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halfdarkened ([personal profile] halfdarkened) wrote in [community profile] itsjustcambot2012-04-07 01:31 am

15th Dawn

[Cambot focuses on foliage, notably a fern as piano music begins to play. Sitting upon it is a small bird. It's just a little house sparrow, cocking its head with a single, sharp little motion before flitting away. Cambot is obviously in the nature deck, and it focuses past the fern to show Riku sitting in the grass, watching the birds along the water bathe. His arm is propped on his knee. There's an odd, small scar on the side of it, like a pit, that wasn't there a couple days ago. It doesn't seem to bother him in the slightest. For that matter, he doesn't move stiffly like he had just a couple days ago. Clearly his side isn't hurting him at all. When he hears Cambot (or rather, notices the peaceful music) he looks over and stops fiddling with something in his hand a moment. He smiles just as the music becomes more dramatic.]

So I tried out the time machine. I wanted to scout some things out before making plans. [He holds something up between his fingers. It's a white tooth, the edge sparkling with fine serrations. The broken tooth looks about the same size as that scar...] Thanks again, Amaterasu. For saving my hide back there. [There's a little smirk and a hesitation before he continues.]

I want to go back, but not by myself this time. Anyone up for a dinosaur safari?

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