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23rd Dawn

[All the lights are off in Riku's room, leaving the only light source coming from the twilit world outside the window. Riku is silhouetted against it, sitting backwards in a chair from his desk. He's been around, but not much lately. The chair back supports Riku's arms, and he has placed his head down upon them. The view zooms in as Cambot comes closer and nudges Riku's shoulder. His voice is very soft.]

...Not now, Cam. [Cambot pauses and gives him another nudge.]

I'd let you out if I could, Cam, trust me. Just leave me alone right now. [Riku looks up. He's seen better days. He's holding his neck and shoulders tensely, and though he looks annoyed, his eyes appear a little puffy. His pained look worsens slightly as he realizes what Cambot is doing.]

Don't record me. [Riku's hand covers the lens.]
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[Xion doesn't bother trying to use Cambot to reply. Leaving hers behind in her room, she goes to find Riku's and knocks on the door.]

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[She'd figured that he'd probably just ignore Cambot, and wasn't even totally sure he'd answer the door. So when he does, she's a little relieved, if still concerned about him.]

I thought you might want some company.
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[Both Kairi and Sora would object to that statement, and Xion wants to, but she also knows how it is to want to be alone with your thoughts.] Okay. You know how to find me if you change your mind.

[She frowns slightly at the mention of the basilist--really, she's been making sure to be careful. That said, he was obviously worried. So she bit back any protest and walked into the room.

Once inside, she nodded toward the sword and armor.]

So you're going to try.
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[Since he's got the chair, Xion sits on the bed. She doesn't look a bit bothered by this, though the way that she swings her legs slightly might indicate she's not used to just letting them dangle over the edge. What bothers her is the fact that he's not even looking at her, and sitting in the dark.]

We could help.
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[If he's tired then he needs to sleep, and not be planning to fight dangerous snakes. Than again, Xion has no call to be lecturing him about caution. Not with some of the recklessness she has on her track record.]

No, but that doesn't mean we can't do anything to help you fight it.
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Because you can use the blindfold to keep from looking it in the eye?

[Xion chews her lip in thought for a moment. How to respond? If she were a different kind of girl--if she were Kairi, even--she might give him a hug. As it is, eventually she slides off the bed and goes over to him, kneeling slightly so she can look him the face.]

You won't lose us.

[Not responding to the bit about polishing the armor, because this seems like the more important issue at the moment.
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[Xion doesn't know the particulars, so while she's sad Hughes is gone, she doesn't know that he might not see everyone again. If she did, she might be better able to understand.

As it was, it looked like time to bring out one of Axel's corny speeches. Especially since the 'we can take care of ourselves' argument doesn't seem like it would work here.]

I thought we were always in each others' hearts.

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[Xion takes a moment to mull over what he said. To get a little more comfortable, she shifts so she's sitting on the floor beside the chair.]

Maybe they do; I'd like to think so. For everyone

[If it was just returning home, not being 'collected'--that sounded nice.]

I don't think it is.

[The opposite is too sad to consider.]
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[Action] (I think we're good to wrap up the sparring thread)

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[Until proven wrong, Xion will hold onto that pet theory. When so many of the facts around her paint an unhappy reality, having at least one happy belief is nice. It looks like there's still something behind Riku's worry on this subject, though.]

You know, Axel once said you're supposed to tell your friends what's bothering you. It always helped when I talked to him and Roxas.
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Re: [Action] (Okay!)

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I see...

[Xion frowned in thought. On one hand, she wanted to remind Riku that sharing the burden of these sort of things was what friends did. On the other, what he's talking about sounds like the unspoken-but-still-there agreement between her and MakubeX to not tell anyone else about the part of their pasts they'd told each other privately.

Then her expression cleared.]

Okay, you don't have to tell me. But, if you ever decide you want to talk...