12 April 2013 @ 07:18 pm
Someone has poor timing...  
[Roxas is unprepared when the satellite rights itself, having not been watching Cambot when the switch was hit. He's not watching Cambot because it doesn't follow him into the bathroom (it sometimes just films the door while he's in there, like now) and he's just getting out of the shower. Sure, it's awkward with the ship tilted, but it's doable.

Until the ship suddenly rights itself and stepping out of the shower turns into falling out of the shower. While the only video is the closed door, the sound is quite clear. Aside from the initial yelp, the only sound is a low grumbling, which might be fairly colorful if anyone could hear it clearly. Eventually, the grumbling stop and faint sounds indicating someone toweling off and getting dressed can be heard.

Cambot, if you're filming when I open this door...

[Of course Cambot is filming when he opens the door. Aside from the beginnings of some bruises from the fall, he doesn't seem to really be hurt. He's definitely annoyed, though. He just shakes his head and walks away, obviously headed for his room.

Imagine his surprise to get there and find a mint on his pillow. The jerboa is sniffing at it curiously. Roxas picks up the mint and looks at Cambot, clearly puzzled. Cambot bobs and tips to the side briefly, its version of a shrug.
02 April 2013 @ 03:36 pm
Someone is confused, very confused  
[He's just finished rinsing his mouth out in one of the bathrooms when Cambot finds him. There is a tiny rodent perched on his head, blending in with his hair a little bit. Upon closer inspection, it turns out to be a jerboa. Its fur is a little wet, but it doesn't seem any worse for the wear otherwise.

Cambot hasn't gotten his lens fixed yet, but he seems a little more interested in the rodent at the moment. He makes a questioning beep at Roxas.

No, I don't know where it came from.

[Other than maybe some for of hammerspace, but he doesn't even want to contemplate it. He coughs a little and makes a face before addressing anyone that might be listening.]

Do you think it's safe to say that we're going to see a lot of ridiculous things before Joel gets here? Every time that switch has been hit, something weird happens. First one had us talking weird, then there was... the crazy need to invest, then whatever it did the third time it was hit. And then...

[He snickers a little, but his amusement is a little subdued. Everyone thought they'd been raised by wolves. That meant memory tampering. Still... some things had happened that a few people were likely never going to live down.]

Uh. I guess you could call that last thing a walk on the wild side? And now this. Did anyone else cough up something weird?

[As an after thought, he gently removes the small rodent from his head. He's obviously not sure what to do with it, but it seems like he might be considering looking after it. He looks at the rodent, at Cambot and then the rodent again.]

I wonder if there's anything on the media deck with information on this little guy.
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30 March 2013 @ 07:32 pm
Someone is... at least a little civilized... maybe  
[Roxas is in his room, lounging on the bed and bouncing a tennis ball off the wall, catching on the rebound and tossing it again. He looks annoyed, though there's no way to tell why he's annoyed.

He seems to be taking to the civilized life better than everyone else, though. It's entirely possible that mama wolf explained to him that he's not actually a wolf and that when/if others of his kind found him, he would do better to learn their ways. Who knows? When he notices Cambot, he catches the ball and holds it.

After a pause, he makes a shooing gesture. Cambot pans side to side. That's a no. Roxas makes a noise that sounds distinctly like a growl. He's not completely civilized, it seems. At no point does he speak. When Cambot still doesn't take the hint, Roxas tosses the tennis ball at him.

Oh, that's a cracked lens. Roxas leaves the room, upright and surprisingly comfortable with it. Maybe mama wolf was familiar enough humans to make sure human puppy was moving the way he should?
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18 March 2013 @ 10:50 am
Twenty-second Key  
Hey guys! Aside from some people, um, italics talking unitalics a little weird now, it still seems like things are mostly normal around here...and I know I promised some of you that I’d teach you how to swim! Namine and Xion, I know you asked about it. If anyone else that doesn’t know wants to learn, meet me down at the recreation deck pool and I’ll try and teach you about swimming!

I think a lot of us wanna take our minds off of things. And swimming is a lot of fun once you get the hang of it.
09 January 2013 @ 10:14 am
Mission 23  
[Cambot is hanging out on the media deck, wandering a wander and playing the Jeopardy theme while his person reads something. Apparently he's bored.

Xion looks up, sighing.]

Cambot, you've been playing that for--Oh, you're recording.

[Not looking too happy about the surprise, she holds up the book she was reading. It looks like a kid's book, with very large picture of a dinosaur on the cover.]

I thought it might be a good idea to find some information about dinosaurs since that's part of what we're dealing with here, but I can't find more than basic information. Does anybody else know much about them?
26 December 2012 @ 11:03 pm
Twenty-fourth Link  
[Christmas morning, and Cambot is up and roving around. His person isn’t where she should be at this time of night, and it’s up to him to find her. Time to check all the usual places.

There she was, on the theatrical deck. It looked like she’d fallen asleep at her worktable. She must have been up late making presents last night! There are certainly a lot of (poorly-wrapped) packages laying beside her--one for everyone it looks like. The paper seems to be something she made, too, and has Christmas trees, stars, snowmen, and Santas printed on it.

Namine herself seems to still be pretty well asleep, though as Cambot records she shifts position slightly. To wake her or not to wake her...]

[OOC: Namine made Christmas presents! Everyone gets a picture--further details when they’re opened.]
19 November 2012 @ 12:38 am
Someone is starting to think he's losing it.  
[Roxas is poking at pirate costumes on the theatrical deck. He looks at Cambot when he realizes he isn't alone and just shakes his head.]

Now we have a pirate theme. If Hook shows up, I'm done.

[He holds up a hat that looks to belong to a different Disney pirate captain, however. Sora (or anyone who has seen Pirate of the Caribbean) may or may not recognize Barbossa's hat. From Cambot's POV, we can see that Jack's hat is in the same box. Roxas looks between the two hats for the moment before unceremoniously chucking the Barbossa has back into the box and walking away muttering.]

Forrester needs a hobby.
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28 October 2012 @ 10:14 pm
Someone is not sure what to think of this...  
[Cambot is on the nature deck and is focused on one of those hunting season signs. However, unlike all of the other ones, it is for a species not yet seen on the satellite. Roxas has noticed it.]

Panda Season?

[He looks at Cambot. Besides looking puzzled, his eye looks better. Obviously, it isn't bothering him at the moment and he's a bit more interested in this oddity. Cambot hasn't a clue, however, and does a little bob with a slight tilt that may be meant to be a shrug.]


[Roxas turns to go about his business, which is this case was just looking around. He hasn't really spent a lot of time on the nature deck yet, though he isn't sure why he's doing so now. In any case, in his poking around, he finds something. A cranky something that he seems to have startled. Huh, that's... well, that's a panda. That's a panda in an uber cute anime style. Pandas are bears. Herbivores, yes, but they still have the teeth and claws of a carnivore. This one is upset.]

...Oh hell...

[Roxas exits stage left with a rather annoyed panda hot on his heels. From off camera come sounds that would seem to indicate that Roxas is not having fun with the panda. Then the sound dies down. The panda enters from stage left with a scrap of cloth in its mouth that might very well be the seat of Roxas's pants, looking rather satisfied. A couple minutes later, Roxas leans into frame, looking miffed. He sounds pathetically embarrassed when he speaks up.]

Cambot, stop filming.

[The feed obligingly cuts off.]
22 October 2012 @ 10:47 pm
Someone hates his luck.  
[Cambot finds Roxas in the kitchen, in all his black-and-white cartoony glory and having somehow managed to navigate the minefield of banana peels without slipping. He's fetching ice for some reason. Huh, now why would he be wrapping a little plastic baggy of ice in a towel?

When he turns to face Cambot, he's holding the makeshift ice pack to his face, his left eye in particular, and he does NOT look happy. He glares for just a moment before removing the ice pack and giving a good view of a marvelous shiner.

That looks painful...

He puts the ice pack back before speaking up.

Chibi. Sora. I found that ball you guys were talking about.

[He pulls a red ball out of his pocket, holds it up for Cambot to look at and then puts it away again. The last thing they need is for it to get set bouncing again.]
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25 September 2012 @ 02:32 am
Someone thinks something important needs discussing...  
[Cambot shows us Roxas just stepping out of his room and fidgeting a little with the strange clothes that have appeared for the week. Particularly, he's messing with the scarf, which is black and yellow. He's also grumbling under his breath.]

What else is going on this week?

[Then he looks around and notices Cambot. Normally, he would be a bit annoyed to know he was being filmed without his knowledge or consent, but this time he brightens at the sight of the little robot.]

Perfect timing.


Okay, so... you guys from home. You know where I mean and you know who you are. There's been a little chatter lately about how we ought to sit down and compare notes about what's been happening back home. We should. My question is when and where should we do it. Suggestions?

[There's a pause and he seems to be debating something. When he speaks up again, his tone suggests he suspects a relation, but he's not sure.]

And this is on a different topic, but has anyone else found their room looking like someone went through their stuff?
10 September 2012 @ 07:18 pm
Someone is back.  
[The feed opens with a view of that spot that everyone should remember from when they first arrived. Except that whoever's just arrived for this Cambot to be filming isn't there. So Cambot goes searching, finding the person in question not too far away.

It's... Roxas. He's not dressed as anyone might be expecting him to be dressed, however. Instead he's wearing a black hooded coat. He also seems a bit puzzled, like he's just woken up and is not where he was when he fell asleep. Grumbling slightly under his breath, he reaches up to rub his eyes and stops, seeming to only just notice a switch in attire. He's dressed in a black coat that would look familiar to some of his friends.


[He tugs at the front of the coat before looking around at his surroundings again.]

Is this where I think it is?

[Because really, if it is where he thinks it is, it might be a sufficient explanation for the wardrobe. With a sigh, he looks up and to one side, likes he's expecting someone or something to be there. Since this results in him looking directly into the camera, it would seem he found what he expected to find.]

Hey, Cambot.

[For its part, Cambot seems happy to see him. It would probably hug him if it could. Since it can't, it settles for performing it's usually functions.

How long was I gone?
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26 August 2012 @ 12:00 am
Someone isn't sure what to think...  
[Roxas is in his room, looking in the mirror mounted on the door to his closet. Cambot, looking over his shoulder, gives a view of his reflection. He isn't sure what to think about this and he's probably right to be puzzled.

The outfit he found consists of a white robe with red triangles at the hems. It seems he's only acquired a robe, however, as he still has his zip up shirt on under it and when Cambot backs off to give a full view of him, it's obvious his shoes and pants are the ones he's been wearing. It also makes a couple things more obvious about the robe. One, the hood has cat ears on it, which are canted back the way a cat lays its ears back when annoyed. He doesn't noticed these until he puts the hood up to see how it sits. He puts it back down with a huff. The other thing this full view shows is that the robe is cut and fits him like his coat from the Organization, though this is only going to be obvious to anyone who has seen him in that coat. He chooses not to comment on this fact, however.

So... who else found a weird outfit and do we even know what they're for?

[He fidgets with the drawstrings of the hood a bit. It hasn't escaped his notice that these resemble those of the Organization's coat too.]
30 June 2012 @ 10:28 pm
Someone thinks the universe is messing with him...  
[There is an irate fennec fox pacing around the hallway outside of a room on one of the housing decks. The poor little thing is adorably annoyed. After a moment, he sighs and makes an attempt to open the door. He'd gotten lucky with the Pokemon thing and his door had been open when the transformation had occurred. No such luck this time, though.

He'll probably get it open eventually, once he works out the finer points of opening a door without the use of thumbs. Meanwhile, he's grumbling under his breath and some of his language may make someone wish to was his mouth out with soap.
19 May 2012 @ 09:33 pm
Someone is a bit concerned...  
[Cambot finds Roxas in his room. It looks like he's just returning from taking a shower, given that his hair is noticeably damp, though not dripping. Quite logical given that the past week probably made bathing a bit difficult for some and it must be a relief to have hands instead of paws once again.

It isn't long before he's lounging on his bed with a book, and while it doesn't look like any of the books from the media deck (meaning it should be a good book, wherever he got it from), he doesn't seem to be able to concentrate on it.

He seems concerned actually and only makes one more futile attempt at reading before putting the book aside and looking around. Naturally, he spots Cambot and doesn't seem to be too surprised that its watching him.

He's not addressing Cambot when he speaks, though.

Hey, Lea? Isa? Can we talk about something? Privately.
05 May 2012 @ 11:10 pm
Someone is... scared?  
[A certain little blond Eevee is looking down the hall on one of the housing decks, as if he's just seen something run by or maybe he's looking for something? It's not really obvious what the case is, but what is obvious is that Roxas is visibly trembling. He takes a few steps back from the direction he's looking in before turning to run full tilt in the opposite direction. Cambot zooms after him, making a police siren noise to try to get his attention and see if maybe it can get him to explain what has him so worked up. He only acknowledges the robot's presence with a quick glance over his shoulder and doesn't stop running until he's on a different deck.

When he does stop, he's winded and still shaking.

Wh-what was that?

[There's probably more to the situation than just that he saw something creepy, but he's too freaked out at the moment to really explain...]
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29 April 2012 @ 08:45 pm
Someone is cute.  
[ Cambot focuses in on a blond, fluffy little thing curled up on Roxas's bed. After a few moments, the fluffball yawns, stretches and shakes out its coat. In doing so, it shows us that, oh look, it -is- Roxas, as its wearing his wristband. He looks up at Cambot as soon as he notices he isn't alone.]

How long have you been there?
24 April 2012 @ 10:02 pm
Someone is, er, WAS bored...  
[See Roxas. See Roxas walking down the hall and right past the elevator.

His Cambot stops by the elevator and looks at it for a moment. When it looks back to Roxas, he's standing with his arms folded across his chest and has tapping his foot as well.

Seriously? You already know why I'm not taking the elevator. It's bad enough the elevators are randomly getting stuck, I don't need for it to be stuck when that gho---

[It is at that moment that there is an ear splitting shriek that will only be audible to those seeing and hearing the ghosts. Roxas first winces at the sound and then freezes, eyes going wide for a second, before he turns and RUNS as fast as possible. Cambot doesn't follow at first, allowing for the source of Roxas's distress to enter its field of vision. It's the ghost of a teenage who looks like she might have drowned when a car went off a bridge or something similarly cruel, but she doesn't seem to be particularly bothered by the how and why of her demise as she pursues Roxas with the determination of a pop star groupie.]


[Clearly, this ghost has mistaken him for someone else. It's also rather obvious he's not going to be able to convince that he's not this Jesse guy. Both Roxas and the ghost disappear around the corner and Cambot hesitates a moment before following. The feed ends here.]
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04 February 2012 @ 11:00 pm
Someone is not amused...  
A gray pegasus with a spiky blond mane and tail and a cutie mark which resembles the thorn zipper pull from Roxas's shirt is wandering the halls, trying to get used to his new form. He's not a stranger to the concept of transformation, but he's still never been through it. On the plus side, he's seen everyone else's posts already.]

So... we're ponies now.

[He pauses, looking at his front hooves a moment before lifting his left front hoof up to look. He seems to be trying to figure out just how his wristband is staying on.]
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29 January 2012 @ 01:42 am
Someone is miffed...  
[Cambot cautiously approaches the bathroom on deck 2. It sounds vaguely like the shower is running, but it doesn't sound quite right. Cambot stops when the door opens and Roxas leans out, looking up and down the hall and also looking miffed. He spots Cambot and runs out to grab the poor thing, giving Cambot a glimpse of his half dressed and damp state. Apparently, whatever he was doing, he got as far as getting wet and only went as far as putting his pants back on before seeking... something. He carries Cambot into the bathroom and points it at the bathtub... which is not behaving like a bathtub, but like a jacuzzi.]

What is going on here? I washed up and I was going to have a soak afterward to relax, but this? If I wanted water jets, I'd be in the jacuzzi on the rec deck. Seriously.

[He lets Cambot go and turns to face it, looking a bit unhappy for a moment before sighing.]

Maybe I'm overreacting a little bit, but really? After everything else, it just feels like I can't win here.
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14 January 2012 @ 01:30 am
Someone has a fight on his hands...  
[Sometime after Venus's attempt to smother everyone by screwing around with some important systems...

Cambot moves through the corridors rather quickly, zeroing in on the sounds of a vicious sword fight, and finds Roxas in the middle of a fight that rather heavily invokes fearful symmetry. They're near one of the air locks, the inner door to which is open. It's apparent the fight's been going on for a while as, while it doesn't appear that Roxas has done any damage to his double, the double has clearly done some damage to him. He isn't paying the wounds any mind, though. He's a little too busy for that.

And that makes you a copy of a copy, you bastard. What's your point?

[Such a battle between two dual wielding swordsmen is quite a sigh. One watching closely might notice the tiniest glance Roxas casts at the air lock while his double is taunting him again. But getting the double in there will require a little finagling...

He glances briefly at Cambot, mutters something too low to catch and makes what clearly looks like a foolish move, throwing his off hand weapon and then taking a headlong long leap at his double. It dodges the thrown sword and recovers quickly enough to exploit the the perfect opening to slash at Roxas's already wounded side. It probably wasn't expecting Roxas to laugh at that and ends up pausing just the briefest moment after scoring the hit, probably thinking Roxas has lost it. He hasn't and takes advantage of the pause to punch the double in the face, following it up with another blow with the blunt side of his sword. He continues this assault, eventually kicking the double into the air lock. The double goes sprawling and scrambles to recover before Roxas can close the door on it.

It isn't quick enough, however, and can be heard banging on the door while Roxas is trying to figure out the controls to open the outer door.

You're kidding, right? Everything you and all the other shades have done. You really think you deserve any kind of mercy?

[Cambot finds the nearest porthole in time to see the double being ejected into space, watching it flail until it succumbs to all the things about space that make a space suit mandatory before it finally poofs out of existence.

A 'whump' sort of sound causes Cambot to turn back to Roxas. He's sitting on the floor, leaning on the wall under the airlock controls. He's cut up and bloody and clearly exhausted, but he doesn't exactly look miserable. Cambot pans closer. Roxas has the kind of grin you'd expect to see on a hero when he's won a hard fought battle.

Well, that's one more double gone.
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