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Someone has poor timing...

[Roxas is unprepared when the satellite rights itself, having not been watching Cambot when the switch was hit. He's not watching Cambot because it doesn't follow him into the bathroom (it sometimes just films the door while he's in there, like now) and he's just getting out of the shower. Sure, it's awkward with the ship tilted, but it's doable.

Until the ship suddenly rights itself and stepping out of the shower turns into falling out of the shower. While the only video is the closed door, the sound is quite clear. Aside from the initial yelp, the only sound is a low grumbling, which might be fairly colorful if anyone could hear it clearly. Eventually, the grumbling stop and faint sounds indicating someone toweling off and getting dressed can be heard.

Cambot, if you're filming when I open this door...

[Of course Cambot is filming when he opens the door. Aside from the beginnings of some bruises from the fall, he doesn't seem to really be hurt. He's definitely annoyed, though. He just shakes his head and walks away, obviously headed for his room.

Imagine his surprise to get there and find a mint on his pillow. The jerboa is sniffing at it curiously. Roxas picks up the mint and looks at Cambot, clearly puzzled. Cambot bobs and tips to the side briefly, its version of a shrug.
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[Cut to Cambot looking at Riku slowly tearing the sheets from his bed. The baby sloth, as he does so, is climbing on top of his head. Riku grimaces a little as it pulls his hair, but just deal with it. The sloth is chewing something.] Is that really it? Just that mint? No surprises?

[He slowly smiles in relief.] I fixed it. By sheer dumb luck. Let's hope no one else touches the controller.
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He'd better not. [His voice is awfully low.]

I'll take your word for it. [He points to the baby sloth, who's still chewing.]
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I'm not surprised. [Riku might help if needed.]

Probably not. [And a baby sloth at that? Riku's still figuring that out. The sloth licks its lips and yawns. My gosh. It's cute.]
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[Xion can imagine what was being said, and doesn't blame him for being annoyed. At least he looks relatively unhurt.]

Cambot really likes to film everything, doesn't he?

[Her kitten, meanwhile, is playing with the paper leftover from her mint.]
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Or without pants, like Terra's.

[Yes, she went there. Mostly because she doesn't intend the comment to be mocking Terra, but pointing out an annoying habit his Cambot had.]
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I always kind of felt bad for him when it happened.

[Even if it was funny in a way, Terra always seemed so embarrassed and flustered...]