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|| Seventh Bark ||

[Not much is known about the Lombaxes themselves; even less so in another dimension. But this? This did not look like typical Lombax behaviour.

Catching the eye of Cambot, naturally, Ratchet can be found wandering the decks of the SOL, crawling on all fours and sniffing the ground, supposedly searching for something. Someone? It's difficult to tell when the only noises coming from the Lombax are snorts and whimpers, large ears occasionally perking up and around. He keeps moving on in this manner, heading down the hall--

No, wait. He's got something!

That long tail immediately starts wagging, both ears shooting upright and his eyes widen, beginning to close the gap between himself, and...

One of the rooms? What could be in there he's so interested about?]
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[In the meanwhile, Ammy is doing a little painting in her room...she sure is glad to be free of that desire to dump her money into a spring she can't find now! There's lots of art to catch up on.]

[Except then there's the sound of someone scampering around outside...what on earth is that noise?]
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[Ammy jumps back a bit when Ratchet suddenly pounces on her. What is up with this? Why is he suddenly acting like a puppy?]
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[Ammy just sits and stares for a bit, utterly confused. Did this new kind of effect make everyone think they were puppies? She doesn't really know how to handle this...]
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[It's not that she doesn't recognize the behavior...she played with Chibi all the time while he was up here. She just didn't really expect to see it coming from the lombax.]

[After a bit of thinking, she decides to try something else. She walks over, picks him up by the scruff of the neck, and attempts to stand him back up so that he's on two legs instead of four.]
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[This is not working as well as she'd like. Don't give her that face! She's trying her best to fix things!]

[Well, she can try and demonstrate. She attempts to jump up and balance on her two hind legs for a little while to show that's how he should be walking. Problem is, she's not very good at it, and comes back down rather quickly.]
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[Ammy doesn't exactly need the cushioning, but she stands herself back up anyway. She gives him a bit of a frown. She's doing this because she's trying to help him out!]
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[Well whatever you're looking for, there's Liz too. She's just curled up on her bed, cradling a bone she got from leftovers from the food synthesizer that's just the right size for gnawing. She'll ignore you for now, Ratchet, she's quite comfortable and content right here.]
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[Hey, hey! She got her own noms fair and square. She grabs the bone firmly in her hands and teeth and growls.]
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[She's bigger than you and not going anywhere as you pull back, Ratchet. In fact as she's growling she's gonna reach out and swat at your face. Paws off!]
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[She shoots him and glare and rolls over onto her side, nursing that bone again. Get your own, pup.]
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[Really? You're still being stubborn? Well Liz is stubborner. More growling and clinging. Don't make her take a real swipe at you!]
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[This is why you don't mess with bitches, runt.

In fact, she emphasizes his smallness by placing her hand on his head to further hold him back]
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[Like she said. This is her bone. Get your own.

Or at least wait until she's finished. Maybe.]
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[She still has canines. Om nom nom, bitch.]
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[Riku struts out of the room with a teddy bear in his mouth... A ripped and chewed one. He tracks bits of stuffing behind him. However, upon seeing Ratchet, he suddenly straightens, standing very tall (as much as a human on all fours can) and looking very intensely at the Lombax.

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[Riku's brows furrow as he snarls, baring his teeth, or at least as far as he could past the teddy bear fur. The hair at the back of his neck bristles in lieu of a full pelt of fur. He briefly rears up, looking as large as he possibly can. Even back down on all fours he's standing as tall as his frame can.

He's displaying dominance.]