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Mission 25

[Now that everyone's back to normal, Cambot is so happy! It doesn't seem his person shares this sentiment, though. Xion is currently curled up in her window holding what looks like a note in her hand, looking pretty miserable. When she sees Cambot she sighs.]

Not now, Cambot.

[When it's pretty obvious he's not going away, there's another sigh, and her voice is a little shaky.]

If anyone else was looking for MakubeX...I think he's gone home.
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[Roxas had noted that Xion seemed pretty close to MakubeX. It hadn't occurred to him that they might have been close enough for his vanishing to be this upsetting for her until now, though.]

Are you okay?
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All right. If you want to talk about it, I'm here.

[It's pretty obvious she wants some alone time, but he means it when he says she can come talk to him if she wants or needs to.]
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[Roxas is in the kitchen when she does come looking for him, having realized that all they'd had to eat while in the mirror 'verse had been either vending machine crap or take out and he really wants something better than that. So, when she finds him, he's working on a vegetable and noodle dish from one of the few cookbooks on the media deck. It actually smells pretty good and it's almost done. He's also gotten into a habit of making extra food since he never knows who's going to drop in while he's cooking and it never feels right to not have something to offer. And if no one does drop in or they don't want any, the leftovers make for an easy lunch or snack. Now if he could remember how or when he learned to cook...]

Hey. You feel any better?

[There's also a pot of tea and for that at least, he's pretty sure Zexion introduced him to it, though that thought's a little off topic. Both food and tea are up for sharing if she's interested.]
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[Sounds about right. Most everyone generally helped clean up after eating. If anyone didn't, they weren't likely to get another offer, though he wouldn't expect someone to offer to help if they weren't feeling well. That includes emotionally as well as physically, though he won't stop her if she decides to help. The food will be done in just a moment and he fetches two dishes from the cabinet.

He smiles a little to hear that she's doing a little better. A little bit is better than not at all and if he can do anything to help, he will.

That's good.

[He won't pry if she still isn't ready to talk about it, though.]
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[He usually offers to help clean up if someone else offers him food when he comes to the kitchen, so it does irk him a little if someone refuses to help without a good reason. However, food must be eaten before worrying about cleaning up.]

No problem.

[Her question gives him his own reason to pause. He's still getting used to some things himself, regarding having a heart. Especially after what Sora had had to tell them about Nobodies and their hearts. He thinks he has a sensible answer and he knows any answer Axel would have had to such a question would have been sappy or cheesy or both.]

I guess there are. But sometimes bad things along with good things.
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[Maybe some cooking lessons are in order?

It's true that learning they'd had hearts or were developing hearts all along was taking some adjusting. Roxas might have had a small head start on it from kicking around in Sora's heart for a while. He wasn't sure. And Axel was a dork trying not to act like a dork and failing. Hence all the sap and cheese when it came to discussing serious things. He was probably trying to make it sound like he was dispensing deep wisdom.

As to the present, Roxas realizes that he really has no idea what to say here. He had noticed that Xion got along well with MakubeX. The possibility that it could be more than platonic hadn't crossed his mind, but he realizes it probably should have. Not that he would even have had any clue about the difference without a) having asked Axel once and being told there was difference between friendship and other kinds of love and b) having spent the time he had kicking around in Sora's heart.

Do you... think it might have made sense to say you were in love?

[And pretty much as soon as it's out of his mouth, he realizes it was probably the wrong thing to say. Not least because he knows she wasn't there when he'd asked Axel about love and he's not sure it the topic has come up since they've been on this satellite.]
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[Cooking is a useful skill. But he won't press the issue if she's not interested.

Well, if things work out back in their own worlds, they might just get to hear more of the sap and corn and cheese that their beloved dork can provide.

It had actually been one of the less cheesy conversations Roxas had ever had with Axel, now that he thinks of it. He'd also been rather puzzled that Roxas had asked, but that was beside the point. It was interesting. Roxas had known how Sora felt about Kairi when... whatever had happened to put him in contact with her had happened and he distinctly recalled thinking of the 'like' in a specific way. But his knowledge of the difference at the time might have had something to do with fake memories...

I... guess that makes sense. If hearts are all different, I guess the way they react to things can be different too.

[He still thinks he kind of stuck his foot in his mouth there, but it didn't upset her, he's not going to call attention to it.]
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Aww, kid.

[Liz knows that feel all too well, of someone you love getting zapped away. At least she knew where Linkara was, in theory.]

You want some ice cream? Or would you rather be alone for a while?
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[Nod] Whenever you want, kiddo.
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Come in!

[The minifridge Liz has stocked for Warhammer nights is stuffed with mini ice cream cups she smuggled up from the kitchen a little before and is rummaging through them as Xion comes in.]

What flavor would you like? I've got uh...chocolate fudge, rocky road, Neapolitan and...what is this, sea salt?
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[Well she's not gonna judge. She holds out the little container of sea salt ice cream to Xion, taking the chocolate for herself.]

Make yourself at home.

[They don't have to talk or anything if she doesn't want to. Ice cream is no obligation to discuss feels.]
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[Well she's here if Xion needs it. She just digs into her own ice cream quietly, occasionally looking over at the kid, seeing how she's doing.]
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Yeah. He was a good kid.
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I hope so too.

He...he seemed like someone who really needed a friend.
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[At first, Sora is really concerned that Xion is still suffering from what the mirrorverse did to everyone...then he realizes she's more talking about MakubeX. His face drops again.]

Do you wanna go check the Satellite for him?
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[Sora peers a little closer at the note, and its meaning sinks in. So...he probably is really gone, then...]


I'm really you want to do something or other?
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[He's had that happen before, and it a pretty awful feeling...let alone for such a close friend.]

Oh...oh, I did! [Back before they went universe-hopping, they'd mentioned it. And physical activity does sound like a good distraction right now.] Yeah, we can do that! You and Namine, and anyone else who wants to.
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Yeah, let's do that! Riku can come if he wants to, although he doesn't need the swimming lesson! [Mostly, he's wondering if Riku won't try to backseat drive on him. But since it's helping both of them get their minds off of sadness, it seems like a good idea.]
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I guess he could. But three people shouldn’t be that bad...

[Yeah, he had trouble paying attention in school, but that was different from actually teaching people things!]
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Who else do you think would want to?
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Okay. I'm sure we can handle a few more!
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Probably no further reply

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[There's not much Riku can offer. He's not good, either, but at least the person he cares for is still around, even if this last experience may have possibly blown it. In that respect, he's lucky.]

[Riku swallows and offers the only thing he can.] If Sora, Kairi and I can find each other again in all the worlds...