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Someone is... at least a little civilized... maybe

[Roxas is in his room, lounging on the bed and bouncing a tennis ball off the wall, catching on the rebound and tossing it again. He looks annoyed, though there's no way to tell why he's annoyed.

He seems to be taking to the civilized life better than everyone else, though. It's entirely possible that mama wolf explained to him that he's not actually a wolf and that when/if others of his kind found him, he would do better to learn their ways. Who knows? When he notices Cambot, he catches the ball and holds it.

After a pause, he makes a shooing gesture. Cambot pans side to side. That's a no. Roxas makes a noise that sounds distinctly like a growl. He's not completely civilized, it seems. At no point does he speak. When Cambot still doesn't take the hint, Roxas tosses the tennis ball at him.

Oh, that's a cracked lens. Roxas leaves the room, upright and surprisingly comfortable with it. Maybe mama wolf was familiar enough humans to make sure human puppy was moving the way he should?
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[Riku catches sight of Roxas moving down the hall and turns his head curiously with a hint of a whine. What's going on? He tries to get Roxas's attention with a bark.]
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[Riku follows curiously, tongue lolling out from time to time as he looked up at Roxas. A few times he rears up as he trots along, taking a few awkward steps on actual legs before going back to all fours. How is he doing that?

Though that tennis ball could be fun, too.]
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I dunno? O.o

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[Riku cocks his head as Roxas turns back. Did he forget something? He follows along, still rearing in an attempt to walk erect from time to time. He gives a little whine as if to ask where he was going, but was otherwise silent.]
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[Riku looks up at the ball and waits a second. His back half is shaking slightly much as a Corgi's body does when it has a docked tail. He then tries to stand, trying to paw at it with curled fingers.]
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[Xion sees that tennis ball, Roxas. Maybe they can play with it? At any rate, she's off to find you now, yipping happily when she does.]
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[She'd gotten a little ahead of herself and hurried off before the video finished. Oops. When she gets to his room, he's not there anymore. Sadness! But there's still the ball, so she picks that up in her mouth and trots off to find him.

Apparently he's in the cafeteria, and she perks up when she sees him. It looks like he's getting food, so she drops the tennis ball not far from him, then goes to investigate. Sitting up on her haunches, she puts her front paws on the machine.]
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XD It's an interesting thing to ponder. I keep on trying to think of what they'd look like as wolves

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[Yay, he'd known to expect her even before she went to see what he was doing. Though she should have guessed that, since she hadn't exactly been going for stealth in her approach. She hadn't been trying to surprise him.

It's very nice of him to get food for her, though she doesn't realize that's what he's done quite yet. What she does know is that it smells really good, and she's hungry. Maybe if she asks nicely, he'll give her some. Though he sounds annoyed about something...that hadn't been a happy, playful growl.

So she follows him to the table, but tries not to act too enthusiastic or curious. Not that she can help occasionally almost rearing up to sniff the food--it smells so good. Trying to get her to eat with utensils could only end in frustration, and setting her in the chair would bewilder her, but she wouldn't lash out if he tried.]
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They'd be adorable as wolves. Mama wolf would love them more than the Org did, at any rate. X3

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[Xion can be predictable like that.

Not knowing human manners, she didn't know that would have been his way of thinking, though even wolves didn't think it very fair to hog ALL the available food. Everyone got something from the day's hunt.

She gets that he's not annoyed at her, and wants to keep it that way. The situation with the chairs throws her for a loop, though. She's never sat in one before. So she tilts her head to one side in confusion before going to investigate it. After a few sniffs, she gets distracted by the smell of chicken and puts her front paws on the table, using them to help balance as she sits on her haunches to look over the table and see where Roxas put the food.]