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Epilogue (Closed)

Riku blinked, then blinked again, squinting at the sunset they were watching. What snapped him out of that daydream? What was he even thinking about anyway? He wanted to go back to thinking about it, but he couldn't remember. That horrible, uneasy feeling one has when a liked daydream or idea is lost sat heavily in the pit of his stomach.

The wind was cool on his lips. He licked them, finding they were already slightly wet. Had sea spray hit his face? ...On his lips only? It didn't taste like salt water. He felt like he was missing something, but he figured he licked his lips a moment before and something in the wind changed the taste of his own saliva.

He sighed. Why was he suddenly so melancholy? Maybe it was because Kairi was late. That had to be it. Tomorrow the chances of having one last sunset together was low. It would figure that Yen Sid would have kept her late on her last day of training. Still, if it meant that she would be safer when their adventure began soon, at least losing one last sunset might mean plenty more together in the future.

At least he wasn't alone.

"...Ever feel like you're forgetting something just before you leave?"

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