06 April 2013 @ 10:22 pm
Mission 26  
[Looks like Xion's taking look at the Twin-screw universal controller now. A kitten sits on her shoulder, but considering the latest event, it's probably best not to ask how she obtained it.

The kitten mews plaintively, and Xion offers it soothing scritches.]

It'll be okay.

[While this most recent development isn't as bad as some others, letting it just continue probably isn't a good idea. Xion coughs slightly before reaching out to pull the lever.]
13 March 2013 @ 11:21 am
Mission 25  
[Now that everyone's back to normal, Cambot is so happy! It doesn't seem his person shares this sentiment, though. Xion is currently curled up in her window holding what looks like a note in her hand, looking pretty miserable. When she sees Cambot she sighs.]

Not now, Cambot.

[When it's pretty obvious he's not going away, there's another sigh, and her voice is a little shaky.]

If anyone else was looking for MakubeX...I think he's gone home.
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18 January 2013 @ 11:12 pm
Mission 24  
[Xion looks a little disgruntled today. That could be because her dress is not something she would have chosen for herself. Cambot thinks it's nice, but if she doesn't like it, why did she ask him to record?

The answer becomes clear fairly quickly when she starts to speak.]

Has anyone else had trouble going beyond the cafeteria? I wanted to go to the media deck, since I can't train in any of the clothes this week, but I can't get there. None of the elevator buttons but the ones for the first four decks would work.
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09 January 2013 @ 10:14 am
Mission 23  
[Cambot is hanging out on the media deck, wandering a wander and playing the Jeopardy theme while his person reads something. Apparently he's bored.

Xion looks up, sighing.]

Cambot, you've been playing that for--Oh, you're recording.

[Not looking too happy about the surprise, she holds up the book she was reading. It looks like a kid's book, with very large picture of a dinosaur on the cover.]

I thought it might be a good idea to find some information about dinosaurs since that's part of what we're dealing with here, but I can't find more than basic information. Does anybody else know much about them?
24 December 2012 @ 09:58 pm
Mission 22  
[Cambots feed opens up to show a smiling Xion. Really, she's being so good about being filmed lately he's wondering if something's up he should be watching out for.]

Since it's Christmas tomorrow, I was looking around the media deck to see if I could find anything interesting about it. There wasn't a lot that was good, but I found this video. Cambot?

[Cambot obligingly plays the video.]

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27 November 2012 @ 09:09 am
Mission 21  
[It looks like Xion's dressed as up for this week, too. Those who know Pirates of the Caribbean may think her outfit is a lot like Ana Maria's--maybe that's why Cambot's chosen this particular intro music. Xion looks a little confused at the choice, but is smiling nonetheless.]

Um, I was looking around the media deck and I found this. It looks like part of something longer, but I couldn't find the whole thing. I thought I'd share this, though. Cambot?

[Cambot obliges by going right to the video.]

09 September 2012 @ 03:10 pm
Mission 19  
[Cambot's feed opens to show a Xion who is smiling, and not quite as reluctant to be filmed as at other times. Looks like she's on the weapons deck, she must have gone there for some training.]

So has anybody else found out if they can do things they could do at home but not here? Because while I was trying to train...

[She holds out her hand and a keyblade appears in it.]

I got my Keyblade back!

[The camera angle changes as Cambot moves to be out of range of a few practice swings. Looks like she's eager to practice with it a little. In honor of that, Eye of the Tiger can be heard in the background.

Hey, Cambot knows a chance for a good training montage when he sees it.]
26 August 2012 @ 07:36 pm
Mission 18  
--recording now.

[Looks like Cambot started filming in the middle of a sentence. Xion sighs. She knows Cambot likes showing off any new outfits, but she hadn't expected him to be that quick.

Speaking of new outfits, Cambot pans back to show off all of Xion's new clothes. She waits while he does so, then starts talking once he's done.]

I guess we've all found new clothes and things by now? I think it has something to do with the story for the week, but the weapons are better than what's usually on the weapons deck.

[She gestures toward the sword leaning up against her desk. It looks sharper and shinier than her usual one, and the hilt decorations are more elaborate.]
19 August 2012 @ 09:01 pm
Mission 17  
[Cambot comes across Xion sitting at her desk. It looks like she has cat ears and a tail this week, too--all the same shade of black as her hair. The coat she's draped over the back of her chair has sparkly rainbows all over it, as do her black jeans, while her shirt has silver stars, also sparkly.

She appears not to have noticed Cambot, though, so he takes this opportunity to try to peek over her shoulder at what she's working on. It looks like she's decorating a notebook. Several partially used sheets of stickers lie next to her: rainbows, stars, hearts, various animals. The used stickers all occupy various positions on the notebook's cover, except for the one in her hand that she seems to be trying to find a place for.

As soon as she notices Cambot, her expression turns from one of focused concentration to surprise. She quickly sweeps the supplies into the only one of her desk drawers that locks.]

Cambot! I thought I asked you to let me know when you start recording.

Though, now that you're here...Has anyone seen Harry? I haven't for about a week or two.
26 July 2012 @ 10:39 pm
Mission 16  
[Not long after this, Cambot comes across Xion in Sora's room. At least, one would think it's Xion, but her hair looks a little too brown--no, wait, it's black as usual, must have been a trick of the light.

It looks like she's checking up on Sora, who looks like he's asleep. Pretty deeply asleep, too; he doesn't seem to be aware of Xion checking his pulse. She looks up when she's done, and she's pretty obviously concerned and tired. When her mouth moves as if she's speaking, Cambot helpfully provides subtitles.]

I can't get him to wake up.
02 July 2012 @ 10:26 pm
Mission 14  
[Cambot's getting all kinds of great cat videos today.

This one shows a small-ish black cat playing with a ball of bright green yarn. It bats the ball here and there, pouncing and tugging at loose strands until eventually it becomes tangled in the yarn.

It tries for a few moments to pull itself free, then looks up at Cambot.]


[A hand moves into view, freeing the kitty.]

Thank you.

[The cat proceeds to start playing with the yarn again.]
15 June 2012 @ 07:52 pm
Mission Twelve  
[Xion's Cambot has been having fun catching all the wardrobe changes lately, and apparently they aren't finished, because he catches Xion walking down the hall in another new outfit, carrying her normal clothes.

Here, see, it's pretty.

Though, uh-oh, now she's caught him. She hugs the clothes she's carrying to her chest, as if that can make up for the low neckline. If it's possible look slightly uncomfortable yet resigned at the same time, she does.]

You're recording again, aren't you?
09 June 2012 @ 10:10 pm
Mission 11/Twelfth Link  
[The feed opens up on the Theatre Deck, where Cambot spies Xion and Namine. It looks like they’ve been messing around with the costumes--Nami’s found a standard cowgirl costume, with the vest and skirt over her usual white dress. Xion’s outfit might remind some SoL residents of a familiar character.

At the moment, though, they’re trying on hats. Xion has one a more traditional cowboy hat, while Namine’s holding up a red one the same shade as the red stitching in Xion’s costume.]

I think this is supposed to go with that one.

Really? Let’s switch, then. [Trades.]

[Anybody care to join the costume party?]
20 May 2012 @ 11:55 am
Mission 9  
[Once again Cambot comes across Xion looking for something, this time in her room. This time, though, she notices his entrance and looks up.]

Oh! There you are. Are you recording? Maybe you can help.

[Does this mean Xion's actually going to let Cambot record something for once? This calls for victory music! Of course he'll help!

Xion smiles slightly at the music, then her expression turns serious.]

Somehow my keychain I got for Christmas and--

[She pauses, as if considering whether or not to mention the next item.]

my wooden keyblade have gone missing.

If anyone sees them, could you tell me?
19 March 2012 @ 11:09 pm
Mission 8  
[The feed opens up to Xion rummaging through clothes on the Theatrical Deck. At least, the person looks like Xion--the same black coat and hair. The hair’s a little bit longer, though, and her coat looks a little too short now, as if she’d grown a few inches. The coat’s also unzipped, to allow for curves that weren’t there before. Fortunately, the t-shirt she always wears is loose and long enough to be decent still, and though her pants don’t look like they fit comfortably, she can at least wear them.

If the apparent “discard” pile is any indication, she’s not having much luck finding anything she likes. Finally she holds up a dark purple minidress and black leggings to herself to check that they might fit.]

I guess these’ll work...

[Her voice is a little different, too.]
15 January 2012 @ 09:37 pm
Mission 5  
[Cambot has found yet another human-vs-doppleganger conflict. This time it’s Xion facing off against her double on the weapons deck. It looks like the fight is well underway--Xion’s hood has fallen back to reveal her face, and her sword is drawn. So is her shadow’s, and it looks like they’re taking a moment to size each other up, circling as they catch their breath. The shadow hisses something that makes Xion smile mirthlessly.]

If I’m a copy and a fake, then what does that make you? A copy of a copy? A fake’s shadow?

[She lunges to attack, and the shadow blocks. This pattern continues until the shadow sees an opening and strikes to land a hit on Xion’s arm. She jumps back, sword raised to block any other attacks. The shadow laughs and hisses again. Xion’s expression goes from serious to downright angry.]

We may not have been meant to exist...we may not have had hearts...but we were friends anyway.

[The shadow pulls a face and goes on the offensive, forcing Xion to block. The next time the two stop to rest, they’ve both got their share of cuts and bruises. The shadow hisses again, and Xion goes still, her expression disturbingly blank and hard.]

I did what I had to to keep him safe. Even if it was only for a little while.

[The shadow barely has time for an “oh crap” expression before Xion rains fury down on it, eventually knocking its sword out of its hands. It manages to rake its claws down the side of her face, barely missing her eye, before she runs it through and it fades.

Shaking, Xion drops her sword and slumps to the ground, face in her hands. When she has a better grip on herself, she looks up and sees Cambot.]

How long have you been here?
22 September 2011 @ 08:47 pm
Mission 1  
[Cambot zeroes in on yet another new person! This one is wearing a hood, so he accepts the challenge offered and tries to zoom in on their face. The newcomer raises a hand and, as the feed goes black, it’s apparent Cambot’s lens has been covered or he’s been turned off. The feed resumes quickly though, and from the movement of the hood it’s fairly obvious whoever has just arrived is shaking their head--they don’t want their face seen?

They didn’t say anything about following, though, so as the newcomer begins walking again, Cambot cues up “Men in Black” and falls in line.]