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Mission 26

[Looks like Xion's taking look at the Twin-screw universal controller now. A kitten sits on her shoulder, but considering the latest event, it's probably best not to ask how she obtained it.

The kitten mews plaintively, and Xion offers it soothing scritches.]

It'll be okay.

[While this most recent development isn't as bad as some others, letting it just continue probably isn't a good idea. Xion coughs slightly before reaching out to pull the lever.]
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[Why is Roxas not surprised that Xion got something cute out of this? Not that he should be surprised by the little thing he's acquired thanks to this mess. The jerboa is on his head, blending into his hair a bit and visible mostly by its beady little eyes.

At the moment, Roxas is more interested in what she's doing, but he doesn't say anything until after she's hit the switch and the satellite is suddenly tilted. He's not sure what exactly could be causing it. Did the device maybe tweak the satellite's artificial gravity? Whatever it did, the sudden shift leaves Roxas leaning on the now tilted wall after sliding there courtesy of the now tilted floor. He hits the wall with a whump, the jerboa clinging to his hair so as not to go flying.

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Well... tilted is better than sideways or upside down, I guess.

[Although upside down or sideways would have at least left level surfaces to walk on. Then again, that would also have meant things like toilets and showers would have been upside down or sideways too...]

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What just happened?

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[And Vanitas does not care.]

This place is crazy.

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I guess. So how long have you been here?