28 October 2012 @ 10:14 pm
Someone is not sure what to think of this...  
[Cambot is on the nature deck and is focused on one of those hunting season signs. However, unlike all of the other ones, it is for a species not yet seen on the satellite. Roxas has noticed it.]

Panda Season?

[He looks at Cambot. Besides looking puzzled, his eye looks better. Obviously, it isn't bothering him at the moment and he's a bit more interested in this oddity. Cambot hasn't a clue, however, and does a little bob with a slight tilt that may be meant to be a shrug.]


[Roxas turns to go about his business, which is this case was just looking around. He hasn't really spent a lot of time on the nature deck yet, though he isn't sure why he's doing so now. In any case, in his poking around, he finds something. A cranky something that he seems to have startled. Huh, that's... well, that's a panda. That's a panda in an uber cute anime style. Pandas are bears. Herbivores, yes, but they still have the teeth and claws of a carnivore. This one is upset.]

...Oh hell...

[Roxas exits stage left with a rather annoyed panda hot on his heels. From off camera come sounds that would seem to indicate that Roxas is not having fun with the panda. Then the sound dies down. The panda enters from stage left with a scrap of cloth in its mouth that might very well be the seat of Roxas's pants, looking rather satisfied. A couple minutes later, Roxas leans into frame, looking miffed. He sounds pathetically embarrassed when he speaks up.]

Cambot, stop filming.

[The feed obligingly cuts off.]
22 October 2012 @ 12:41 am
[Chibi paws at the camera, then steps back, looking as solemn as a cartoon wolf pup can. He barks, bounces up and down, then crouches and covers his head with his paws. It's kind of hard to work out sign language for this sort of thing, and he'll probably get a lot of questions, but hopefully people will get the message. That bouncy ball could hurt someone.]

OOC: So when Sora and Chibi were playing in the rec room, they may have bounced one of the small balls there a bit too hard. Characters may encounter a fast, unstoppable ball bouncing around the halls of the ship. Watch your heads, guys!
10 October 2012 @ 10:46 pm
Twenty-first link [backdated to the beginning of the week]  
[Cambot is loyally keeping an eye on his person. Not that that's difficult; statues don't do much. Looks like she's just laying there asleep in her bed.

Though, is that a bit of color returning to her skin? It just might be! The arm that had been holding the mirror falls to her side. Her eyes open, and...

she sits up so quickly Cambot actually retreats a bit.]

Cambot, there's a snake, we have to--

[Then she finally seems to realize where she is, blinks, and looks around in confusion.]

What happened?
23 September 2012 @ 12:27 am
22nd Dawn [Backdated to maybe 24 hours after his return, forgot]  
[It’s Riku. He’s really not doing anything much. The boy is sitting in front of a window, having pulled a chair from somewhere and holding his Keyblade. He’s looking out to the curved horizon of a darkened Earth with a hint of a smile. Along the planet’s edge was a brightening glow. Riku doesn’t seem to notice Cambot, or else he’s ignoring it.

He looks so peaceful.

Cambot focuses back through the window, perhaps trying to figure out what Riku’s looking at. The view is at least very beautiful. The sliver of bright light along the Earth seems to cradle the tiny glows of cities shining in the darkness. Beyond the crescent of light was a gentle dusting of stars.

And then the glow along the planet suddenly blinds Cambot with golden light. Unable to focus past the glare, it turns instead to Riku. His eyes are squeezed nearly shut, but as his eyes start to focus, it’s clear that the grimace from squinting is hiding a pure and satisfied smile. He sighs a little, gripping his Keyblade a little tighter.

Cambot turns back to Earth. It simply continues to watch with Riku as the sunrise sweep over the world, forgetting to turn off the recording for quite a while. Oh, Cambot...]
20 September 2012 @ 09:02 pm
[ Cambot's whirling about to try to follow something, but all it can get on camera is a reddish blur... ]
18 September 2012 @ 12:50 am
Third Number  
[Harvey's in a very good mood today. Because, while the pink pony appears to now be even more everywhere, he has his goddamned suits back. He's even singing quietly to himself as he refills Frank's food dish, apparently unaware that Cambot's even entered the room. The robot, for its part, is surprisingly quiet and steady; it draws closer and closer, swaying along to the tune, until eventually it butts Harvey in the back.]

Whoa, easy there, Cam. [He turns to push it away a little, only to have it float back forward to nuzzle him. Leaning over, he holds it steady and waves a hand in front of the lens.] The hell's wrong with you?

(( OOC: He's the MUSIC MEISTERRRRRRR - no but seriously he sorta is))
10 September 2012 @ 10:35 pm
Second Sunrise (Celestia)  
[Cambot's feed opens to show Celestia in her room staring at her tiara, which she has taken off for some reason. She closes her eyes and lowers her head. A yellow glow starts appearing on her horn, but so far, nothing else is happening. She glares at the tiara and clenches her teeth as she keeps trying. After a couple minutes, the glow disappears and she starts breathing a little uneasy, as if she's tired.

The Cambot then makes a rather familiar noise . This startles Celestia and she looks up to see Cambot.] Oh pardon me everypony. I was just trying to see my magic is back. Either I'm out of practice or-

[She pauses and suddenly looks confused.] ...Is it just me or is things have gotten warmer around here?

(OOC: Okay what's going on is that she gained her ability to move the sun back and accidentally moved the sun closer to one part of the satellite. So it'll be a little warmer and brighter on that part of the satellite. Since she's out of practice, she won't be able to push it away just yet, but your character is free to move away from the affected side.)
09 September 2012 @ 06:47 pm
Military Log - 017  
[The picture on the side table is of a happy family, including a smiling Maes. Obviously this is his room. However, Cambot is broadcasting another face sprawled out on Maes's bed. No one on board is likely to recognize the face.

Is it someone new? If so, what happened to Maes? Suddenly the man yawns and sits up, rubbing his face, and reaching for a pair of glasses on the table. He blinks a few times before noticing something is off. He touches his face and then looks to Cambot.

All right, what's going on now?

[The man frowns some more. His voice doesn't sound right either.]

[[ooc: Maes can shapeshift people now. He had a dream about Roy last night which is why he is now like this...only Maes doesn't realize he has this ability yet]]
09 September 2012 @ 12:21 pm
First Sunrise  
[Cambot picks up on the nature deck. At first, it seems that Cambot is just focusing on a bunch of bushes, but soon enough they rustle, and a familiar white puppy emerges. Chibi bounces towards Cambot, barking excitedly, then turns back to the bush, which seems to abruptly burst into bloom.]

[Chibi turns back to Cambot, looking satisfied.]
25 August 2012 @ 07:03 pm
Military Log - 016  
[Cambot comes in to find Maes leaning back in his chair and wearing some new threads. Also, he has no idea where that banjo came from but he's plucking away at it like he knows what he's doing.

It sort of sounds like a familiar song.

Maes looks up and smiles.

I didn't even know I COULD play banjo. Is this part of the new thing happening up here?
19 August 2012 @ 09:34 am
Seventeenth Link/Tenth Theft  
[Cambot pans around the theatrical deck, showing off all the rigging that’s been set up to allow someone to reach the ceiling easily. Finally he focuses on Namine, whose dress is now covered with light pink, sparkly hearts. Her cat ears are only a shade or two darker than her hair, as is her tail that’s now twitching slightly. She appears to be talking to someone already up in the rigging.]

Are you sure it’s safe?

Of course it’s safe! I’ve been setting these things up since I can remember! Then again, maybe I’m not the best one to ask.

[There’s Zidane, poking his head out of the mess that’s around the ceiling, his hair still beaded like it was during the summer camp week because they were already rainbow-colored. The rest of him, however, is an absolute mess, as his vest has turned into what looks like glitter-embedded turquoise plastic and his hair has colored streaks in it to match the beads. Also he’s covered in glittery paint.]

[Oh, and he’s completely upside down. Thanks, tail. He grins and waves a sparkly paint-covered brush in her direction.]

Come on, it’s fine! I promise it’s not gonna fall, and if- hey, is that thing on? [Yep, he’s spotted the Cambot.]

[She looks over at Cambot, surprised.] I guess he is. Do you mind if he records?

Long Cambot recording is long. )
07 August 2012 @ 03:27 pm
First Sunrise  
[Sick of the ponies yet? Well too bad. Have a confused white pony with rainbow mane standing around in the hallway. She doesn't seem to notice the cambot yet.]

Hello? Is there anypony here? Cadance? Luna? Twilight Sparkle? [She frowns as she paces a little, looking worried.] This doesn't make sense. I must have fainted at the party, but I've should have been rested up by now. I wonder if her attack did more to me than I thou-

[She then finally notices the cambot and makes a smile.] Why hello there. Can you tell me what's going on and why I seem to be in space?
19 July 2012 @ 09:20 pm
16 Cupcakes  
[Pinkie's off the rocket now and trotting around the Launch Deck, peering around the corners and outcroppings of broken metal curiously. She turns around, letting Cammy catch what she's calling in subtitles.]

90s Kiiiiiiid!

Where'd he go? He was just here...90s Kid!

[She turns another corner and then suddenly stops up short, looking at something on the ground. Cammy pans around, just in time to catch her sniffing lightly at a tattered orange hat lying on the ground. A few feet away, there's strips of green plaid cotton lying amongst the smashed debris of a wall. Pinkie plops down on the ground, eyes still on the hat.]


[The camera hurriedly shuts off, but not in time to miss her mane and tail suddenly falling into flat pink sheets, with a noise like a deflating balloon.]

(( OOC: Yeah, Pinkie...probably won't respond to many people here. ))
17 July 2012 @ 09:30 pm
Fourteenth Link  
[The feed opens up to show a Namine who’s back to being human. It looks like she’s on the cafeteria deck and has she...yes she has apparently covered one of its walls with what looks like the biggest piece of canvas ever. One of the nearby tables is piled with paper and crayons, colored pencils, pastels, regular pencils--anything that could be used to draw. A clay gargoyle statue sits off to the side, as if guarding it all.]

She starts to speak, though no sound comes out, and Cambot displays closed-captioning style subtitles.]

So, I’ve been putting up some pictures on the theatre deck and in my room, but I thought it would be nice to have something where everyone would see it. There’s this big wall in the cafeteria, which might be good for putting up a lot of little pictures or one big one...

[She fidgets a little, as if feeling awkward about how her suggestion will be received.]

I thought...If everyone wanted, I could paint a big picture showing all the worlds we’re from. With all of us there, and...maybe some of the people we’re missing.

We can’t talk, so describing things might be difficult, but if we can make some sketches to give me an idea, I’m sure I can manage it.

[She moves over to the gargoyle and puts a hand on it.]

Oh, and Princess Luna? I finished it.
16 July 2012 @ 03:26 pm
[You know what? Isa doesn't really care that no one can talk. It makes the SoL quieter. And he's not a freaking bunny anymore, so he has no reason to complain.

Cambot finds him at the piano on the theatrical deck, playing this piece]
02 July 2012 @ 07:58 pm
6th Dive  
[On the nature deck is a rather large, gray-green bird that seems to be looking for something. Or maybe he's looking for somewhere to get comfortable.

Obviously, this is another victim of this week's oddness, but he can't tell us anything. While most of those who have been changed have maintained an ability to speak, he has not. If he had, he would probably express some confusion over being a bird similar to one he knows from back home, but not as large.
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30 June 2012 @ 10:22 pm
PlatyPost #6  
[Off screen a low male voice mutters.] At least it isn't a teenage girl again.

[Cambot floats in and sees a man on the short side wearing a green sweater, orange-yellow scarf and brown slacks. He has teal hair, slightly messy and with sideburns and brown eyes and appears to be studying himself in the mirror. He's frowning and flexing fingers and feeling his mouth and other such odd things.]

Still weird.

[Suddenly he stops and turns slowly towards the camera.]

. . .

24 June 2012 @ 09:13 pm
Military Log - 015  
[Cambot hadn't seen Maes lately...

Oh but what's this? He's asleep in his room...and is that a pie plate on the floor?

Uh oh.
15 June 2012 @ 06:09 pm
2 Bushels  
[Cambot is panning over the farm area of the nature deck. The entire field is now plowed and even sowed, it looks like! It must have been fairly recent since nothing seems to be sprouting yet. At the edge of the field, Big Macintosh is standing, a watering can in his mouth, watering a plot.

He sets the can aside and sits down, staring at the mound of dirt where the seeds he just watered are. He shifts to get comfortable, prodding it gently with a hoof, then sets his head on his forelegs, still staring at the seeds. He looks a little disappointed...maybe he's not used to it taking this long?]