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Ship Approaching!

[There’s a bit of static on Cambot’s screen, before Joel’s face appears once again. He’s still in the cockpit of his tiny spaceship.]

Joel: --I’m almost there now, so hang tight! Oh, and by the way: open the pod bay doors, Gypsy!

Gypsy: I’m sorry Joel, I’m afraid I can’t do that.

Joel: Aww come on, Gypsy. I’ll let you talk to Richard Basehart on the phone. I got his number while I was down on Earth.

Gypsy: Oh, well in that case, yesyesyesyesyesyes! Opening Launch Deck doors now!

Joel: Thanks, girl.

[If characters want, they can come and meet Joel down in the Launch Deck now!]
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[Riku's eyes widen before a smile of anticipation appears, and he finds himself leaving the Nature Deck quickly... Before he pauses. He looks outside through the hallway window at the stars, then slowly down to the fresh Rosemary he's gathered, and the hints of pigment that have stained his hands. He gazes down very seriously , eyes flickering in thought and memory. After a very long minute he continues on his way, but now at a slower, normal pace. He goes first to the Theatrical Deck, grabbing an envelope and a corked bottle. After placing the rosemary in the envelope he pockets both and heads to the Launch Deck.]
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I can bet. I thought some gummi ship flights were long. [Riku is finally on deck, looking up at the ship with a smile but thoughtfully. He plants his thumb in his pocket.]

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Joel!? Joel is here?!

[And thus Minako is bounding down the decks to meet...Joel. THE Joel.]
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[Welp. Guess that means it's about time. 'Bout time she got to meet the man in person at least, if only briefly. Liz hurries down to the launch deck and waits for him to dock.]
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That's me!

I hear you're coming to take us away.

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Chya! And I never did thank ya for that, did I? Thanks man! I really appreciated it!

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[Guess who's waiting to meet him, though hanging back a bit behind the others.]
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[There's quite a few of them, yes, though most don't like being thought of as kids.]

Hello. My name is Namine.

You're Joel, right?

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[Roxas doesn't head down to the launch deck right away. Instead he's halfway watching Cambot and halfway... trying to figure out what to do with a fire breathing jerboa. Though when the tiny rodent realizes what it's doing to cause the fire, it's more careful. And since it is being careful, Roxas is okay with letting it hop up into his hair.

It isn't until it's confirmed by network chatter that Joel has actually landed that Roxas heads down to the launch deck. Not that he even has any idea at all what to say to the guy so he hangs back while others are talking to him.
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It's called a jerboa according to a book in the media deck.

[This is Roxas being very unamused.]

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[With all the fuss that had been made, he couldn't resist floating down to check this out himself. Have a floating alien artifact containing an AI watching on the dock.]
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Excuse me? I'm not Cambot. My name is Epsilon.

[Have his like flickering red.]

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