear clothes normally, she's learned here it's bad for humans to go around without them, so she found some pretty quickly. She looks up with a smile, closing her book but not putting it away, simply cradling it in her arms.]

I suppose not having hands is creating some problems for some of you. Does anyone need any help?
01 July 2012 @ 12:58 am
[A big tiger sits in front of the food processor, tail swishing in annoyance. That hat probably looks familiar, as does that dark patch of fur on his chin. ...really, what else did you expect Kotetsu to turn in to?]

Y'know, this isn't funny. [He paws at a can of tuna.]

So, who here still has thumbs?
30 June 2012 @ 10:28 pm
Someone thinks the universe is messing with him...  
[There is an irate fennec fox pacing around the hallway outside of a room on one of the housing decks. The poor little thing is adorably annoyed. After a moment, he sighs and makes an attempt to open the door. He'd gotten lucky with the Pokemon thing and his door had been open when the transformation had occurred. No such luck this time, though.

He'll probably get it open eventually, once he works out the finer points of opening a door without the use of thumbs. Meanwhile, he's grumbling under his breath and some of his language may make someone wish to was his mouth out with soap.
30 June 2012 @ 08:20 pm
[Sam comes onscreen...at least, it looks like it could be Sam. Instead of a blue eagle, it’s an old white guy in a blue suit. He’s still got that same unibrow and Very Serious Expression, though.]

Everyone! It has come to my attention that I must give you a very, very. Important warning. Whatever you do, do not eat the apple pies! They are not. Safe.

[And then, for the first time ever, he looks down and seems to notice he’s not actually an eagle anymore.]

What. Is this.
12 June 2012 @ 11:50 pm
[Cambot is showing...the ceiling. Yep. It's a nice view of the ceiling.]

You know, I don't even think you're trying anymore. I mean, my Inator is really big this time. It's kind of hard to miss it. You have to be doing this on purpose. Maybe I should make a QuitMissingYourCuesinator and stick it on you somewhere-

[Cambot turns in a hurry to reveal - what else? - Doof with a large object covered with a white sheet behind him. Must be Tuesday.]

There! See, if you'd just do that from the beginning, I wouldn't have to build extra Inators and it works out for everyone.

Now, I know I haven't said anything in a while, and- and there's a reason for that! I'm getting to that. It mostly has to do with really weird dreams, and being a squirrel-raccoon thing that didn't really have opposable thumbs - which actually wasn't part of the dream! Weird, huh? Anyway, it really cut into my inventing time, so I haven't actually managed to make anything recently - and I'm sure some of you like that. [WE'RE NOT BITTER OR ANYTHING, NOPE]

But then all this Western stuff showed up, and while it didn't exactly give me an idea, it did remind me of a certain clause in my L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N. contract. [He pulls a piece of paper out of...somewhere...and holds it up.] Page 493, subsection...whatever. [And there the paper goes, tossed over his shoulder.] Anyway, the point is that whenever an evil scientist - that's me - finds himself in a Wild West sort of place - that's here - there's a certain style we have to follow. It's a contractual obligation sort of thing. Now, it's not exactly to scale, since this is kind of an enclosed space and all, but I still expect you to cower in fear, okay? Okay.


[He grabs the edge of the cloth and yanks it off the Inator - for once, Cambot is on task and records the whole thing, though it does have to zoom out to get some of this. The sheet is whisked off to reveal a giant mechanical spider with a seat and control panel where the thorax would be. The spider's only about four feet tall and looks like it would barely be able to fit in the halls - it's as giant as it can be while still fitting in the Satellite. Doof makes a grand, sweeping gesture, obviously proud of his handiwork.]

The Arachninator! See, it's a giant spider, and the idea is that I ride around in it and take over everything! Like this. [He climbs in the seat and starts it up.] BEWARE, SATELLITE OF LOVE, for Heinz Doofenshmirtz is coming to RULE YOU ALL!

[And with that, the giant spider with him perched in the seat skitters out the door and down the hall. Surprising how something that big can move that quickly.]

[[If you don't get the contractual obligation, go google Wild Wild West. Aside from that, there is a giant mechanical spider and evil scientist heading down the halls. Feel free to try to waylay him. Have fun with that.]]
12 June 2012 @ 06:56 pm
1st Day of Summer  
[hello spaceship! Have this kind with a triangle for a head.]

Hi! Um, I’m still not a hundred percent sure what’s going on here, but that’s ok, it shouldn’t be that hard to figure out. At least this spaceship is pretty cool! Though, if we’re talking purely asthetics, I like Meep’s better. Even if it wasn’t nearly this huge. Still, spaceships in general are pretty cool.

By the way, does anyone know if Ferb is here? He’s my brother. He’s, uh, got green hair and doesn’t really talk much. Or Perry! He’s got green hair too, but he’s a playtpus. So I guess it’s more fur than hair. Thanks!
20 May 2012 @ 10:59 pm
First Hack  
[The unattached cambot's floating down the hall near the theatre, but there's nothing in sight. It rotates back and forth, searching for whatever noise it heard that brought it down to this area of the ship - there was something, right?]

[After half a minute of absolutely nothing happening, it bobs a little, almost in irritation, then turns around to go back the way it came.]

[It didn't seem to think to look up...]

((ooc: Robin's hiding in (not on) the ceiling. Someone walks by, he might ambush them to see if this some sort of plan to kidnap/brainwash/memory loss/fill in the blank here, but he also might not. Apologies in advance for any bad first impressions he makes but he's got reason to be suspicious XD))
19 May 2012 @ 10:51 pm
Ninth Breeze  
Wait... we're back to - YES!

[Considering he'd gone to sleep with leaves for ears and woken up with hands, Ven could probably be forgiven for celebrating being back in his own body. Sure he could handle being in others, but this was his, and he started to climb out of bed-]


[-only to fall over the edge of the bed. He only saved himself from going splat on the ground by grabbing onto the blankets and clinging like crazy. It works, but he's danging above the ground, three inches tall and in his PJs (which, fortunately, are covering enough to function as street clothes), and he's only got one thought on his mind.]

Not again!
24 April 2012 @ 10:02 pm
Someone is, er, WAS bored...  
[See Roxas. See Roxas walking down the hall and right past the elevator.

His Cambot stops by the elevator and looks at it for a moment. When it looks back to Roxas, he's standing with his arms folded across his chest and has tapping his foot as well.

Seriously? You already know why I'm not taking the elevator. It's bad enough the elevators are randomly getting stuck, I don't need for it to be stuck when that gho---

[It is at that moment that there is an ear splitting shriek that will only be audible to those seeing and hearing the ghosts. Roxas first winces at the sound and then freezes, eyes going wide for a second, before he turns and RUNS as fast as possible. Cambot doesn't follow at first, allowing for the source of Roxas's distress to enter its field of vision. It's the ghost of a teenage who looks like she might have drowned when a car went off a bridge or something similarly cruel, but she doesn't seem to be particularly bothered by the how and why of her demise as she pursues Roxas with the determination of a pop star groupie.]


[Clearly, this ghost has mistaken him for someone else. It's also rather obvious he's not going to be able to convince that he's not this Jesse guy. Both Roxas and the ghost disappear around the corner and Cambot hesitates a moment before following. The feed ends here.]
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26 March 2012 @ 08:26 pm
[There’s a silver haired boy who seems very… apprehensive about this whole ordeal. The boy also oddly sounds like Phineas. Huh, weird.]

Light? Snow? Fang? Are you here? This doesn’t look like Raines’s ship, or any airship for that matter, it’s far too large.

What is this place?