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90s Kid ([personal profile] liefeldisgod) wrote in [community profile] itsjustcambot2013-04-02 01:51 am
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[Cambot's following 90s Kid around again. This time the kid's in the bathroom, apparently rinsing his mouth out with half a bottle of mouthwash. Oh, and there's a frog hopping around his feet. What's that about?

He finally spits out the last of the mouthwash in the sink, groaning and looking totally grossed out. Then he notices the camera.]

--Cambot! What're you doin' taping me now, man?!

[Cambot starts to turn to go away, but then 90s Kid scrabbles in front of him bouncing back as always] ...actually, wait, don't go yet. I actually wanted to say somethin'.

Pinkie Pie! Where are you at, dude? I uh...I got this great new idea for a prank and I wanted to test it!

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