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21 Cupcakes: The Darkness and the Shadows

Psssst! Hey, Cammy! Over here!

[The Cambot turns about, finally locating Pinkie and 90s Kid curled up together around a lantern in an otherwise dark room. Pinkie appears somewhat less perturbed by this, draping her forelegs over the kid's shoulders and leaning her chin on one to talk to the robot.]

So yeah, I know everyone's kinda freaked out right now! I am too - I mean, the darkness IS pretty scary sometimes, especially right now that it's being all big and shadowy and toothy-looking! [She giggles a little nervously.] It's funny, I haven't even been scared of the dark since I was a teeny weeny itty bitty little Pinkie-winkie! I totally got over all that, though, ages and ages ago! You wanna know how?

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Tell me she isn't...
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Just let her sing it out?
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Guess so.


It's pretty catchy though...
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Yeah. It kinda is, actually.
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Giggle at the ghostly,
Guffaw at the grossly,
Crack up at the creepy,
Whoop it up with the weepy~

[Yup. They've got her now.]
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[Riku stares as she begins to sing. Towards the end of the chorus he finds himself humming (and off key at that), and stops himself promptly. Nope, that didn't just happen. Nope. Just going to Nope here.]
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[Nope, she heard what you did there. Your secret is safe with her.]
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[Good. Cuz nope. Nope and nope, too.]

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Anyone ever tell you you're a complete cuckoo bird?

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[Too bad Pinkie can't understand sarcasm.]

You really think that crap'll work?

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I'm going to regret the answer, aren't I? But who the hell is Nightmare Moon?

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Let me guess, she turned good in the end? Your world sounds like something out of a bad fairy tale.

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Oh brother. So how'd that happen?