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It All Worked Out In The End

[Joel is up on the cockpit, tinkering with the Twin-Screw Universal Controller some. It’s impossible to tell what exactly he’s doing, but it does make a lot of strange noises as he fiddles with it.]

Aaaaand that should just abooooout doooo it...okay, there.

[He closes the bottom compartment on the device.]

Okay everyone, I’ve got it all worked out! Just let me know whenever you’ve said farewells to everyone, and I’ll use this thing and send everyone back to their normal worlds. Just give a holler!

[He regards the Twin-Screw Universal Controller, then looks back up at Cambot.]

Well, I guess we’ve learned not to toy with the laws of the internet.


OOC: [Here we’ve got our final big group thread! Whenever Joel uses the switch, all characters will be instantly returned to their normal universes at the moment they last left them, and Mike and the Bots will be transported down to earth.]

[This is a massive FREE-FOR-ALL thread. Feel free to talk to any other characters as you see fit, whether over Cambot or in person. Feel free to create and jump into multiple threads. You can do this as a network post with action tags, or in prose. You are also free to ask anything of Joel, Mike or the Bots that you want. Go all out, and have total fun!]

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