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[Hey, SoL. Its Minako!

Wait, no it isn't. Its that grinning evil shade, her eyes glistening with amused malice, while the camera shakes, ever so slightly. Cambot. Is actually shaking in fear as she comes into full view.

And Minako's shad has got something metal hanging her hand. Something that
looks like it should be part of the ship's...uh...


And she just dropped it on the floor and crushed it under her boot, judging from the CRUNCH coming from off-screen. And now she's speaking, but obviously, no one can hear her. So Cambot subtitles what the lips seem to be saying.

So I wonder, since you seem to enjoy punch phones.

What do you call a space ship which lacks fresh oxygen?

...Give up?

And with that, she holds up a sign. that red stuff what we
think it is? Where-]
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[And Liz just stares on with the most murderous expression anyone has ever seen, seething silently and tensing up, tightening her grip on not one, but two swords.]
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Work fast, Gypsy. I'll cover you.
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Wouldn't have it any other way. She's your double after all.
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[His face is as stony as it ever gets, and his tone leaves no room for argument.] You ain't goin' down there without me, Iron.
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[No arguments here.] I think we're gonna need all the help we can get, Mister Finevoice.
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[All the help you can get, huh. Add one more very serious face to the mix.]

You called?
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Good, you saw the Linkara-symbol.

Just be careful. I've already seen what she's capable of.
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Giant hat in the sky is kind of hard to miss.

[He glances at her shoulder. Yeah, he noticed that.] Well, I have your back. You know that.
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[Nod] And I'm glad for it. And feeling's mutual.
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[Right! He's on his way, and...his spidey sense is also tingling. He looks closer, peering at the screen, and Liz's shoulder in particular.] ...the hell happened to you?
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[Her face is still as serious as ever.]

Let's just say I have a feeling I know where that blood came from.
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[...if he looked angry before, now he looks like he's going to murder someone slowly and painfully. And then possibly feed their body to wild dogs or something. He nods shortly, moving faster.]

Let's ice this broad.
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[Elsewhere, there is a smirk and a slow clap from the shade Liz.]
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No fresh oxygen?! Ohhhh no you don't, sister! Not if I've got a thing or two to say about it!

Cambot, initiate the ship's emergency six protocol! I'll meet you down on the bottom deck! [Aaaand she is off.]
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[In very little time at all, Gypsy is down on Deck Twelve, using whatever fast method she uses to get between decks. When Cambot catches up with her, he seems to be hovering by a panel of spare parts built into the wall. Gypsy pulls out one of them.]

Ha, goodness, now would actually have been a good time for Wheatley to have pulled his little oxygen gift, huh?
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[Gypsy starts to head towards the oxygen tanks. However, Cambot seems to indicate something to her with a nod, and she turns around...AAAH, it's the spectre!]

Oh! Oh, my stars!
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Hey! Hey! I worked hard to get that all back to the right level, you know! [Maybe Gypsy did most of it BUT] That--that stuff's important!
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Well, all right, I know you, you black things are supposed to be all nasty and whatnot, but that doesn't mean you've got to be inconsiderate as well!
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