28 March 2013 @ 08:55 pm
|| Seventh Bark ||  
[Not much is known about the Lombaxes themselves; even less so in another dimension. But this? This did not look like typical Lombax behaviour.

Catching the eye of Cambot, naturally, Ratchet can be found wandering the decks of the SOL, crawling on all fours and sniffing the ground, supposedly searching for something. Someone? It's difficult to tell when the only noises coming from the Lombax are snorts and whimpers, large ears occasionally perking up and around. He keeps moving on in this manner, heading down the hall--

No, wait. He's got something!

That long tail immediately starts wagging, both ears shooting upright and his eyes widen, beginning to close the gap between himself, and...

One of the rooms? What could be in there he's so interested about?]
09 February 2013 @ 03:37 pm
|| Sixth Calamity ||  
[There's something different about the Lombax's posture when he appears onscreen, sitting poised with a makeshift crown over his head. And the smile that spreads across his face isn't the chipper, friendly one residents of the SOL have come to expect.

Whatever was happening now, this new, Mirrored Ratchet was taking full advantage of it.]

Greetings, peons. I trust you've all been enjoying yourselves? That's nice.

This is just your friendly neighbourhood Emperor with a little head's up - this ship, and all of its inhabitants are under my control now. You'll find the technicalities included on your respective doors-- [In the form of a hastily-handwritten letter covered in soda stains.]

--and cupcakes are provided for those who comply. For those who don't, an agonizing, firey death broadcast for the entire multi-verse to see.

Good day.
10 December 2012 @ 12:11 am
|| Fifth ☄ ||  

[Oh hey there Ratchet, where've you been? Stuff happened on the ship while you were gone.

...but something about the Lombax just doesn't look quite right. His fur's a bit bristled and it doesn't look like he's been sleeping very well at all. Scorch-marks cover some pretty broad sections of his armour, notably his hands. But he ignores all that and tries to address Cambot with as casual a demeanor as he can manage.

Which isn't that good.

Something's definately bugging him, other than their current predicament.]

I was gonna say something along the lines of how the heck I got tossed back and forth like this but, ah...

Could someone tell me why there's a talking dinosaur plastered all over the place?
21 November 2012 @ 02:12 am
Oh-hokay, so we're going that route, huh?

[Instead of looking annoyed by the sudden, drastic change, Ratchet seems to be getting into the spirit of things! There's even a large pirate hat on the Lombax's head, flicked up by a thumb as he steps upon an empty treasure chest.

Someone's definitely had experience with this, hasn't he?]

Pirate ships mean treasure, and treasure means you're not gettin' it before me.
19 September 2012 @ 02:19 am
|| Third ☄ ||  
[Ratchet hasn't really been around as much as he knows he should, but when Cambot enters the room, the little Lombax could be found sitting at the edge of his bed, legs curled up to his chest and staring at the wall. Even with the sound of the door opening, he doesn't move much other than a flick of a large ear, giving a soft sigh.

Sure, he should be getting out more. Just because he was stuck here without Clank didn't mean that he had to push himself away from others. It... just seemed to be the case.

He turns toward the floating device, trying to give a small smile and pat Cambot on the head, then turns back to what he was doing. Cambot whirrs and nudges closer, but the Lombax nudges away, in turn.

In an odd, completely backwards sense, he kind of didn't want to have to look at the robot. It reminded him too much of his lost friend, at times.]
25 August 2012 @ 09:05 pm
|| Third ☄ ||  
[Lately it seems like Ratchet doesn't address Cambot as much as he should, save for the occasional reality hiccup. As others, this is the case, as the Lombax is now downed in quite an an unusual attire.

Adjusting the horns on his head - okay, was that really necessary? His ears needed room to move too! - the Lombax gives a crooked smile as he struggles to make sense of this new shift.]

Guess I can take comfort in the fact I'm not alone, huh?

[Zoni, he sure looked stupid. Maybe this was one of those times it was good Clank wasn't around to see him.]

So, is this looking familiar to anyone? 'Cause unless I can find the zipper to all this spandex, I don't think I'll be making it to the bathroom much.
04 July 2012 @ 04:39 pm
--me on, Cambot! You're not gonna show anyone, are you?

[Suddenly, the video shakes back and forth violently, and the voice just off-screen sighs in relief.]

Okay. But I'm trusting you, pal. No funny business.

[Though it seems a little strange at first, the feed does eventually turn upwards to the Lombax's bed, focusing in on--

Not a Lombax, but a human boy. He tries flopping himself onto the bed, but without his tail for proper balance, he succeeds more at falling off the edge of the mattress miserably than anything else. Cambot spins around to the other side of the bed, veering down upon the boy until a gloved hand comes up to swat it away.]

Ehh, well, it could be worse. I could be a pony or something.
07 May 2012 @ 01:14 pm
|| Second ☄ ||  
[Should he be worried about the going-ons around the ship? Probably, but there were more pressing issues to address at the moment.

He fumbles with Cambot, trying to get it down to his level, but Cambot isn't having any of this incessant pawing. It dives away once, then again before he finally grabs the device, dragging it down to his level and--


That is not a Lombax.]

Okay. Okay. [It sure sounds like Ratchet... but why is his voice coming out of a pikachu?] I can't get a good grip on this guy, so I'm gonna say it quick.

What in the heck is going on here?!
04 March 2012 @ 10:53 pm
|| First ☄ ||  
[Just another day on the SOL - nothing out of the ordinary here. There certainly isn't a furry cat-like alien in full body armour wandering the halls with a glowing wrench, pressing an buttons he can find and fiddling with pieces of discarded metal, no sirree.

And he definitely isn't trying to swat away a certain cambot, following his every move.]

Hey, knock it off. I said I'd find a way outta here, alright?

[If 'a way out' meant wandering around in circles for the past hour. The Lombax's tail swishes once in thought, a gloved hand on his hip as he looks to the side, then up.]

Qwark? Aphelion? Yo! You guys okay?

[The only noise, the only response that fills the halls is cambot's whirring. Something Ratchet really would like to stop circling him every few minutes.


Marooned on a spaceship with no other forms of life in sight. This was turning out to be such a great rescue.]

Ah, c'mon. If Qwark's involved, we'd better go help.