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Twenty-second Key

Hey guys! Aside from some people, um, italics talking unitalics a little weird now, it still seems like things are mostly normal around here...and I know I promised some of you that I’d teach you how to swim! Namine and Xion, I know you asked about it. If anyone else that doesn’t know wants to learn, meet me down at the recreation deck pool and I’ll try and teach you about swimming!

I think a lot of us wanna take our minds off of things. And swimming is a lot of fun once you get the hang of it.
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People are talking different? Different italics how slashitalics?


Never mind, I think I just answered my own question.
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...Maybe it's this thing? Crow was messing with it earlier.

[At this, she points to the Controller. Yeah, she's on the Bridge.]

The switches don't moving when I try to pull them, though. They're stuck.
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That is a good question. Maybe its something we say?...
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[Roxas just kind of stares for a moment. He hadn't actually spoken to anyone after Crow threw the switch, so this was the first he was hearing about the weird speaking issues.

And Sora was clearly not bothered at all. Go figure. Roxas just sighs and considers his odds with avoiding saying anything that would trigger the weirdness, seeing as it seems to have something to do with emphasis on words. He supposes he can try, at least. It's not like he uses heavy emphasis a whole lot anyway. Except maybe when dealing with certain blockheads... He still wants to kill Crow and he especially wants to get that device away from him. Maybe the effect was mostly harmless this time, but who knows what could happen next?

Huh, that actually sounds like a good idea.

[Logically Roxas thinks he should probably know how to swim already, but maybe he just needs a bit of a refresher as he had with magic.]
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It couldn't hurt.
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...That's not a bad idea.
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Sarcasm You think? unsarcasm

[He pauses and just blinks at that one.]

You're teaching italics three unitalics people to swim and there's one of you. Lifeguard?
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No, but you get after me when I put too much on my plate and tackle it by myself.

C'mon, we can just chill.
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[Riku totally gives Sora a "Yeah, right," look, shaking his head.]

See you there.
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I'll be there.

[They need something fun, now.]
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Thanks, Sora. So we're meeting down there as soon as we can?
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Got it. See you there!