booyaka: (Eh-heh-heh...)
Selphie Tilmitt ([personal profile] booyaka) wrote in [community profile] itsjustcambot2013-04-07 01:00 pm

Be careful what you ask for

[When everyone wakes up in the morning, they may find their closets aren't... quite as orderly as they were the day before. Things are slightly misplaced, shifted around, which would be easy enough to blame on the sudden change of direction on the SOL.]

[Until later in the day when the cambots all click on, showing the Cafeteria deck and it's new... partytime finery. Zidane is in the background, tail lashed around one of the light fixtures to hold himself up as he hangs a "streamer" made of underwear - bras, panties, boxers, and briefs all stapled together. Selphie is in the foreground, holding up something awful.]

Okay, who do these belong to? Ew.

[Zidane then chimes in from behind:]

I'll give you a hundred gil to parade around the SOL in just that for ten minutes!

[Selphie cringes.] 200 gil to keep your clothes on. Please.

Awwwww! You're supposed to encourage people to do stupid stuff, Selphie!

But what if they're Squall's?

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