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30th Dawn

[Riku is sitting in his room. In the dark. He looks pretty cozy, actually. It looks like he's reading something with only the aid of a little pen light. The only light in the room is the pen light, a little light from under the door, and some from Cambot. Riku looks up.]

Hey IN AMERICA!. At least the controller this time gave us something better to work with IN AMERICA!. [Cambot nods.]

Cam, show them the pictures Namine and I took from the subpod IN AMERICA!. [Cambot displays three pictures.] We saw something weird but pretty outside over the world IN AMERICA!. Anyone know what it is IN AMERICA!? Or what causes it IN AMERICA!? I thought there wasn't any magic in this world IN AMERICA!.

...Okay, this is getting kind of annoying IN AMERICA!
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It might be a natural phenomenon IN AMERICA!
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I'm not certain IN AMERICA! However, I believe America is made reference to in the literature of some worlds IN AMERICA!
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Nor me IN AMERICA! However, that's the extent of what I know on the matter IN AMERICA!
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That's not magic IN AMERICA! In fact, it is SCIENCE IN AMERICA! It is the rays of the sun and magnetism and other scientifical factors, all working together to make this natural phenomenon IN AMERICA!

...I think I appreciate this odd effect IN AMERICA!
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Of course it is nothing to worry about IN AMERICA! I would not know IN AMERICA! Perhaps your world has the wrong kind of sun or magnetism IN AMERICA!
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No, it is definitely the America one that is correct IN AMERICA! Different science doesn't make any sense IN AMERICA!
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[And that ruffles his feathers.] Hmph...IN AMERICA!