10 March 2013 @ 10:50 pm
Twenty-first Key  
[Sora is back in his own room again. It takes him a little bit to recognize what all of this is, including the pictures he's pinned to the walls and the dirty clothes on the floor. There's another moment of thinking, and then his face instantly falls. He looks completely miserable, as if he's ready to break down any moment.]

That...that was absolutely horrible...

[He squeezes his eyes shut and swallows.] Gypsy...please let's not use the dimension jumping engine again! I don't ever wanna be...wanna do something like that, ever again!
26 January 2013 @ 10:18 am
Twenty-Fifth Link.  
Almost done.

[Why, yes, that is Namine with a black Sharpie marker. Looks like she found something to write/draw with, but really, is the wall between the staircase entrance and elevator on the fourth deck a good place for that? It's not even a very nice drawing, just a big frowny face from the look of it.

She seems pretty intent on her work, though. Normally, she tries to take everything on the SoL in stride, but having her movement restricted AND one of her main coping mechanisms taken away seems to be taking its toll. To the point at which she's given up using even subtle methods of protest/fighting back.

Finished, she looks up and finally seems to notice she's live on Cambot. Apparently she hadn't meant to make this public.]

Cambot! I thought I said no recording.

[She reaches to turn him off, but he floats away. Time for a rare Namine scowl. Anyone who looks closely, though, might notice that her hair has some blond tint to it, and her eyes are a pale, pale blue.]
26 December 2012 @ 11:03 pm
Twenty-fourth Link  
[Christmas morning, and Cambot is up and roving around. His person isn’t where she should be at this time of night, and it’s up to him to find her. Time to check all the usual places.

There she was, on the theatrical deck. It looked like she’d fallen asleep at her worktable. She must have been up late making presents last night! There are certainly a lot of (poorly-wrapped) packages laying beside her--one for everyone it looks like. The paper seems to be something she made, too, and has Christmas trees, stars, snowmen, and Santas printed on it.

Namine herself seems to still be pretty well asleep, though as Cambot records she shifts position slightly. To wake her or not to wake her...]

[OOC: Namine made Christmas presents! Everyone gets a picture--further details when they’re opened.]
08 November 2012 @ 09:08 am
Eighth Sunrise / Twenty-second Link  
[Ammy sits at a small table, a table that appears to be one of many in a row along the edge of the deck. She’s wearing a con badge around her neck as well. On the table before her is a series of ink drawings and paintings...some of them are scenes from Nippon and her friends from home, and some of them are from friends she’s met on the Satellite. There’s also a small can on the edge of the table for people to drop money into. She glances up as Cambot comes in towards the tables.]

[Namine also has a small table, set up right next to Ammy’s. It’s covered with pictures in various media; pastels, crayons, colored pencils, and several different kinds of paint. As with Ammy’s display, the subjects range from places like the mansion in Twilight Town to all her friends on the satellite. From the obvious difference in skill level between some of the drawings, it looks like she’s been practicing a lot. She’s also managed to find a cash box somewhere. When she notices Cambot, she smiles.]

Hello everyone. Amaterasu and I noticed that there was this place for artists to set up a kind of shop, and thought we’d try it. We’ll be here for a little while if anyone wants to buy a picture.

[Well, Namine explained it all pretty well! Ammy glances back at Cambot, and barks once in agreement. Maybe Cambot will also be willing to translate prices for her. She doesn’t usually sell art, but hey, this is all part of the pretend aspect with this week.]
10 October 2012 @ 10:46 pm
Twenty-first link [backdated to the beginning of the week]  
[Cambot is loyally keeping an eye on his person. Not that that's difficult; statues don't do much. Looks like she's just laying there asleep in her bed.

Though, is that a bit of color returning to her skin? It just might be! The arm that had been holding the mirror falls to her side. Her eyes open, and...

she sits up so quickly Cambot actually retreats a bit.]

Cambot, there's a snake, we have to--

[Then she finally seems to realize where she is, blinks, and looks around in confusion.]

What happened?
01 October 2012 @ 10:46 pm
Twentieth Link  
[Cambot seems like he's looking for something...or someone, more likely. He's lost track of his person again, oh dear.

Ah-ha! Here she is...lying near a hallway corner. In one hand she has a hand mirror; it looks like she decorated the back of it during Lisa Frank week--lots of pink heart stickers.

Namine isn't moving.

Well, that's a funny place to sleep. Cambot tries the alarm clock noise, then a rooster crow. No good.

Then again, sleeping people don't usually have their eyes open. Or have a facial expression somewhere between surprised and scared.

After a few confused bleeps a la R2-D2, Cambot settles in to wait with his person until help arrives.]

[OOC: Namine has been petrified by the basilisk. Not that she knew or suspected what it was--she was using the mirror as a way to see if she was being followed.
26 August 2012 @ 08:02 pm
Eighteenth Link  
[Namine is wearing her new clothes, sketching a sketch...of her staff. She looks fairly intent on her work until she happens to glance up and notice Cambot recording. Smiling slightly, she closes the sketchbook and picks up said staff.]

Does anyone else have one of these? I've seen people who know magic use something like it, but we can't use magic here, right? Unless that changed and we didn't know it.

[If they can use magic, and she's supposed to use it now, she'll need to start learning quickly.]
19 August 2012 @ 09:34 am
Seventeenth Link/Tenth Theft  
[Cambot pans around the theatrical deck, showing off all the rigging that’s been set up to allow someone to reach the ceiling easily. Finally he focuses on Namine, whose dress is now covered with light pink, sparkly hearts. Her cat ears are only a shade or two darker than her hair, as is her tail that’s now twitching slightly. She appears to be talking to someone already up in the rigging.]

Are you sure it’s safe?

Of course it’s safe! I’ve been setting these things up since I can remember! Then again, maybe I’m not the best one to ask.

[There’s Zidane, poking his head out of the mess that’s around the ceiling, his hair still beaded like it was during the summer camp week because they were already rainbow-colored. The rest of him, however, is an absolute mess, as his vest has turned into what looks like glitter-embedded turquoise plastic and his hair has colored streaks in it to match the beads. Also he’s covered in glittery paint.]

[Oh, and he’s completely upside down. Thanks, tail. He grins and waves a sparkly paint-covered brush in her direction.]

Come on, it’s fine! I promise it’s not gonna fall, and if- hey, is that thing on? [Yep, he’s spotted the Cambot.]

[She looks over at Cambot, surprised.] I guess he is. Do you mind if he records?

Long Cambot recording is long. )
28 July 2012 @ 12:36 am
Fifteenth Link  
[Cambot once again shows Namine. She looks a little tired, but is smiling as she makes her captioned announcement.]

I finally got the mural finished if everyone wants to see it.

Thanks for all your help, Amaterasu.

[ooc: Party is here]
17 July 2012 @ 09:30 pm
Fourteenth Link  
[The feed opens up to show a Namine who’s back to being human. It looks like she’s on the cafeteria deck and has she...yes she has apparently covered one of its walls with what looks like the biggest piece of canvas ever. One of the nearby tables is piled with paper and crayons, colored pencils, pastels, regular pencils--anything that could be used to draw. A clay gargoyle statue sits off to the side, as if guarding it all.]

She starts to speak, though no sound comes out, and Cambot displays closed-captioning style subtitles.]

So, I’ve been putting up some pictures on the theatre deck and in my room, but I thought it would be nice to have something where everyone would see it. There’s this big wall in the cafeteria, which might be good for putting up a lot of little pictures or one big one...

[She fidgets a little, as if feeling awkward about how her suggestion will be received.]

I thought...If everyone wanted, I could paint a big picture showing all the worlds we’re from. With all of us there, and...maybe some of the people we’re missing.

We can’t talk, so describing things might be difficult, but if we can make some sketches to give me an idea, I’m sure I can manage it.

[She moves over to the gargoyle and puts a hand on it.]

Oh, and Princess Luna? I finished it.
02 July 2012 @ 10:35 pm
Thirteenth Link  
[Cam's just hanging around the theatrical deck, seeing what he can see. Normally his person is here, but apparently not today.

The door to one of the cupboards is open, though, and there's a rustling sound coming from there. Maybe she's looking for something and the door is hiding her.

...Nope, she's not here. There is, however, a white cat, laying on top of a bunch of cloth scraps that have been piled neatly in a box on the bottom shelf.]

Hello, Cambot.
09 June 2012 @ 10:10 pm
Mission 11/Twelfth Link  
[The feed opens up on the Theatre Deck, where Cambot spies Xion and Namine. It looks like they’ve been messing around with the costumes--Nami’s found a standard cowgirl costume, with the vest and skirt over her usual white dress. Xion’s outfit might remind some SoL residents of a familiar character.

At the moment, though, they’re trying on hats. Xion has one a more traditional cowboy hat, while Namine’s holding up a red one the same shade as the red stitching in Xion’s costume.]

I think this is supposed to go with that one.

Really? Let’s switch, then. [Trades.]

[Anybody care to join the costume party?]
20 May 2012 @ 11:36 am
Eleventh Link  
[Good morning SoL. Have a concerned-looking Namine.]

I haven't seen Kairi or Sasami for a while now. Has anybody else?

[She wanted to ask before but things have been...a little hectic.]
28 February 2012 @ 08:55 pm
Eighth Link  
[Cambot is just hanging around the theatre deck keeping an eye on Nami as she works. It's kind of a mess, and she's getting it cleaned up.

She starts to sing while she works, looking a little surprised at first, then having fun with it, twirling a little when she walks.

When the song is over and she realizes Cambot was recording, she blushes a little and ducks her head, but hums while she continues to clean, occasionally singing in a low voice.]
15 January 2012 @ 09:33 pm
Sixth Link  
[ Cambot zeroes in on the sound of voices coming from the theatrical deck. A closer look reveals Namine sitting at a table and trying to draw, while her shadow hangs over her shoulder, speaking in a low voice.]

I know I’m not her--that I never could be her.

I never wanted that.

[She stands and begins to pack up her things, carefully looking around as she does so. When she sees Cambot she looks right into the camera for a moment before going back to her work. The shadow hisses again, grinning. Namine turns back toward it.]

I did what I could to fix that--to help both of them.

[Her voice is a little less sure now, and she starts to move towards the door to the stairwell.

Her shadow hisses again. Namine turns again so Cambot can’t see her face, but her voice is clearly upset.]

What happened with the Replica was an accident! I just wanted them to stop fighting!

[She turns again to leave and her shadow hisses angrily. Then it sees Cambot, opens its mouth to show green goo...

The next time the feed opens, the theatrical deck is trashed, with what looks like the shadow buried under some of the wood that had been neatly piled up on one side of the room. Namine looks a little worse for wear, leaning against the wall as she tries to catch her breath. She looks pale, and there’s already an obvious bruise on her cheek, as well as her arms and legs.]
13 December 2011 @ 10:54 pm
Fifth Link  
[Namine is standing outside her door, holding a duck toy (with its mouth superglued and tied shut) in one hand and a cute elephant plushie in the crook of the other arm.

The elephant looks chewed on. Namine looks a little annoyed, is sporting several bandages, and her hair and clothes are slightly mussed.]

Has anyone else found toys like these?
14 November 2011 @ 10:01 pm
Third Link  
[Cambot looks on as a pajam-ed Namine sorts through the clutter on the theatrical deck, making a space to sit on the floor amidst the pillows and blankets. Beside her is a small pile of board games (Monopoly, LIFE, chess), a few decks of cards, and some bowls of popcorn.

She looks around at her work, apparently pleased, then at Cambot. Her eyes are cast down, though, and she chews her lip nervously before she starts to speak.]

I found some games that look fun, but I can't play them by myself. If anyone wants to try them out, I thought the theatrical deck might be a good place. Because if there ends up being a lot of people, we might need more space, and not everybody might want to play the same game...

[This is Namine's way of saying "how about a board game/card party?" (continued here.)]
05 September 2011 @ 10:13 pm
First link  
[Cambot focuses on Namine as she walks down one of the ship’s corridors, the camera seeming to zoom in on her as Cambot moves in closer, circling around before facing her. Namine looks a bit surprised at first, then nervous.]

Hello? Can anyone hear me?

[She looks around then lowers her voice] If you can, do you think you could help me? I need to find the others. Riku worries and...I think Axel does, too, even if he doesn’t say so. But we have to be careful, because if the Organization finds out where we are--[she pauses to look around again.]

So we have to be careful and quiet, okay? [Cambot cues Mission: Impossible theme] No, no, not like that! [she waves her hands in a “stop” signal and the music fades] Just help me find the others. Please?