01 July 2012 @ 12:47 am
32 Love Chains  
[Somewhere away from the Tom Servo and cafeteria decks thankfully for her in a random bathroom sink...]

Awwwwwwwwwww!! This is weird and isn't faaaaaaair!

[Frankly, if a...seashell could pout, this one would. As it is, it is trying to turn on the faucet of the sink. Alas, no arms, no luck. Thankfully a random hand pops out, plugs the sink and turns the faucet on for her, turning it off when the water is high enough.]

Aaaah! Thank you, Cambot...

[And with a flop the...seashell? splashes into the water. It glumly starts swimming in stationary circles.]

Why couldn't I be something people wouldn't be tempted to eat...
20 May 2012 @ 10:59 pm
First Hack  
[The unattached cambot's floating down the hall near the theatre, but there's nothing in sight. It rotates back and forth, searching for whatever noise it heard that brought it down to this area of the ship - there was something, right?]

[After half a minute of absolutely nothing happening, it bobs a little, almost in irritation, then turns around to go back the way it came.]

[It didn't seem to think to look up...]

((ooc: Robin's hiding in (not on) the ceiling. Someone walks by, he might ambush them to see if this some sort of plan to kidnap/brainwash/memory loss/fill in the blank here, but he also might not. Apologies in advance for any bad first impressions he makes but he's got reason to be suspicious XD))
20 May 2012 @ 11:55 am
Mission 9  
[Once again Cambot comes across Xion looking for something, this time in her room. This time, though, she notices his entrance and looks up.]

Oh! There you are. Are you recording? Maybe you can help.

[Does this mean Xion's actually going to let Cambot record something for once? This calls for victory music! Of course he'll help!

Xion smiles slightly at the music, then her expression turns serious.]

Somehow my keychain I got for Christmas and--

[She pauses, as if considering whether or not to mention the next item.]

my wooden keyblade have gone missing.

If anyone sees them, could you tell me?
20 May 2012 @ 01:11 am
28 Love Chains  

[Yawwwwwwn. Streeeeetch. Eyyyyye rubs. underboob scratches Minako's back!

...Actually she's looking at Cambot, bleary-eyed.]

Mmmmornin'. I must have been really tired. I must have slept through my alarm...still kind of groggy. Eh...'s too bad, I was gonna do another Bella sketch for the riff toda-


[And it is at this moment that she is interrupted by a canine with a backwards hat and sunglasses and chains on.]



[And just like that the dog is gone, leaving the half-awake Minako to stare at her door for several moments before finally speaking.]

Uh, am I still asleep, or did that just really happen?
19 May 2012 @ 08:21 pm
Mystery messages  
[Tom and Crow appear on the Cambot together...seems like they're pretty excited about something.]

Crow: Hey! Hey! You see that guy in Dr. F's transmission? It looked just like Joel!

Tom: Kinda sounded just like him, too!

Crow: Waaaaait...does that mean Joel's a Mad now, too?

Tom: Well, maybe it is! Always knew there was something weird about that guy!

Crow: I thought it was his eyelids, personally.

Tom: No, those were just abnormally large.

Crow: That'd still count as weird, don't you think?

Tom: Yes, but the question is, is that mad scientist weird?

Crow: I dunno...guess we'd have to ask a mad scientist!

Tom: Rrrrrright!
...So what were we talking about, again?
07 May 2012 @ 02:50 pm
[A big metal bird that most of you probably recognize now as Liz is flying through one of the housing decks, some time after Harvey and Roxas's conversation earlier, though there's nobody else in the hall now. She seems to be looking for something, and Cambot is following at a fairly long distance from her.

She stands on the floor around a corner, head tilted like she's listening. Faintly there is a strange screeching sound in the distance. Liz takes to the air again, flying after it. Cambot follows, and as it turns the corner with her there is a faint figure at the end of the hall, something blocky and out of focus. It's gone quickly, and as the duo tries to give chase suddenly Cambot reels, the feed going to static.

By the time it flickers back on, Liz is on the floor, looking like she's about to be sick.]
05 May 2012 @ 09:33 pm
[ Well, here's a familiar face! Or perhaps not, because he's been gone for a while. At any rate, there's a ginger on your screen, looking rather tired and a mite annoyed, at that! He gives the camera a half-hearted wave. ]

Heeeeeeey, guuuys. Miss me? Well, now you don't have to, because here I am! Without even a "Welcome Back" party, either. You guys really know how to make a guy feel at home, let me tell you.

[ He's totally not dripping sarcasm. Really. Please forgive him; he hasn't slept in at least a day. ]

There just wasn't enough going on back home, you know? Totally uneventful. I'm a teenager; I need some excitement in my life! And what better place to find it than on the Satellite of Loooove, with its dampening field and talking rainbow ponies and crazy experiments? It's perfect! And here I was just going to go for a midnight stroll! What was I thinking?

[ He throws his hands in the air and meanders around the hall for a few moments as Cambot watches, obviously trying to walk off his frustration. This was not supposed to turn into a rant. Calm down, Wally. Breeeeeeeathe. Okay, now try again. ]

Where is everybody? I haven't seen anyone, and I've been here for at least an hour already. Are you all hiding from me? Planning that "Welcome Back, Wally" party as a surprise? 'Cause I'm totally cool with that! Buuuut shouldn't everyone still be acting relatively normal? Like, you know, not all completely disappearing? Seriously, I'm starting to feel like I'm in a horror flick, here, On an abandoned satellite waiting for aliens to attack!

Or zombies.

Or zombie aliens.

[ He takes a moment to consider this. ]

I wouldn't put it past this place. Better go stock up on knives and forks from the cafeteria, just in case. Rob didn't teach me to throw Batarangs for nothing.
26 April 2012 @ 12:10 pm
Episode 07: Welp  
Huh. And here I thought we couldn't have a bigger twist than 90's Kid getting married.
17 April 2012 @ 12:00 pm
Episode 06: I See Bad Plot Twists  
[Linkara. Cambot. Futon. He doesn't look too terribly amused.]

This week's shenanigans look pretty scattered, right? I mean, we have some people seeing dead people, or ghosts, or possibly sharing hallucinations - whatever you want to call it. On top of that, Terra suddenly has super strength and Riku's afraid of red. [Yep, somebody's been keeping up on what's going on over Cambot.]

It does look pretty random...until you remember that the Mads' special guest during their last transmission was M. Night Shyamalan. Those of you who know who he is probably have a good idea of what's coming next, or at least have a few guesses. Those of you who don't...well, the mermaid in the pool might be friendly but I wouldn't risk it, don't go near the elevators, and stay off the nature deck.
14 April 2012 @ 07:55 pm
Eleventh Key  
[Cambot is making his rounds around the halls when he spots Sora heading to the deck bathroom, a towel and toothbrush in hand. He doesn't seem to notice Cambot at first, or if he does, doesn't much care. However, once he reaches the door, he suddenly starts and turns around as if having just spotted something. Sora looks confused as he follows some invisible figure away from him, back down the hall.]


[He looks back at Cambot before turning back in the direction the apparent...something went.]

Who was that guy?
07 April 2012 @ 01:31 am
15th Dawn  
[Cambot focuses on foliage, notably a fern as piano music begins to play. Sitting upon it is a small bird. It's just a little house sparrow, cocking its head with a single, sharp little motion before flitting away. Cambot is obviously in the nature deck, and it focuses past the fern to show Riku sitting in the grass, watching the birds along the water bathe. His arm is propped on his knee. There's an odd, small scar on the side of it, like a pit, that wasn't there a couple days ago. It doesn't seem to bother him in the slightest. For that matter, he doesn't move stiffly like he had just a couple days ago. Clearly his side isn't hurting him at all. When he hears Cambot (or rather, notices the peaceful music) he looks over and stops fiddling with something in his hand a moment. He smiles just as the music becomes more dramatic.]

So I tried out the time machine. I wanted to scout some things out before making plans. [He holds something up between his fingers. It's a white tooth, the edge sparkling with fine serrations. The broken tooth looks about the same size as that scar...] Thanks again, Amaterasu. For saving my hide back there. [There's a little smirk and a hesitation before he continues.]

I want to go back, but not by myself this time. Anyone up for a dinosaur safari?
09 March 2012 @ 01:02 am
First Report  
[Cambot's moving up to deck 7 from deck 6, it catches sound of some strangled noises that are coming from farther down the deck, around one of the bookshelves. Moving slowly in case of any incoming laser-attacks, Cambot circles around the shelf... and pauses.]

[There's a mess of papers spread out on the floor, not even a nest so much as a mountain that seem to be pages from scripts and various other looseleafs. Even in this state, she would not shred a book - but there are books there as well, open and dumped around and generally looking bad. Almost all of the pages visible have many, many, many red markings on them, scribbles and X-es and arrows and giant ovals and every possible combination of editing mark you can think of. In the middle of this, there is a purple unicorn, her mane a little messed up and her eyes a little crazed, sort of curled in around herself. She seems to be muttering something, and Cambot slowly drifts forward to try and catch it...]

-promise, I promise, I won't let them get you! Nothing can hurt you ever again, I swear! No one will ever harm you! I'll take care of you until the end of time-

[What's she speaking to? ...The thesaurus and dictionary she's clutching to her body protectively, as if they're wounded children. And to Twilight, they are.]
04 March 2012 @ 10:53 pm
|| First ☄ ||  
[Just another day on the SOL - nothing out of the ordinary here. There certainly isn't a furry cat-like alien in full body armour wandering the halls with a glowing wrench, pressing an buttons he can find and fiddling with pieces of discarded metal, no sirree.

And he definitely isn't trying to swat away a certain cambot, following his every move.]

Hey, knock it off. I said I'd find a way outta here, alright?

[If 'a way out' meant wandering around in circles for the past hour. The Lombax's tail swishes once in thought, a gloved hand on his hip as he looks to the side, then up.]

Qwark? Aphelion? Yo! You guys okay?

[The only noise, the only response that fills the halls is cambot's whirring. Something Ratchet really would like to stop circling him every few minutes.


Marooned on a spaceship with no other forms of life in sight. This was turning out to be such a great rescue.]

Ah, c'mon. If Qwark's involved, we'd better go help.
22 February 2012 @ 10:36 pm
Letter 001: This was not on the list.  
[Hello, viewers, please enjoy this image of an enormous green eye. Apparently some creature (reptilian in nature, judging by the snake-like pupil) is leaning super close to Cambot to peer at his lens. Blink, blink. After a second, he leans away and scratches his head, revealing himself to be a small purple dragon, riding on the back of a purple pony. Just another day on the Satellite of Love.] Uh, hey, Twilight?

[The aforementioned pony seems to have her nose buried in a long scroll of parchment.] So after we go pick up the new quills and parchment, we can stop by Sugarcube Corner and see if we can get some pastries for our next party, and then we'll need to go out to Sweet Apple Acres and help Applejack measure the foundation for that new storage cellar she wants to put in.

[The dragon tugs gently on Twilight's mane to get her attention.] Yeah, okay, but Twilight?

Oh, and Cheerilee wanted to talk to us about coming in and demonstrating some magic for her younger students and she has all those books to return so we might as well pick them up while we're over there, and once we get home we need to reorganize at least the Classics section and possibly Modern Spellcasting as well because someone got into them and messed everything up and nothing's where it should be anymore.

[Tugging gently has been upgraded to tugging not so gently.] Kinda need you to see this...

And the globe needs polishing, and the floor needs to be scrubbed again, and I think our clock might be thirty seconds too fast --

TWILIGHT!! [Finally he gives up and snatches the to-do list away from her.]

What is it, Spi-IIIIIIIIIIIIIIhhhhhhhhhhhhk! [Her eyes go almost as wide as her head as her breath is sucked completely out of her body at what she's seeing.]

Yyyyyyeah. [And Spike just deadpans it:] I think we're lost.

((Double intro post! Expect responses from both Spike and Twilight ([personal profile] sailormagic). \o/))
19 February 2012 @ 11:25 am
Tenth Key  
[Sora comes onscreen, back to his human self. Luckily, his Cambot isn't busted or anything, but he still looks pretty embarrassed and upset with himself.]

Uhh, h-hey, everyone. It looks like we're back to our normal selves now! And that dragon-horse guy is gone! I guess I wasn't the only one he was messing with, but...that was like living in a really weird nightmare.

Listen...I just wanted to apologize to anyone I hurt. I was a total jerk. And I'm really sorry that I said that stuff...I don't mean it at all.
13 February 2012 @ 02:04 am
Nine Cupcakes: I HATE CUPCAKES  
[Cammy's already screeching in alarm when he turns the feed on, hovering near the ground outside a room with a slightly-cracked door. He stays there for a few seconds, then cautiously peeeeeeeers around the corner again, nudging the door open a little further.]


[There's the briefest flash of Pinkie sitting on her bed before Cammy has to duck a thrown pillow. But he's always been an intrepid little Cambot and he darts forward quickly, long enough to note the unnatural greyness of his friend's coat. He doesn't dodge her next throw, and the alarm clock leaves a small spiderweb of cracks across the corner of his screen. Pinkie can be heard muttering to herself as he quickly turns tail and flees.]

I hate Cambots...
13 February 2012 @ 01:12 am
12th Dawn [Primarily Audio]  
[There's a cloth over Cambot's lens. An equine shadow can be seen with the occasional twinkle shining through the cloth. It looks like the pony's wearing something, based on the shadow shape? Maybe a cloak? Or maybe just a sheet. Or maybe it's trying to be a ghost! It's make sense, since it appears to be floating. Hard to tell. And for some reason in the background a certain song can be heard. It repeats itself. Cambot isn't the one playing it.]

[A voice comes over from the figure. It's deep and smooth, though the tones and mannerisms are all somehow still distinctly casual and natural.]

I need a hand. Can someone help me tie these hand weights to my feet? I'm tired of floating off everywhere, but I'm not having a lot of luck doing this with my mouth and a hoof.
11 February 2012 @ 03:58 pm
[Up in the cockpit, there’s a sudden flash of lightning and a burst of pink smoke...and out of the smoke emerges a strange, haphazard creature. It looks to be part pony, part lion, part dragon and part deer...and all smug smiles.]

Hell-O, everypony! Although, I suppose here, not everypony is even a pony, hmm? Now isn’t that fascinating...

I suppose I should introduce myself...I’m Discord, lord of chaos! I just happened to be passing by this part of the cosmos, when I couldn’t help noticing all this splendid chaos you have going on up here! I just had to come along and contribute what little I could.

Who’s causing all this bee-you-tiful disharmony, you may ask? Well, it’s not me, and it’s not Joe! I wonder who...or what...it could possibly be!

[As soon as Discord shows up, even more chaos spreads around the SOL...it starts raining chocolate milk on the nature deck, the food synthesizer only puts out unpopped popcorn and anchovies, and the media deck is now entirely upside-down. This chaos will continue to escalate, even affecting characters’ personalities for the worse, unless your characters find a way to stop Discord!]
10 February 2012 @ 11:32 pm
[A rather dashing unicorn is just staring at the camera. Wait, did I say dashing? I meant disgruntled. Very disgruntled.]

I want it officially known that I am not paid enough for this. Also, why am I a unicorn? I am not in any sense of the word a maiden.

I'd ask to speak to the management, but really, I think they're still sore over the puns.
04 February 2012 @ 09:54 pm
Second trick  
[Hey, look! It's another little pony! And she's looking mildly panicked for some reason.]

I just want to make one thing perfectly clear: whatever caused this, I didn't do it!


...Sorry, force of habit. Just go ahead and ignore that, okay?

Anyway, this is... new. Learning to walk on all fours is definitely gonna take some getting used to.

I take it this is the sort of crazy weird stuff that tends to happen around here?