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First Train


[There is one very lost Selphie roaming the decks looking utterly perplexed about where she is and how the heck she got here.]

Maybe I took a wrong turn out of Time Compression at the krazy kooky sorceress.

Umm... [Poking her head around a door.] Nope...

Squall? Irvy? Quisty? [Peeeeeeeering around. Still no idea.] Rinoa? Zell?

[Whoa whoa! Wait. What is that robot following her?]

Heeeeeeeeeey!! Who do you belong to?
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This isn't our universe.
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You aren't worried about getting home?

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[Ammy has been exceptionally worried since they arrived in this dimension, and many of her friends began acting horribly. What's more, only the villains have been up on the SOL.]

[But now it looks like there's someone new on the ship; someone who's nice and may be able to help them get back to the real dimension! Ammy barks at the newcomer, hoping to get her attention.]
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[Well, close enough. People often confuse her for a dog, anyway. But now that she has her attention...she needs to let her know about the trouble they're in!]

[To that end, she whips out a piece of paper and her brush, and sketches up a quick picture before showing it to Selphie:]

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[Ammy nods, and paws again at the dark half. That's the problem they have right now.]

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[You know, there's so many things going wrong right now, but one word catches Zidane's attention immediately.]

Waitasec - did you say Squall?
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ilu bb <3

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Sure do! I'm his best friend!

Well, one of them.
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[Oh wow, he gets to tell her how Squall got holes punched in his memory AGAIN. THAT'S GONNA BE FUN. But for now, it can wait!]

Nah, I'm from somewhere else entirely! But you're from there, so maybe you wouldn't mind answering some questions for me - I keep asking Squall, but you probably know what getting any answers out of him is like.

[Basically like trying to pry open a save with a toothpick. But he gives a grin and a flourishing bow, which unintentionally shows off his nice, long tail, unaware of any possible freakouts from her.]

Zidane Tribal, at your service milady!


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/also noms on

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yaaaaaay yums! 8D

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/aww yeeeeeah

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[Riku looks bewildered a moment, then smiles cruelly.] Well, never thought we'd see you off the Island. And without your whip, too, what a shame. Well, we hope you enjoy being on a brand-new island, we have some "quality" entertainment for you.
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You hit your pretty little head? I had the misfortune of growing up with you.

[He examines his nails.] Hm. Maybe you're one of those alternate universe cases. We get those sometimes. [Oh, that's not a nice smile.] Which means you'll be more fun to play with.
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[Ah, the Shadoverse.]

No, I think I very much have the right girl~

[Yes, yes he is.]

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