02 October 2012 @ 05:27 pm
Seventh Sunrise  
[Cambot comes across Ammy with a simple red and gold scarf tied around her neck. She's just laying down in her room, looking forlorn. When Cambot finds her, she briefly looks up at him, but doesn't seem all that interested.]

[Perry's missing. She's gone and looked, sniffing all over, but after having similar things happen to Chibi and Shepard, it doesn't take much guessing to realize what's happened to him. One of her good long-time friends is gone, and that's enough to leave Ammy feeling really down. She just sighs at Cambot...saying goodbye is never easy.]
12 September 2012 @ 05:45 pm
Sixth Report  
[Oh dear god who let Twilight into the cafeteria deck. Anyone going in there might find bowls - not cups mind you, or glasses, bowls - stacked on the counters, most of them with drops of dark liquid at the bottom. What in the...]

[As for Twilight herself, well... She's discovered what her power for this week is, after pulling an all-nighter reading and then downing six cereal bowls' worth of coffee.]


Oh my goodness this is great isn't this so great [pop] I just think it's great I mean it's not all my magic but it's some of it [pop] and I haven't been able to do this in FOREVER [pop] and I can wink out here and be over here in a flash and oh dear I want to [pop] know EVERYTHING about what you all can do right now did you [pop] get something back that you already knew or is it completely random because [pop] I can do a lot more than this with my magic at home but here [pop] I'll take what I can get oh I can go REORGANIZE THE LIBRARY because it's not [pop] organized enough we can do so much more to make it efficient [pop] and I'm just the pony for the job because everypony knows I'm the most organized pony in Ponyville [pop] or even Canterlot or maybe even Equestria and everything is exactly where it should be [pop] in its own place and not in something else's place because that would be disorganized of course so it [pop] has its own place oh I can organize all your rooms I'm sure some of them are DREADFUL and Rarity can help me because she has such an eye for [pop] style so you won't even know your rooms at all anymore [pop] and maybe we could even paint them so what colors do you all want for your rooms [pop] OH I CAN'T BELIEVE I FORGOT I was going to [pop] paint the library quick everypony I need your help moving the shelves since I can't levitate things now [pop] but maybe I'll be able to in the future [pop] if we're finally getting our abilities back but you have to make sure to [pop] keep the books in order because if I have to reorganize them AGAIN [pop] it will be chaos but just as long as everypony keeps every item exactly where it is [pop] everything will be fine and we won't have to worry now doesn't that sound great?!

[Every couple of seconds she winks out of one spot only to repear in another part of the satellite, always within view of a Cambot, because she's literally not stopping her movement and she keeps nearly crashing into walls until the very end when she comes to a screeching halt and looks directly into the camera with a big, disturbing grin. Apparently the coffee does things to her brain. Harry Dresden has had one last revenge on the Satellite of Love.]


[Pop. She's gone in a puff of magenta smoke, only to reappear somewhere else again. Where is that? Wherever you happen to be. Be warned, if she lands near you (or on top of you), you will be getting 7,235 questions about what your current situaiton is. She will start to slow down pretty quickly as she crashes from the caffeine buzz, though.]
Current Music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TbzUen207iw
10 September 2012 @ 11:59 pm
Ninth Trick  
[Cambot's lingering on a large pile of yarn balls that have randomly turned up by the rest of the costuming materials on the theatrical deck. After a few seconds, a disembodied voice pipes up.]

Hey, we're ba-ACK!

[And suddenly it's not so disembodied, as Wilykit just appears out of nowhere and trips over the yarn pile. Well, at least it broke her fall.]

What the... [And confusion quickly gives way to alarm as she takes in her surroundings.] Oh no, don't tell me I'm back here!
26 August 2012 @ 08:02 pm
Eighteenth Link  
[Namine is wearing her new clothes, sketching a sketch...of her staff. She looks fairly intent on her work until she happens to glance up and notice Cambot recording. Smiling slightly, she closes the sketchbook and picks up said staff.]

Does anyone else have one of these? I've seen people who know magic use something like it, but we can't use magic here, right? Unless that changed and we didn't know it.

[If they can use magic, and she's supposed to use it now, she'll need to start learning quickly.]
19 July 2012 @ 09:20 pm
16 Cupcakes  
[Pinkie's off the rocket now and trotting around the Launch Deck, peering around the corners and outcroppings of broken metal curiously. She turns around, letting Cammy catch what she's calling in subtitles.]

90s Kiiiiiiid!

Where'd he go? He was just here...90s Kid!

[She turns another corner and then suddenly stops up short, looking at something on the ground. Cammy pans around, just in time to catch her sniffing lightly at a tattered orange hat lying on the ground. A few feet away, there's strips of green plaid cotton lying amongst the smashed debris of a wall. Pinkie plops down on the ground, eyes still on the hat.]


[The camera hurriedly shuts off, but not in time to miss her mane and tail suddenly falling into flat pink sheets, with a noise like a deflating balloon.]

(( OOC: Yeah, Pinkie...probably won't respond to many people here. ))
13 July 2012 @ 09:58 am
Mads Call #8  
[Pearl and Frank meet up once again in the middle of Deep 13. It looks like Pearl is heading back home now.]

Pearl: Well, it was SO nice to spend the time with you again, Frank, but I gotta be heading out now.

Frank: Oh, of course! And thanks for all your help around the lab, I’m sure Clay will appreciate how nice and neat everything is!

Pearl: Yeuh-huh. Oh, by the way, I almost forgot...couldn’t find the cage or whatever to that dog that’s been runnin’ around when I was tryin’ to clean up. So I just stuck it in the same cage as that big-fanged dinosaur that Clay cloned or whatever. Makes cleanup a lot easier if it’s the same cage and all. Again, it was so nice to see you again, Frank! I’ll be back soon! Buh-bye.

[With that, Pearl Forrester leaves out the door. However, Frank is left standing in the middle of the room, looking a bit shocked. His puppy...was left...with the meat-eating dinosaur?]

Frank: ...Mr. Snuggles?

[He immediately darts out of the room and into one of the side rooms. He’s gone for a little while, and then eventually returns, passing by the camera quickly as he crosses to the other side of the lab.]

Frank: Mr. Snuuuuuuggllllllles!...

[And he’s out of sight again. However, Frank can be heard calling “Mr. Snuggles!” over and over again with greater desperation creeping into his voice. Wherever his puppy is, he can’t seem to locate it. After a long time, Frank returns to the camera, eyes completely wide. Uh oh. He doesn’t look...well.]

Frank: Mr.

[And then he ducks out of sight...]
02 July 2012 @ 02:00 am
Fifth Report  
[A young woman with dusky skin stands at the shelves in the media deck, wearing a lavender vest with a white shirt under it and a dark pleated skirt - a young woman who's never been seen on the Satellite before. Still, her colorfully-streaked hair and the fact that she's got her nose buried in a book or alternately studying her hand in minute detail probably gives a couple of very good clues about her identity.]

The human hand is so fascinating! So complex, so involved, such a miracle of biological construction! The thumb is the key to your evolution, of course - I'd read it before, but now I see exactly why that is! We get by in Ponyville, of course, we can hold things and move them, but the finely delicate work you humans are capable of is simply amazing. I never realized just how much of an impact it had until now!

[Yep, it's Twilight. As form changes go? She's all right with this one. And even though ponies don't wear clothes normally, she's learned here it's bad for humans to go around without them, so she found some pretty quickly. She looks up with a smile, closing her book but not putting it away, simply cradling it in her arms.]

I suppose not having hands is creating some problems for some of you. Does anyone need any help?
21 June 2012 @ 02:30 am
[It's Cambot on the media deck castle and WOAH what the hell happened here? The floor is covered in a long trail of what appears to be curly blonde hair. It's gotten to be quite a mess of tangles and even some things getting snared in it.]

I'm over here, Cambot.

[And Cambot pans over; apparently that massive train belongs to Liz, looking quite irritated as she's fussing with trying to keep her hair out of her face.]

Guys, I [pfft] seem to be having a bit of a problem here...

[Cambot won't argue that. Her hair, it's everywhere!]

Yeah yeah, very funny. Look, could I get some help down in the media deck so I can get this stuff under control?

Oh, and don't stay too long on the theater deck; I think that's what caused this; I was there all day with Zidane.
15 June 2012 @ 02:16 pm
Eighth Trick  
[Uh oh, what's this? It appears that there's a poor little kitty cat stuck in a tree!

On closer inspection, it seems that Wilykit is actually half in the tree and half sticking out of an open wall panel near the ceiling on the Nature Deck. Or maybe it's more of a 60-40 split either way. It's hard to tell, since she's currently oriented sort of upside down and sideways somehow. Well, that can't be comfortable.]

Okay, so much for that path.

[She seems more annoyed than scared or hurt, though her mood quickly switches to embarrassed when she looks up and sees Cambot recording her.]

Cambot, get out of here! I told you not to film this! Shoo!

[Cambot ignores her, and in bolded white text in impact font, the words "I CAN HAZ CAPSHUN?" appear at the bottom of the screen]
12 March 2012 @ 10:33 pm
01 Blue Streak  
[Another normal day on the SoL, that is, until a newcomer crash lands on the ground. The hedgehog rolls to a complete stop and groans. He pushes himself up, dusting off his backside and legs.]

Sal? Hey, Sal!

[Slowly turning his head this way and that way, looking for his fellow freedom fighter.]

Man, what is this place?

[Cambot catches his attention and he stops moving. It doesn't look like Robotnik's Spybots. He's still suspicious of the thing.] Yo, Buttnik!

[Definitely eying up Cambot, one has to be cautious, after all.]
03 March 2012 @ 10:26 pm
3rd Dish Served  
[Now here's something you don't see every day - an eight year old princess wandering around the Weapons Deck! Granted, it's mostly because she's in the mood for some staff practice Yes, it's canon, shut up, but she's poking around the other stuff, too.

Some of the stuff she's poking around at? Some of that brand spanking new armor and laser guns that are in there! It's probably a good thing that she's switched over from wearing her usual trademark kimono-types to casual clothes at the moment.]

Hey, guys! Look what I found! [She lifts up one of the lasers, grinning.] I'm not one for guns and all, but there so many of them in here, it's silly! It's like laser tag or someth--OOP! [she accidentally pulls the trigger, a laser shot causing her Cambot to spin wildly.] Oops...! Sorry!
22 February 2012 @ 10:36 pm
Letter 001: This was not on the list.  
[Hello, viewers, please enjoy this image of an enormous green eye. Apparently some creature (reptilian in nature, judging by the snake-like pupil) is leaning super close to Cambot to peer at his lens. Blink, blink. After a second, he leans away and scratches his head, revealing himself to be a small purple dragon, riding on the back of a purple pony. Just another day on the Satellite of Love.] Uh, hey, Twilight?

[The aforementioned pony seems to have her nose buried in a long scroll of parchment.] So after we go pick up the new quills and parchment, we can stop by Sugarcube Corner and see if we can get some pastries for our next party, and then we'll need to go out to Sweet Apple Acres and help Applejack measure the foundation for that new storage cellar she wants to put in.

[The dragon tugs gently on Twilight's mane to get her attention.] Yeah, okay, but Twilight?

Oh, and Cheerilee wanted to talk to us about coming in and demonstrating some magic for her younger students and she has all those books to return so we might as well pick them up while we're over there, and once we get home we need to reorganize at least the Classics section and possibly Modern Spellcasting as well because someone got into them and messed everything up and nothing's where it should be anymore.

[Tugging gently has been upgraded to tugging not so gently.] Kinda need you to see this...

And the globe needs polishing, and the floor needs to be scrubbed again, and I think our clock might be thirty seconds too fast --

TWILIGHT!! [Finally he gives up and snatches the to-do list away from her.]

What is it, Spi-IIIIIIIIIIIIIIhhhhhhhhhhhhk! [Her eyes go almost as wide as her head as her breath is sucked completely out of her body at what she's seeing.]

Yyyyyyeah. [And Spike just deadpans it:] I think we're lost.

((Double intro post! Expect responses from both Spike and Twilight ([personal profile] sailormagic). \o/))
12 February 2012 @ 08:00 pm
21 Love Chains  
[Here's Minakopony, with a not-kicked-in-by-back-hooves Cambot, looking...well. Serious. Which is a sign that srs bsns is about to happen. So she clears her throat.]

Ok, roll call time!

Who here on this ship has their colors intact, doesn't hate everyone and doesn't want to kill people? Show of hands and hooves! I need to know sooner rather than later because...well, it's probably pretty obvious why and if it isn't I'm willing to explain!
08 February 2012 @ 11:33 pm
Third trick  
[Well, looks like Wilykit's figured out how to make it to the cafeteria without breaking her neck on the way down. Yay for her!]

Are you recording yet?

[Cambot briefly bobs up and down.]

Okay, good! So I was talking to Mike the other day, and he wondered whether our current circumstances meant we were all gonna have to go vegetarian until we change back. Well, in the name of hopefully not having to eat nothing but greens three meals a day, I'm about to find out!

[One would think that having a mouth full of teeth made for grinding plant matter and not for tearing meat would answer that, but who cares?

Cambot zooms in on a delicious-looking ham and cheese sandwich, lovingly prepared by the replicators for this experiment.]

Here goes!

[Um... hmm. Okay, picking the sandwich up is a lot harder when you don't actually have hands. After a few seconds of trying, Wilykit gives up and just leans in to take a bite.]

Ha! See? It's perfectly... urk...

[Wilykit turns faintly green and races off to go lean over the nearest wastebin. Thankfully, Cambot doesn't follow her to record what comes next.]
Current Location: Cafeteria Deck
05 February 2012 @ 12:25 pm
Night 5  

Your princess bids you good day and is pleased to have acquired so many new, faithful subjects in a single day. We do hope that those of you who are used to two legs can manage with four.

As this place is among the stars, t'is the perfect kingdom for the Princess of the Night! However, the name is not fitting at all. Hm... We shall have to think of a new name.


For now, we welcome you all to our kingdom! Do not hesitate to ask if there are any questions. We are also open to suggestions for names. We are entertaining the name "Lunaria"!
04 February 2012 @ 07:59 pm
20 Love Chains  
[And Cambot comes upon a new pony! Only, its pretty obvious who it is considering the hair. And the bow. And-]

Hey everyone~!

[And she's flying and doing loop-de-loops. She lands, stumbles, then falls, then gets right back up, a little mischievous grin on her face.]

So! It seems I'm under the weather all of a sudden. I'm feeling a little horse, as you can see.

[Take it away, Cambot.]
26 January 2012 @ 11:45 pm
Hexfield Visitor  
[There's something coming in on the Hexfield viewscreen!

It appears to be a short, yellow school bus...with rockets? There are no children on board, just a woman with crazy orange hair and a lizard on her shoulders. She looks up from her console and waves, clearly delighted, before honking the horn.

The viewscreen zooms in on her. She has her messy orange hair in a bun and appears to be wearing an outfit covered in planets and stars, her earrings (however) are a pair of Sputnik 1 satellites.

Good morning, space cadets!

I hope you don't mind me passing by your satellite. I was doing a routine inspection of the bus's orbital stability and rocket boosters when I noticed your lovely ship and just had to get a closer look!

[She looks at the lizard]

It's a shame the class isn't here, Liz, I would love to teach them about satellites. Hmm, I might have to make a note of that. We've already been to space once, but as I always say "there's always room for more space!"

[Did her earrings just glow briefly?]

Oh, but I suppose you all know all about satellites seeing as you are aboard one right now.
22 January 2012 @ 10:10 pm
2 Rumbles  
[Cambot picks up his feed on the costume deck, if the surprisingly neat piles of clothes are any indication. Prominent in the foreground are the trademark black Organization coat, with matching pants and other articles of clothing along with. A figure - Lexaeus, given the height and size of him - is bending into a cabinet that seems to be a jumble of clothes.]

[Cambot brushes a pile of clothes and it topples over; Lexaeus straightens too quickly and bumps his head, bringing a shower of Bellarian accoutrements, wigs, props, and other things down on his head. He turns to see who made the noise.]

[And, well.]

[So THAT'S where the Fabio wigs were.] )
22 January 2012 @ 12:22 am
First trick  
[Guess what, everyone? There's another new arrival on the SOL! And it's a kitty!

Well, sort of. Actually, it's some kind of young catgirl. She's slowly turning in a wide circle and looking around the bridge with wary curiosity.]

Hello? Anybody home? Come on, I know someone had to have brought me up here.

[She finally sees Cambot and stops turning to look the little guy right in the, er, eye.]

[Under her breath as she pokes at it a little]
What is this, some kind of camera? [Stands up straight and speaks clearly again] Okay, hi. Look, not to be rude, but could somebody please tell me what I'm doing here? Or more importantly, how I’m supposed to get back home? Because I'm usually all for surprise adventures, but right now I’ve got this really, really, really important thing I need to help prepare for, so this really isn't the best time for me to suddenly disappear.
19 January 2012 @ 05:45 pm
Mads Call #5  
[And after all the craziness the spectres have caused this week, between fights, messing up the oxygen, gravity, and the nature deck troubles...it’s not until now that Dr. Forrester actually wanders back in view of the camera.]

Well Frank, I finally got that DNA recombined, so in a few months it should--

[And then he takes a look and notices everything that’s been going on.]

Wha--great galloping gravy, what in the world are you kids doing up there?! Are you...cloning? Are you EVIL cloning? There's regular doubles of people, but then there’s all those shadowy ones plus quite a few things on fire.

[He looks offscreen.]

FRAAANK! I told you to watch the experiments! I’m not gone for five minutes and everyone’s making evil clones where I can’t watch? Now how is that fair?!