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Eighth Number

[Oh...oh dear. That's a rather unpleasant retching sound coming from that bathroom. Cambot hovers uncertainly, before slowly drawing closer, making some solicitous beeping sounds.]

Cam? [Harvey staggers to the door, leaning against the frame. He looks awful: flushed and feverish, with his hat and jacket missing and his bowtie undone. Nonetheless, he still manages to summon a half-decent glare for the robot, who quails backwards.] You ever film me doin' somethin' like that again, I'm gonna -

[He breaks off in a hacking cough, doubling over with his face in his sleeve. Something clatters to the ground, and he and Cam both look down at the shiny silver harmonica for a long moment.]

...I think I need to go lie down.
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... A harmonica?
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...well, maybe now you can sing harmony with yourself.

[...yeah, her heart wasn't really in that one. She looks at Harvey, concerned.] You don't look so hot.
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You need some help there, chief?
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[What's that? She couldn't hear you over the fact that you clearly need help.

She starts simply by meeting him at the door of his room and extending a bottle of water in his direction.]
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I think we all did.

[She busies herself grabbing a solid trash bin and bringing it over, as well as a chair to sit with him.]
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Just try to rest. I'll be here.
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Looks like it.
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[She smiles a little sadly.] It'll be nice to see Linkara again. But...I kind of grew to like this place.
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Hope it didn't treat you too roughly.
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[...oh. Yeah, that.]

So what happens now?
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[Well that sobered quickly. She'll just sit in quiet contemplation and watch Harvey.]
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I guess so...

[A pause, then she awkwardly reaches out and puts her hand on his shoulder.]