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Minako Aino ([personal profile] verygassy) wrote in [community profile] itsjustcambot2012-07-27 10:29 am

34 Love Chains

[Well, its Minako again. And she's wearing a black cloak over her head and body. And though she's trying to be cheerful and upbeat and seemingly oblivious to everything that's happened, one only needs to look at her eyes, during the moment when Cambot first turns on. to tell that, deep down, her smile is a lie - all the makeup can only conceal a puffy red face so well.

She looks, for one second, weary and indeterminably sad.

Then her eyes blink, and she speaks, her Cambot's normal subtitles working for her.]

"Guys? I know, um, a lot of stuff's happened this week. But...I thought about it, and we...really can't let what's happened get to us!"

[Even though, despite her best efforts to hide it, SOMETHING from this week has gotten to her.]

"So, yeah, I didn't get the movie done. But I figured I should still do something, so...!"

[And then suddenly, the trademark goofy smile of Minako's returns full blast, and she rips her cloak off to reveaOH MY GOD WHAT IS UP WITH HER HAIR AND HER CLOTHING AND THAT NECKLACE AND THOSE BRACELETS AND GUITAR AND wait.]

"Hit it, Cambot!"

[The room Minako's in suddenly turns dark, with hot pink and green and red spotlights. Oh, and a projection in the background of...well. scenes from this. And the music? Take a guess.

Cue Minako...lip synching. And Tom dressed as a ZZ Top member and Crow in that one jacket.


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