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Big Macintosh ([personal profile] sailoryup) wrote in [community profile] itsjustcambot2012-10-01 11:37 pm

6th Bushel

[Big Macintosh, wearing a yellow and black scarf around his neck, is down in the nature deck, which seems to be far more overgrown than normal. There's already a dent in the wall next to a big tree that's thrashing its limbs at the big red pony, who's thankfully out of its reach, and somewhere far in the background are tendrils of thick, black weeds that look like they're moving all on their own.

But his garden still seems to be completely intact, except with his apple trees now in full bloom and with a lot more unusual vegetables permeating it. He steps carefully past a huge patch of huge healthy-looking pumpkins, a shallow paddy of water with a sign labeled "gillyweed," another patch labeled "wolfsbane," and finally he stops short in front of a patch of ugly brown roots, with a very large, boldfaced sign;


He tilts his head, cautiously leaning in close to the roots without touching them. He sniffs at them, then snorts and draws back, wrinkling his nose.]

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