22 October 2012 @ 10:47 pm
Someone hates his luck.  
[Cambot finds Roxas in the kitchen, in all his black-and-white cartoony glory and having somehow managed to navigate the minefield of banana peels without slipping. He's fetching ice for some reason. Huh, now why would he be wrapping a little plastic baggy of ice in a towel?

When he turns to face Cambot, he's holding the makeshift ice pack to his face, his left eye in particular, and he does NOT look happy. He glares for just a moment before removing the ice pack and giving a good view of a marvelous shiner.

That looks painful...

He puts the ice pack back before speaking up.

Chibi. Sora. I found that ball you guys were talking about.

[He pulls a red ball out of his pocket, holds it up for Cambot to look at and then puts it away again. The last thing they need is for it to get set bouncing again.]
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10 October 2012 @ 10:46 pm
Twenty-first link [backdated to the beginning of the week]  
[Cambot is loyally keeping an eye on his person. Not that that's difficult; statues don't do much. Looks like she's just laying there asleep in her bed.

Though, is that a bit of color returning to her skin? It just might be! The arm that had been holding the mirror falls to her side. Her eyes open, and...

she sits up so quickly Cambot actually retreats a bit.]

Cambot, there's a snake, we have to--

[Then she finally seems to realize where she is, blinks, and looks around in confusion.]

What happened?
25 September 2012 @ 02:32 am
Someone thinks something important needs discussing...  
[Cambot shows us Roxas just stepping out of his room and fidgeting a little with the strange clothes that have appeared for the week. Particularly, he's messing with the scarf, which is black and yellow. He's also grumbling under his breath.]

What else is going on this week?

[Then he looks around and notices Cambot. Normally, he would be a bit annoyed to know he was being filmed without his knowledge or consent, but this time he brightens at the sight of the little robot.]

Perfect timing.


Okay, so... you guys from home. You know where I mean and you know who you are. There's been a little chatter lately about how we ought to sit down and compare notes about what's been happening back home. We should. My question is when and where should we do it. Suggestions?

[There's a pause and he seems to be debating something. When he speaks up again, his tone suggests he suspects a relation, but he's not sure.]

And this is on a different topic, but has anyone else found their room looking like someone went through their stuff?
21 September 2012 @ 10:22 pm
[Today, there's once again a familiar (and formerly missing) face on Cambot's screen. It's a face that's distinctly older looking too, although the overall outfit hasn't changed. He simply doesn't have roll up the anymore to make them fit probably.

After a moment of silence he sighs, and turns to face the camera.]

I suppose I really shouldn't be surprised, should I?
16 September 2012 @ 08:04 pm
The 10th Burst of Flame  
[It seemed pretty fitting that Lea got firepowers, not at all surprising. One would often find Lea smirking as snapped his fingers like a match. Lighting up a fire with his fingers then snapping it off. But with great powers come great responsibility. Unfortunately Lea wasn’t one for much care of “responsibility” and cared more about oooo let’s see what else we can set on fire!

If it wasn’t for knowing that blowing up things might be a bit dangerous, who knows what havoc might happen. This is why one shouldn’t let Lea be unconscious while he still had his powers. You see he might start dreaming about using his powers or cooking up marshmallows, and the room could be set on fire.

… Oh wait-Isn’t that what’s happening to his room right now? Fancy that. Too bad Lea was snoring in his bed while a circle of flames was dancing around his bed.

The cambot is playing this, well at least it’s trying to help Lea wake up. Which succeeded, and Lea cried out a yelp.]


[As he tried desperately to try and calm the flames.]