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Oh-hokay, so we're going that route, huh?

[Instead of looking annoyed by the sudden, drastic change, Ratchet seems to be getting into the spirit of things! There's even a large pirate hat on the Lombax's head, flicked up by a thumb as he steps upon an empty treasure chest.

Someone's definitely had experience with this, hasn't he?]

Pirate ships mean treasure, and treasure means you're not gettin' it before me.
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[Treasure hunts? Sora's all over that!]

Oh yeah? Guess that depends on who gets there first!
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I've been treasure-hunting for years! I've got this covered!
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If you've already found it, then you haven't found the best treasure!
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[That wasn't the response he was expecting.]

"He" is?

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Have fun with that.

[Guess who's totally not interested.]
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[Xion has found a pirate outfit--those who know Pirates of the Caribbean would say it looks like Ana Maria's--and is ready to treasure hunt. If she can find someone to go with her.]

You're sure? It could be fun exploring
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[And he's just been dropkicked into a spot between a rock and hard place. He can just grump around and try to ignore the fact that someone has turned the SoL into a pirate theme park ride or he can go and try to have some fun with a friend.

What he actually wants is to be home and trying to solve the problems they have there. Since that option isn't available, he'll have to pick one of the choices right in front of him.

Huh, I suppose it couldn't hurt to poke around and see what's been rearranged.
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[She hadn't meant to put him in a bad position, but seems like everyone else is having fun with it. There are even some good costumes.

Much as she'd like to be home, doing what needs to be done, that's not possible now. If Axel were here, he'd probably be telling them to take advantage of the chance to have some fun, so she's doing that instead.]

I don't think it's a lot, but sometimes the changes are little things, too.
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[He's just being grumpy.

He knows Axel would be advising fun stuff.

And then sometimes they do stuff like turn the place into a magic school.
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It's all good

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[Grumpy she can deal with. They've all had their off days.]

That wasn't so bad until the Basilisk came. MakubeX and I managed to make a potion like the one in the bottles in Wonderland.
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Re: It's all good

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[That sounds like it might have been fun.]
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Yeah, we made one that shrinks things, and one that makes them grow back to normal size.

[It had been fun.]

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[Pirates you say? Liz is all over that a week ago. She grins her best smarmy grin and brandishes her plastic cutlass.]

Ye'll have ta go through me if ye be wantin' that treasure!
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But that be half the fun, laddy!
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Have at you, ye scurvy dog!

[You did offer a fight. Cutlass at the ready; your move kitty.]
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Those be fightin' words, pussycat!