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21 Love Chains

[Here's Minakopony, with a not-kicked-in-by-back-hooves Cambot, looking...well. Serious. Which is a sign that srs bsns is about to happen. So she clears her throat.]

Ok, roll call time!

Who here on this ship has their colors intact, doesn't hate everyone and doesn't want to kill people? Show of hands and hooves! I need to know sooner rather than later because...well, it's probably pretty obvious why and if it isn't I'm willing to explain!
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I'm fine.

[She looks a little surprised at the questions and seeing Minako serious.]

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I am, too.

[Though with Nami being white, it'd be difficult to tell if she lost her color. She feels fine, though.]

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eyeofwildtiger: (*special - pony)

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[All serious business, but has his true colors.]

Yeah, all cool here. Probably shouldn't talk much over this network, tho'.

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[He's still dark blue, so he doesn't bother saying, he just cuts right to the chase]

How many have we lost so far Minako?

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Still as bright as ever, my little pony!

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I don't hate everybody...

[Isa is looking rather grey there, though, something isn't quite right here.]

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[Offscreen.] I hate being stuck here and want to kick Discord in the face. Does that count? [There's something distinctly odd about his voice though. The mannerisms are all the same and said casually as ever, but... It's deeper and smoother.]

[A cloth goes over Cambot, and a hoof is brought close to the lens. Yep, full color, though Riku was always a tad desaturated. And myyyy, what a shiny, sparkly hoof it is. Beautifully clean and trimmed. The long, well-groomed feathers of his fetlocks seem to flow as if he's underwater.]

Sorry, I got my reason for not being seen right now. If you need to see me in person, that's fine. [There's a shadow floating past.]

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[Harvey looks frustrated and unhappy, but he's as blue as ever. He silently raises a hoof.]

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[Perry looks grumpy. He comes out sounding like Harvey, but that is certainly NOT Harvey talking]

Listen lady, I don't care what we've gotta do, but we've gotta stop these ponies before things get outta hand. Which they already have...but you got my support.

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wefallinsilence: (bitty pony)

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[Since Ienzo still isn't fond of speaking much, he whistles a snatch of song. He's still here and is just fine!]

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fatedcircle: (:|)

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[Squall's got pony ears and a tail to match, but other than that, he looks just about as grumpy as ever.]

If it means getting rid of these thing, I'm in.
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[Ammy raises an enormous paw, and barks once. She's fine as far as she knows (although it'd be impossible to tell since she's already colored black and white as it is), but is still willing to help fight. She won't stand for any chaos!]
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I'm normal as far as I can tell... Unwanted shapeshifting aside.

[And as we can see in Cambot, Link is indeed normally colored.]

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[It probably isn't the most helpful that Roxas is gray anyway, though the fact that his mane and tail still the same blond his hair normally is and his eyes are still the same bright blue ought to be comforting.]

I'd say 'define normal' but now probably isn't the best time for that kind of snark.

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He took my wings!

[CLEARLY that's the worst problem on the whole ship - only not really, Ven would never be that petty. But he has a reason for worrying about that.]

I can barely walk straight as it is and he keeps turning more and more people! What if he starts taking-

[And he'll shut up now so as not to give Discord ideas.]

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saint_sami: (Sasami - Depressed)

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I'm still okay, for now...
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It looks like I'm okay so far.
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[Wilykit's looking severely bedraggled, to put it mildly, but she raises a hoof all the same.]

I'm still me. Discord makes a lousy playmate, by the way.

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