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Someone is confused, very confused

[He's just finished rinsing his mouth out in one of the bathrooms when Cambot finds him. There is a tiny rodent perched on his head, blending in with his hair a little bit. Upon closer inspection, it turns out to be a jerboa. Its fur is a little wet, but it doesn't seem any worse for the wear otherwise.

Cambot hasn't gotten his lens fixed yet, but he seems a little more interested in the rodent at the moment. He makes a questioning beep at Roxas.

No, I don't know where it came from.

[Other than maybe some for of hammerspace, but he doesn't even want to contemplate it. He coughs a little and makes a face before addressing anyone that might be listening.]

Do you think it's safe to say that we're going to see a lot of ridiculous things before Joel gets here? Every time that switch has been hit, something weird happens. First one had us talking weird, then there was... the crazy need to invest, then whatever it did the third time it was hit. And then...

[He snickers a little, but his amusement is a little subdued. Everyone thought they'd been raised by wolves. That meant memory tampering. Still... some things had happened that a few people were likely never going to live down.]

Uh. I guess you could call that last thing a walk on the wild side? And now this. Did anyone else cough up something weird?

[As an after thought, he gently removes the small rodent from his head. He's obviously not sure what to do with it, but it seems like he might be considering looking after it. He looks at the rodent, at Cambot and then the rodent again.]

I wonder if there's anything on the media deck with information on this little guy.
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It couldn't hurt to check, I suppose.
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Neither can I. But it could be worse.
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Mmm, it is.
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Since they seem to be a meme nowadays...

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[Riku, on the other hand, is sitting on the edge of his bed, eyes a little bloodshot and face a little red like he's been very sick recently. He picks some fur off his tongue. Theres a small baby animal clinging to his vest. He's got a shirt in his arm and lap in such a way it looked like he'd been cradling the creature before it climbed his torso. His voice doesn't sound so good.]

...So there's three of us that've hacked up small animals?
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[Riku wipes his mouth, coughing a little.] Don't suppose you have any idea what this little thing is? [He sorta of holds it to himself. It really is cute.]

[...Man, if this is a baby animal, and he just hacked it up, he suddenly has that much more respect for women.]
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[He clears his throat, still sounding hoarse.] I'll probably see you in a little while then. ...Soon as I can pull myself together. [The creature starts climbing higher, seemingly unfazed by the ordeal. Riku doesn't seem to care and just lets it.]

[Riku wonders the same thing.]

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Yeah. The whole place went to the dogs.

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[Vanitas finds amusement in anything that involves a person's embarassment.]

Just some fleabag. You want him?

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Animals aren't my thing. It's some kind of fox.

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Yeah... [As for Sora, he's currently holding a large metallic keychain that looks to be in the shape of a spaceship. He still looks a bit ill. Also, his hands and forearms are caked with old dirt.] least I didn't get something alive...
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What? No! It was this thing! [He holds up the keychain. Something dead would be waaaay worse.]
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Yeah... [He pauses for a moment, looking at it.] I don't think I'm ever gonna use it, for once.
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[Sora takes a moment to process that, and then makes a face.]

...Why would you point out something like that?!
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Yeah, but you don't have to be totally gross about it! [And here comes the pouty face.]
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It probably is the switch, and affecting most of us.

[Namine holds up a chameleon, not that she's exactly sure that's what it is, yet.]

Maybe the media deck would have some information on this one, too.
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Maybe, but I don't know if this is much better than some of the other things that have happened. And how would we stop them?

[That's more than Namine knows, at least.]

I can meet you there?
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I guess if the effects get really bad, we can think of something.

[Namine saw one of those when she had to work with his memories. That's not a thing for discussing now, though. She's on her way to the media deck and will see him there.]
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We'll see.

[Roxas had been far less lucky that Sora in the Heartless he'd had to deal with. Namine hadn't seen every fight, but she'd seen enough to know.

When Roxas arrived, she was just starting to look through the books on animals. Sharing the work would be good.]

Hello. I was just getting started.
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[For some animals, blending in is a survival skill, though Namine's little lizard seems to be happy resting on her shoulder. To each their own.

They'll have to see how they can divide up the work fairly, though.]

Okay. Do you want to look at the books on the next shelf, since I've started here?
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[Namine is pretty sure of the same--the biggest challenge may just be making sure they keep up with areas others have already checked. Her current area is one that she chose because it has books that look like they focus on the kind of animal hers is, and have lots of pictures. Some of the animals in them don't look nearly so cute, either...

After a few minutes of quietly flipping through the books, something starts to look familiar.]

I think I found something about mine.
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...Did everyone get live animals stuck in their throat?

That is so unfair!