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Military Log - 013

[Launch Bay. Cambot is hovering near Maes as the man stares off. He is standing near one of the pods and it looks like he had been about to launch but why will have to wait. Maes closes his mouth and turns to Cambot]

Uh...guys. Please tell me this isn't a further delusion from the ghost vision thing going on. I mean, if it was I'd already be dead, but...here.

[He grabs cambot and turns him towards what WOULD be the open bay doors and the vastness of space...but instead it's a forest. Maes then turns Cambot back to himself]

It wasn't like that before, right? I mean, Pinkie I've seen you go FLOATING out there. We're supposed to be in SPACE, not, well, in some forest.

[The illogical nature of it all might start to be getting to Maes.]
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Ah, we ... shouldn't be in a forest. Not unless something went wrong with the launch, anyway.
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I'm not sure I'd trust it. It's... too odd, if that makes sense.

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[Amaterasu looks amazed, and then barks in surprise and an attempt to get Maes' attention. Really, that's a forest out there? But everyone said it was just empty space!]
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[Ammy steps forward a bit, and take a sniff. She cocks her head at it, then looks back up at Maes. It smells...pretty real to her. But something about it is off, and she can't figure out what.]
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[Ammy nods at Maes, and steps out with him into the forested area. It definitely feels and smells like real forest to her.]

[She looks over her shoulder, but doesn't see her reflector or feel her brushes back. Weird...she's gotten her powers back whenever she used the time machine to go into the past. Why don't they come back now? Is there something other than the ship messing up her powers?]

[Regardless, it's time to press on into the woods.]

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[Guess who's been seeing ghosts this week but has been trying not to let on that she has.

Namine's a little speechless in confusion, at the moment, though.]
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Yeah, just surprised.

[She looks a bit sheepish.]

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[Xion goes to her window to check]

You're right. But how...
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Maybe. Just be careful? We don't know what's out there, and what with how the nature deck started affecting everyone...

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That's... very odd. Then again, this week has been odder than most.
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That wouldn't be good...

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1/2 Sorry XD

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What?! A forest?! Oh no, there's no way-

[And she's scrambling off for... something.]
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[And in next to no time flat, Twilight had dragged down several of those poles that are used to herd lines from the theatrical deck, no matter how much she had to break her back to do so, lined them up across the entrance to that forest, and is wrapping rope around them to make a barrier and keep people from going out there. Yellow rope at that.]
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