12 November 2012 @ 03:41 pm
Fourteenth Breeze  
[By now Ven's learned not to be concerned when his regular clothes vanish - this is the SOL, after all. And at least the ones it's given him in replacement aren't that bad, apparently some sort of dark uniform with a white tie that's actually pretty comfortable and not horrifically embarrassing. Though he doesn't quite get why the SOL is literally forcing him to carry around a rabbit-shaped backpack when he really doesn't care about it. But every time he tries to leave it behind, it just shows up again, so he's given up on it for the time being and clipped his little badge to it. He's in the exhibition area, a rather familiar plush in his hands but looking at it with a more serious expression than the fake puppy probably warrants. Clearly he's got something else on his mind, and once he realizes Cambot's there he doesn't waste time in bringing it up.]

Hey, guys - Frank's puppy, his new one. It can travel through walls and stuff, right? Do you think it might be able to get up here and... I don't know, maybe make things even worse? They can change things around up here on their own already, but they don't come up here themselves so far. Do you think they'd send him instead?

...And was I just seeing things or did it steal a film reel from them?
20 September 2012 @ 12:23 pm
Thirteenth Breeze  
[It's Ven again, this time in the middle of his room - floating, actually, about four inches off the ground - looking around with a bewildered expression on his face. Those who have been in his room before know it isn't really the neatest place on the ship, but its not-neatness comes more from the relatively cramped quarters than Ven just being messy, as he doesn't have a tendency to leave stuff lying around. That's probably why he's looking confused now: some of his clothes are on the floor, one drawer is open a few inches and another is open not quite as much, and the stuff on his dresser is in disarray. Really it doesn't look much different from any teenage boy's room, but he knows he didn't leave it this way.]

Hey, did someone get wind powers this week or something? I didn't get mine back, but it looks kind of like I cast Tornado in here, and I know I didn't.
12 August 2012 @ 03:44 pm
Twelfth Breeze  
[Cambot turns at the sound of running footsteps, barely catching a glimpse of Ven as he races past as the camera turns to follow him and starts floating in his wake. He either doesn't notice or doesn't care about the fuzzy ears and tail of a golden retriever dog that have sprouted from his body, because he's obviously looking for someone.]

Aqua! Aqua, where are you?

[Normally, the best place to find Aqua would be the library. Today, this doesn't seen to be the case, as she turns a corner only to almost be run down by Ven. If she's noticed her own set of fuzzy ears and a tail (those of a Russian Blue cat), she's paying them no real attention in favor of somewhat more important facts.

I'm here, Ven.

Warning: Incoming Sads )
03 July 2012 @ 06:53 pm
Eleventh Breeze  
[There's a tiny little fluffy white thing with a relatively long fluffy tail on one of the counters in the cafeteria. It's trying to figure out how to work the food processors - and absolutely failing because it's tiny, a bit less than the size of a human hand. It jumps onto the front of the machine and starts climbing it, trying to reach the proper buttons, but it can't figure out what's what before losing its grip and having to jump off to glide back to the counter. There comes a small groan of frustration from the fuzzy thing that sounds like a voice that could be any one of three boys on the ship as it gets ready to pounce again.]

[That's when a hand comes out from behind the camera and starts punching buttons; the machine hums and in a second spits out a bowl of small chopped fruit pieces, apples and strawberries and oranges, which the hand puts in front of the sugar glider. The little guy climbs up onto the rim of the bowl and looks up at the camera with what is probably a smile.]

Thanks, Cam.

[Then it's time for lunch! Don't mind him, Ven's just going to sit in the bowl and munch on the snacks presented for him. He's even going to ignore that hand reaching down to pet him down the back and fluffy tail because he's hungry.]
22 June 2012 @ 02:27 am
Tenth Breeze  
[Ven had retreated a day or two before from the living decks when he saw that Rarity-Alice team up forming - he knew what that meant. But he'd passed through all the decks before arriving at the weapons deck, which he honestly thought the pony would be least likely to hunt him down on. And hey, it gave him an opportunity to practice his techniques, so it seemed like a good decision to hang out there for awhile. But it's getting weird.]

Hey, guys? Does all of this seem kind of familiar to you?

[He's got his wooden Keyblade over his shoulder and is looking around at the wooded clearing the deck has become, cottage and all - and there are obvious thorny vines starting to creep out from the underbrush around him. The cottage itself also looks very sleepy, somehow, and the entire place is kind of dim and twilight-ish with the sound of crickets in the air. Ven himself is looking kind of tired out as well, though that may just be because of the long training session he's put himself through.]

I could swear I've been to most of these places before. That little house on the cafeteria deck looks like it belongs in the Dwarf Woodlands.

[And he swallows a bit of a yawn.]
19 May 2012 @ 10:51 pm
Ninth Breeze  
Wait... we're back to - YES!

[Considering he'd gone to sleep with leaves for ears and woken up with hands, Ven could probably be forgiven for celebrating being back in his own body. Sure he could handle being in others, but this was his, and he started to climb out of bed-]


[-only to fall over the edge of the bed. He only saved himself from going splat on the ground by grabbing onto the blankets and clinging like crazy. It works, but he's danging above the ground, three inches tall and in his PJs (which, fortunately, are covering enough to function as street clothes), and he's only got one thought on his mind.]

Not again!
19 April 2012 @ 01:41 am
Eighth Breeze  
Hey, uh... guys?

[It's Ven on the Cambot, looking a little... disturbed, shall we say.]

Anyone who can see the... the ghosts, I guess... [He pauses, looks to the side, then back at Cambot.] Are any of them saying they know you?

[Cam adjusts his camera so he's focusing on the... is that a little girl? It is, and she's standing next to Ven, staring up at him with big eyes the same color as his. Her hair is different, a light brown, almost sandy and pulled back in a short ponytail, but there's a similarity to their facial structures that probably isn't coincidence.]

[She's also covered in gashes that shine red, mostly over her arms and chest. And she just keeps watching Ven.]
23 March 2012 @ 01:35 am
Seventh Breeze  
Okay... I think I'm ready.

[A couple of days after Terra threw any and all dignity out the window, Ven is ready to accept his challenge. He would've done it sooner, but he wanted to find something impressive. And, well, whatever's controlling the media deck seems to like this certain performer...though how he changes colors through the clips he sees, Ven has no idea.]

[So he's up on the theatrical deck, having cleared a fairly good amount of space on the stage. He's dressed in a manner that's not exactly 80s but might look familiar to some - complete with hat tilted down over his face. He likes that hat. And while normally he wouldn't push himself out in the public eye like this, someone has to make up for Terra's bad taste in dances. The music slowly fades in, and Ven... dances. And sings. And he's... actually really good at this. It's possible he's even more intelligable than the original singer, and he's matching the dance steps almost perfectly. This being Ven there's no hands straying towards the crotch area and that lean is freakin' impossible to pull off without tools, but other than that? Pretty much dead-on.]

[Four minutes later the song ends with him singing the last line and spinning on the balls of his feet, looking into the Cambot and breathing kind of hard. It wasn't easy, but it feels pretty damn good to have accomplished that, and he can't help but break into a grin and literally jump off the ground, jabbing his fist into the air at the same time.]

Current Music: Smooth Criminal~
18 March 2012 @ 12:59 am
Sixth Breeze  
[Ven's cambot has, once again, decided to ignore the wishes of its owner because it's kind of needy and clingy. It listened when Ven told it to go away, but it's less than five minutes later and it's already searching him out again.]

[It finds him back in his room, and Ven's forgotten to close the door entirely. Cambot's lens peeks through the gap between the door and frame, only to find Ven standing in front of the mirror in his room, wearing... Terra's pants? Yes, somehow Ven's gotten ahold of one of Terra's circus tents and decided to put them on, despite the fact that he obviously can't wear them properly. He's wrapped some of the waistband around one hand to hold them up, and seems to be alternately looking down at his feet or at the knot of fabric in his hand, judging something. This continues for a few moments as Cambot silently pushes the door further open to float closer, and Ven's face brightens into a grin.]

I think that's almost two inches! That's a- [OHGODWHATISTHAT oh wait it's Cam WAIT WHAT] CAM! I told you to stay away for awhile!

[And now, of course, it's been broadcast. Ven's turning red even as he's working to shove the Cambot out of his room with just one hand. It's not exactly a winning proposition.]
01 March 2012 @ 01:03 am
Fifth Breeze  
[Ven's told his Cambot to leave him alone, but the little thing seems incredibly attached to him to the point of... disregarding that request when he runs off after talking to Terra and Aqua. It finds him up on the Nature deck, sitting near the pond, just staring at the hole and not smiling like he usually is. Still mindful of his instructions, Cambot doesn't get too close, and Ven doesn't notice it's there, stuck in his own thoughts. He's stuck under the singing spell though, and after a few moments, he begins a song fairly quietly - but Cambot still hears it, and puts the accompanying musical arrangement in for him over its broadcast.]

Today is gonna be the day that they're gonna throw it back to you )
07 February 2012 @ 12:33 am
Fourth Breeze/Ninth Key  
[The launch deck has probably seen better days - however it happened, the two teenage stallions have managed to shove the majority of the subpods and little ships off to the side to clear a big area. They'll put them back later, they promise, but this is one of the highest ceilings in the ship and they need the extra space. They've also dragged a couple trampolines down from the rec deck to help them get airborn, because... well, Roxas was right.]

[This can only end badly.]

Flying With the Wonderbolts! )
01 February 2012 @ 12:41 am
Third Breeze  
[Immediately on the heels of this conversation, Ven gets to pose his question to a roving Cambot.]

What's sex? Terra and Aqua don't want to tell me.
20 January 2012 @ 01:15 am
Second Breeze  
[It had to happen - Ven showing up has produced a shade of his own, and being the opposite of Ven, the shade is... well, a fucking psychopath. It took a couple of days for them to run into each other, but when they do, the shade's definitely showing multiple personality traits of Ven's least favorite person in the worlds ever.]

Cambot! [That's Ven's voice, and one of the floating cameras turns to capture a chase in progress - but instead of the shade chasing Ven, it's somehow the other way around, both of them going as fast as they can go straight down the corridor and nearly careening off the walls. Ven's also not managed to pick up a sword yet, but he's got something almost as good - a genuine maple baseball bat, straight off the Rec Deck and all nice and shiny and ready for some bashing.] Cambot, find Terra and Aqua! Guys, watch out, he's-

[The shade bursts into (silent) insane laughter before saying something that only he can hear, interrupting Ven and causing him to look even angrier as he passes Cambot by.] No way! I'm not letting you lay a finger on them! GUYS! He's coming for you!

[Because the easiest way to hurt Ven is to hurt the people he cares about. But he's not about to let that happen, as he seems to be taking Rarity's advice to heart, swinging that bat directly at the shade's kneecaps right before they're both out of Cambot's view around a corner.]

[...What? He's nice, he's not a pacifist.]
17 January 2012 @ 10:10 pm
First Breeze  
[Cambot has been attracted by something, probably a fairly loud thud, because it's whirring around on Deck 1 with what might be described as a purpose - or at least, it keeps moving in one direction and not stopping. As it turns a corner, it catches sight of a bit of yellow, revealed to be the top of a head, and of course there's a body attached to that head. There's now an unconscious blond teenager lying facedown in the hallway of Deck 1, and that position he's in probably isn't too comfortable.]

[Cambot observes for a moment as the boy doesn't seem to be moving (or even breathing), and then starts to zoom in - but then whirs back fast as Ven groans and pushes himself up onto his hands, shaking his head like he's trying to clear it. His face is finally shown as he shifts his weight so he's leaning on his knees, pressing a hand first to his forehead, then to his chest - he hasn't noticed the floating camera just yet.]

Augh... that hurt... Why am I...?

[Confusion is written all over his face as he finally looks up completely and spots the camera, then pushes himself to his feet and moves closer to it as the machine backs up a little more, Ven reaching a hand out to it as it does.]

Hey, I'm not gonna hurt you - I just wanna talk, is that okay?