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[ Look who's finally waking up! It's a cheetah, covered in torn clothes and hanging out on the very same bed that Robin left him for a week. Man, can he sleep. Waking up from a delicious, apple pie-induced coma is a slow process, though; he gives a big yawn to show off all of those lovely carnivore teeth of his and stretches like only a cat can before finally opening his eyes and blinking at his surroundings. It's all coming back to him now...

...Wait a minute. Something isn't right here.

Pie. There was pie. And... And he didn't get to finish it. He quickly looks around for the remnants of it, but of course, it is nowhere to be found. The cheetah's face falls in disappointment. ]

Aww, man, and that was a good pie, too.

[ He sighs and goes to get out of bed when he notices something else... Paws. Paws where hands should be. With spots on them, like...

He pounces over to the mirror and yep, Wally's right. He is a cheetah. He fell asleep one minute, and the next he's a cheetah. This whole place is starting to feel more and more like Klarion's personal toy. Wait, that's actually... That might actually be it! There will have to be a meeting about that later. But for now, he's coming to another realization entirely: ]

I can run again!

[ Be right back, dashing off to run circles around the Nature Deck! ]
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[Guess who happens to be on the Nature Deck? Guess who's going to be living there until this is over?]

Welcome back to the world of the living, Sleeping Beauty.

[That voice is very familiar and is coming from the tree above you, Wallycat.]
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[Oh hey there's a little bird poking his head out from between the leaves of the tree he's in.]

They're being a little too literal-minded for my tastes on this one.
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[The black lab on the screen has his tongue hanging out.]

It was good pie wasn't it? Not sure if the following sleep coma was worth it or not.

[Head tilt]

Someone has strange priorities.
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Heh, yeah, me neither. Although, I don't think Pinkie did it on purpose and we're okay now so I guess that's what matters.

[Well, as okay as one can be when one is a dog.]

Touche. But those are the only connections I have to my family up here and they're the most important thing to me.
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[Robin isn't the only bird on the nature deck. Unfortunately, Link never actually spoke to Wally before and now he can't even speak. Don't mind the shoebill just watching you run around and wishing he could talk.]
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[Link can only shake his head. Of course he's not enjoying this. He seems to be the only human to have been turned into an animal and not retain the ability to speak.]
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[Link nods. Yes, he has tried flying a bit. But, as he's a large bird built for soaring, it's not proving to be much fun. Now, if he was a little bird like Robin, that would be better. Alas, it's not the case. So that's not a happy nod in response. If he could pout, he would.]