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Minako Aino ([personal profile] verygassy) wrote in [community profile] itsjustcambot2013-03-13 08:16 am
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42 Love Chains

[Well. That just...well. Here's Minako. Its been awhile, right?]

Sorry for the disappearance, guys! Apparently universe-hopping destroyed my room, so I just spent these last few days cleaning it up. But two nights ago, as I was going to bed, it got me to thinking that maybe some people were still bummed out by what happened. I might sound crazy, but I can understand the whole "turning evil against your will" thing. How that can mess people up. you could wake up with yourself after turning against your friends.

[Is that a hint of sadness? It just might be. Some people might have an idea why.

Aaaand just as soon as its there it's gone again.]

...Which caused me to have this super-weird dream about our adventures with universe-hopping! That and...lack of sleep since I hadn't slept since we ended up in the evil universe. I...won't go into details about the dream, because it was really messed up, but I promise this is going somewhere so don't leave Cambot.

[Aw, man-]

It gave me the perfect idea to help people cheer back up! In fact, maaaaybe you guys should check your rooms to see if someone brought you guys anything while you weren't there~!

[And what an idea it was. People might find a cute plushie one of these in random places in their room. On top of a shelf, under a pillow, hiding behind your door...under your bed...the sky is the limit!]

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