halfdarkened: (Adult)
halfdarkened ([personal profile] halfdarkened) wrote in [community profile] itsjustcambot2012-03-21 10:00 am

14th Dawn

[A bunch of static comes over the screen and it's apparent Riku's Cambot ran into the wall based on image location.]

You okay, there, Cam?

[Cambot looks over to Riku, who's changing clothes. Behind him is a wall of what looks like hand-drawn pictures. Most of his normal clothing seemed to have run away this week. As he pulls the bandages around his torso tight, one can see that though slightly leaner, his build is very reminiscent of someone else's. At least he doesn't really seem to be pained too much while adjusting them anymore. He grabs his shirt from the back of his chair and a bright blue vest. He looks very much like a teenager of the period. As he puts on the puffy vest, he pauses, looking right at Cambot.]

Wait, are you recording again? [When Cambot pans up and down a little, Riku runs his hand over his face.] Tell me I had my pants on... [At least he did.]

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